Darkening of Upper Lip Skin

Updated on August 28, 2008
M.D. asks from San Mateo, CA
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Hi Ladies. My upper lip skin is dark and looks like a darn moustache! it is not hair, but actual skin pigmentation. So annoying. iI noticed after i was in the sun too long. I believe it's called melasma. NOTHING covers it up. Does anyone have any "natural" recommendations (that work) as I am still breastfeeding. I appreciate it.

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answers from San Francisco on

Check out http://www.skinactives.com

They have a lightening cream with kojic acid... one of the better products for skin lightening... not so chemically...

Given your baby is 3.5 mos. old..I bet you have melasma... which is hormone related and sunexposer..

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answers from Yuba City on

I know exactly how you feel! My skin is now super sensitive with sun exposure after having kids and or taking birth control due to hormones.
Mask of pregnancy or melama is from hormones and can go away over time, you can treat it and prevent it. ALWAYS make sure to always use a broad spectrum sunscreen and apply it every 2 hours when out in the sun. There are some options, you can either cosmetically cover it or treat it with medications/products. However, since you are breast feeding you may just want to conceal it and use the medications later.
The Dermablend is a great product to use and is water-proof/water resistant.
When you are done nursing try the REVESE Line - it have over the counter medicines to help treat and reverse your skins discoloration! I was introduced to it at Nordstrom's and it really works!

I went to Hawaii a year or so ago and came back with a great tan but tons of dark spots on my face. I worked for Chanel (cosmetics) at the time and they did not have a lightening product that worked. So a friend introduced me to the REVERSE Line by Rodan + Fields(Creators or Proactiv)and after 6-8 weeks my darks spots had faded immensely and my complexion was brighter. I have been hooked on it ever since!
They do use an FDA approved OTC medication this is what helps the brown spots to fade...you need to be diligent and use it as directed- you will love the results- it's amazing! Plus it's 100% money back guarantee to work! Here's a link to check the REVERSE out for yourself.


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answers from San Francisco on

great recommendations but if you are still nursing nothing with hydroquinone, not good for baby. try the slower results like stuff with kojic acid and bearberry. go to an esthetician they can set you up. Also when you are done nursing you can start a series of lactic acid peels that will reverse signs of aging and sun spots. do you wax your upper lip? if you do always use a tyronase(sp) inhibitor after!



answers from San Francisco on

My MIL has this problem too. If you are African American it is pretty common. She said that unfortunately the only way she was able to correct it was to see her dermatologist so they could bleach it out. And, of course, use sunscreen each day even under make up.



answers from Modesto on

Try www.dermablend.com
It is coverage cosmetics. My aunt has very dark liver spots and uses Dermablend to cover before her foundation and it works very well.



answers from Sacramento on

Hi M. D
I have been with NuSkin for over 8 years and they and a skin care system call TriPhasic White. It's a total skincare system that is used to help with skin discoloration. It's very popular in Japan because they pride themselves on pure skin. I have seen it help women with sun damage and dark spots that you often see on older ladies who have been in the sun to much. As you may know Nuskin only used ingredients that are not harmful. 'All the Good and None of the Bad'
They also work with Standford University and have a large center there for research and development of the latest in skincare treatments. The Galvanic Spa has been the latest development and a new product called Agelock. as well as the Ethocyn TrueFace Ultra. These products all stop aging of the skin.
I have a website www pams.agelessway com if you want to learn more. I know this will answer your needs however it's up to you to follow the lead.
Best of luck.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi, M.. I too, developed small black moles on both my lips. A doctor I consulted, called them kissing lesions because of their identical location on both upper and lower lips. I underwent a biopsy to eliminate the possibility of cancer. But they continued to grow. I went again for medical consultation and was referred to a wonderful dermatologist who is experienced with laser techniques. He zapped me w/a laser on each of the moles. Where the moles had been, I developed grape size blood blisters which I wasn't allowed to pop. They healed naturally over a week's time. After that I had my natural colored lips again. His advice to me was to wear sunscreen under my lipstick and to wear a hat when going outdoors.
Good luck!



answers from Redding on

Dear M.,
I had melasma too. On my forehead. I hated it. Nothing covered it up and it looked like I had a big dirt smudge on my face.
ALWAYS wear sunscreen of at least SPF30 and avoid the sun as it makes it worse. You can see a dermatologist or go to a store like Longs or Walgreens and get cream that contains hydroquinone. It will help lighten it. Hormonal changes can cause it, but the sun makes it worse.
You could also try putting lemon on it, but I worry that the acid in the juice mights be too drying and rough on your upper lip.
It will go away.
Congratulations on your baby!



answers from San Francisco on

Hi M., Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care is available now through XanGo Distributors. Please visit www.findgreenhere.com. I am holding Skin Nutrition Classes in my home in San Jose, or at the client's home, so that you can try it for yourself. There has been success in treating facial discolorations including melasma and age spotting. Here is a link, also, that shows amazing results on brownish skin discolorations. V. G.



answers from San Francisco on

I have the same problem but under my eyes - looks like I haven't slept in weeks when it's bad. Started using Olay Definity cleanser, moisturiser about 2 months ago and it's definately not so pronounced. Oh, and try to keep out of the sun too, I found a great brimmed hat that I actually like wearing :)



answers from San Francisco on

I have had hyperpigmentation on my upper lip and know how it feels to look in the mirror and see a mustache! Very frustrating!! While nursing, there was nothing that got rid of it, but I exfoliated, used sunscreen, wore hats, and covered it up with makeup. I also use a great tinted sunscreen that really hides the pigmentation, while protecting my skin. It is called Solor Protection Formula and it is a mineral block for the face. The color blends in very well. I also use mineral based makeup by Jane Iredale. Her pressed powder is very consealing and makes a huge difference. It also has an spf 15. Finally, just keep exfoliating. When you are done nursing, if it is still bothering you, the bleaching cream from a dermatologist will greatly reduce it. Good luck...



answers from San Francisco on

I'm thinking hydrogen peroxide. Do a google search on it and see.