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Updated on September 02, 2012
R.M. asks from Albany, MN
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Would you give a going away gift to the daycare provider from a child who will start kindergarten and will not attend anymore but a younger sibling will still be attending that daycare. I understand a gift for that childs care but as a family we still we be going there and that child will still go ocassionally as a drop in. Also what small gift ideas have you given. Your opinions are appreciated!

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answers from Kansas City on

I am a provider. I would not expect a gift if the family was not leaving me. I do give a gift to my kiddos when they leave, so I would give that child a gift.


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answers from Oklahoma City on

I think it would be sweet, especially if she took it in and gave it to her herself. Just from her. What a thoughtful mom you are.


answers from San Francisco on

I gave a gift to each of my son's preschool teachers after each school year, and this year felt more "necessary" as he was leaving for Kindergarten. My daughter isn't in the school yet (2013), so not the exact situation you're in, but I felt it was an appreciation thing. Even though we paid for his preschool, I felt the teachers (3 of them) did a fabulous job, and I don't think teachers get shown appreciation enough :)



answers from Minneapolis on

My son goes to a daycare's not a chain, but one owner. It's a wonderful place. On graduation day I took a picture of the owner (who does soooo much and is involved every day) and my son. I had him paint a wooden picture frame and hot glued some things that would remind her of him and had him write something on it. For the other teachers, I had him pick some rocks and painted them (can use as paper weights) then had him paint a little wooden box and put a gift card in it. I think something made from the child is heartfelt....and he enjoyed doing it.



answers from Washington DC on

Yes. I am in the same situation. I am planning on doing a little something.
- 3 roses
- some chocolates
- a hand written thank you card.

Just something simple.



answers from Phoenix on

Have your child make her a card or do a craft with your child's picture on it, thanking the caregiver for all she's done. I think that's a lot more meaningful than something store bought.



answers from Roanoke on

Yes, it would be a really nice gesture. Because you are thanking her for her care of that child, not the sibling. But simple is fine, really. I always appreciated gift cards(really, $10 Starbucks or Chick-Fil-A cards come in really handy on those morinings we hurry to work without time for breakfast:) and other consumable items(chocolates, candy, gourmet snack mix, etc.) over knick-knacks. Also, I loved getting a photo with a note written by the child! I kept most of them in a file folder and recently went thorugh that file-wow the memories!! And laughs-I had one from a child (kindergarten age) that said "Dear Mrs.B. I Love You. I hope that you do not die." I laughed so hard!! FYI-he wrote that in class and gave it to me, his mother did not know-until I showed it to her and we laughed even harder. From the heart gifts are the best:)



answers from Omaha on

I had that very situation happen in my daycare when school started. The family gave me a beautiful thank you card with lovely sentiments written and a $50 gift card to a nice restaurant. I thought it was so thoughtful! I will have their son in care for another 3 years.



answers from Minneapolis on

I JUST finished putting together my little gift to give to her today. I just went and bought a small box of chocolates for our provider and one for her helper from our local chocolate factory (and a small sample for me, YUM!). I also had a new wooden frame with 3 openings, so I put a pic of my DD on her first day of daycare on the left, a poem 'a mothers thank you (by genie graveline)' that I made look cool (I'm a graphic designer) in the center, and a pic of her (and her baby sister) on her last week of daycare.

my youngest will continue to go there, and if you think about it, my daughter has spent a TON of time there (and we only go 3 days a week!).

If she doesn't want a framed pic of my kids forever, she can just use the frame, its pretty cool.

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