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Updated on November 20, 2010
A.J. asks from Mesquite, TX
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Hey mom's,
I am a stay at home mom looking to get back into the working world and I need to find a daycare center with extended hours. My husbands work hours vary daily and since we are new to the area and don't have family here we have no choice but to send our 2 year old to daycare. Does anyone know of any daycare centers with extended hours? We live in the East Dallas area.

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answers from Houston on

Check this state site. You can search for center- or home-based care...and see inspection reports. Their hours of operation are listed. One good question to ask is about how many hours of care you are paying for. Just because they are open say, six to six, some places expect that your child would only attend a regular work week plus transport time--extra time would mean extra cost. Something to think about when making the budget.



answers from Dallas on

Day care centers don't have to close by 6.

We've got a Playtime Hourly playcare near us and an SS Noah hourly playcare. These types of centers are great because you can customize your hours.
I did a quick google search of mesquite hourly daycare and came up with:
Cuddly Kids Hourly & Weekly daycare
Playtime Hourly Playcare



answers from Dallas on

I believe by law the daycare centers must close at 6P. If you need something after that then you need a Nanny or hire someone to pick up your child by 6P. Being your child is 2 the home daycares could work for you. I have found that they are good till maybe 2.5 yo. After 2.5 the kids get bored.
If you don't know what daycares to look at, I recall someone maybe a month ago asking for suggestions in East Dallas. I live there myself.
Please know also there are many Moms in your situation with no family nearby. Don't feel you're alone :)



answers from Washington DC on

I don't live anywhere near there so I couldn't help you out with specifics, but maybe you should look for a "child development home" meaning a child care provider that watches the children in her own home. Most often they will have less than 6 children at once and many of them offer shift-work care. I don't know if I've heard of a child care center that offers odd hours care... I think an in-home child care situation is going to be your best bet. Get on Craig's list or yellow or something and start looking.

Good luck to you.



answers from Tulsa on

When I had my child care center we stayed open until 2:30 am so the strippers could come get their kids after work. I even had some nurses working the 3-11 shift and they couldn't find child care either so it was really needed.

I had a daytime staff, teacher types, and an evening staff, think crafts and fun activities, that made a bit more per hour. Since I was licensed for 30 and really had split kids I had over 58 kids enrolled. I also was open on Saturdays and Sundays. It really depends on the hours the owner wants to be open.

When I worked in OKC the kids went to a child care center open 24 hours, 7 days a week. After work we would often go out for a while and had to pay extra for the extra hours. Child care is only for about 10 hours a day and anything over that is extra charges. They need your child picked up top make room for the child coming in to take their place in the numbers.

Call your local child care licensing agency or state child care assistance office, ours in OK is called DHS, some other places it's child services or social services. They should have a list of ALL licensed child care places and the hours they are open.


answers from Portland on

Hello Jay T,

Did you ever figure out a childcare situation for your child? If not, I'd be happy to give you some information about our au pair program. It's like a live in nanny situation only our au pairs are fully screened, educated in early childhood, and even go through a week of au pair school before they arrive in your home. It's less expensive than most nannies or even full time day care! If you are needing care in the evening, it is a perfect program - affordable, flexible childcare right in your home.

Feel free to check out my website where you can click on the links on the side to watch videos about au pairs and visit our main site.

Until Dec. 6th you can apply for free and save $500 off our program, as well as lock in to 2010 prices, which are less than $8/hour!

Best wishes to you and your family.

~P. G.
Local Childcare Coordinator, Cultural Care Au Pair



answers from Dallas on

I am not sure how extended you need the hours to be but there is a daycare called "Baby Steps" on Garland Rd. and Peavy in East Dallas, I believe they are open until 6 or 7 and I very highly recomend them! They are absolutely wonderful!

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