Dehydrating Fruit?

Updated on January 23, 2009
M.W. asks from Gardner, KS
7 answers

Does anyone have any ideas about how to dehydrate food in your oven (without the use of a dehydrating machine)? My daughter and I really love to eat apple chips you can buy at the store, but I thought that if I could make it myself they would be healthier. I also am interested in making fruit rolls or beef jerkey, just dont' want to buy a dehydrater. Thanks!

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answers from Columbia on

I also bought a #30 dehydrator at Walmart and have had it for years. In store it in my garage to save space. It is pretty easy to use, just time consuming to cut all the fruit, but worth it.
I have never made any jerky though.



answers from Kansas City on Great site explaining exactly how to do it all. Good luck!



answers from St. Louis on

we own a dehydrator & it was very inexpensive to buy at WalMart. We've been using it for probably more than 5 it really does pay for itself very quickly.



answers from St. Joseph on

I bought a dehydrator at Walmart for less than $50 so I thought it was pretty much worth it and it had something like 8 or 10 racks on it so I thought it was well worth it... And for dehydrating apples, I found Braburns to have the best flavor.



answers from Wichita on

I'm not completely sure but my husband and his friends make deer jerky and the instructions he got with his seasoning kit says to leave the oven door open a crack by using a spatchula and cook at I believe 150 till meat is dry. May want to put up a baby gate to avoid accidents with your daughter getting burnt. These sites may help, the first 2 are for the fruit and the last one is jerky.




answers from Wichita on

Good Morning M., Sounds like fun and it can be. The only thing I know about is making jerky. I helped my brother few yrs back make deer jerky. He had a marinade he soaked the meat in (cut very thin in long 5-7 in strips). I don't remember how long he soaked it but believe it was at least over night. Then he let it sort of air dry as we place a tooth pick through the top of each strip. This is to let them hang through the grate in the oven. Have your oven set at I think it was 200-250 and let them hang in there until they are dried out.
I think you can find a meat marinade at Dillon's or any grocery store, he liked the smoked flavor and terraky (?)flavors.

If you wish I can contact my Bro & Sis in law and ask them for complete instructions. You could probably do the same with the fruits, i don't know this for a fact though.

Have fun M., you've chosen a big project. Should be fun for you and your little one.

God Bless
K. Nana of 5
Write me if you want me to contact my brother for you

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