Cup That Keeps Drinks Cold Entire School Day

Updated on August 25, 2010
M.J. asks from Sacramento, CA
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Does anyone know of any really, really good insulated cups that keep drinks cold the entire school day? I sent our son to school with milk in what was supposed to be a good insulated cup today, but he came home from school and threw up for hours. I strongly suspect it wasn't really as insulated as it claimed and feel horrible about it. I obviously will never attempt milk at school again, but would like to get a cup that can at least keep juice or water cold.

We've used a small metal character one from Target before that does last 8 hours, but the plastic bottom breaks off quickly, so I'd like to avoid that one. Any other really great insulated cups on the market?

Thanks in advance for any product recommendations!
ETA: Buying a drink at school isn't a good option. They have a very limited lunch time and the line to buy lunch goes out the door of the cafeteria, so it would take his entire break time just to buy a milk.

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for the Thermos mention! Doh, so obvious but I forgot about them. I went to their website and found a ton of insulated cups that keep drinks cold for 8+ hours, some as much as 12 or more. I'm going to order one tonight. Thanks!
Also talked to an advice nurse at Kaiser and this is most likely a virus, not related to the cup. He also developed a fever, so keeping him home from his second day of school.

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When my kids take their lunch, they either buy milk or take a Capri Sun drink that has sat in the freezer all night. By lunch time, it is no longer frozen and a plus is that their lunch stays cool. You could fill a container with the drink and put in the freezer overnight. If he has an early lunch, put it on the frteezer door. For a late lunch, put it inside the freezer. It will freeze more solid. You can freeze milk with no effects.

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Old fashioned thermos's work very well. Trick: For cold thermos's, fill with icewater, put in the freezer over night, or just run very cold water in it for awhile. Then poor it out and add cold drink. For hot thermos do the same but with boiling water. Either way "charges" the thermos.

Milk Option: Horizon Boxed Milk doesn't need to be refridgerated. ((My son is hypoglycemic, so we've used these a lot)).

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For things other than milk, freeze the drink in the cup or thermos. It will be cold but thawed for lunch. For milk, can you include an icepack? Why not let your son buy the milk from school?

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I don't have a thermos recommendation, but wanted to let you know that food poisoning takes 6-8 hours to make someone sick, so your son probably wasn't throwing up from the milk not being ice cold. Have you checked your expiration date? Or he might just have a stomach bug. I just don't want you to feel like you made your son sick because his milk maight not have been cold enough.

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Thermos brand Instalated Cup. It has stayed icey cold in the past 26 days of 100++ degree heat for more then 9 hours.I purchased it at Target. GREAT FIND!!! Expensive, but worth it!!!!

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Another option would be the insulated cups and water bottles from



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you could get a thermos.....
or you could buy the boxed milks that come in single serving size...they are shelf stable and come in white milk, chocolate and vanilla and they are organic. (but they are pricey :( )



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you can always buy individual milk cartons (small/kid size) horizone makes that, that stay in room temperature.
but funtainers insulated cups keep my kids' drink warm for 12 hrs. i send tea sometimes, during winter, and my kids tell me it's still hot when they open it.
i don't send milk but when i send water, it stays cold.



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Check out They have an AWESOME INSULATED TRAVEL MUG. It comes in two sizes and really does all it claims. It keeps ice cold for hours with no outside "sweating". I love and use mine daily. All of the products I have tried have been as good as they say. :)




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I have a thermos brand cup that is metal I bought from target. IIt has a straw and is BPA free. It was by the lunch boxes and they had tons of characters, not sure your son's age? It was 12.99 I think and is supposed to stay cold for 12 hours. We used it a couple times on day trips and it works great. Milk was cold in there after being left in the hot car for hours.



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I don't really have a suggestion for a cup, but you could try partially freezing the drink to help it stay cold. I know what you mean about the lunch lines. My grandson's lunch lines are so long he chooses to bring his lunch also because if he has to stand in line, he has to take his lunch to his next class because there's no time to eat. the schools really need to plan better.



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Thermos FUNtainers from Target - $13.99 ice cubes are still klinking around in it after 4 hours in 102* heat. They are really easy to wash, totally leak -proof and the push-button top keeps dirty fingers off the straw.
My son's kindergarten passes out hand sanitzer before lunch so their fingers taste yucky.



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Hi Mama-
Try an all metal thermos and chill it in the fridge over night. Then pour the milk or drink of choice in in the morning and send it. Ice water is great, or iced juice in the thermos. It will water down the juice a little but it is worth keeping it cool. You can also get mini ice packs in the dollar section at Target and pack those in with the food to keep the overall bag cool. Lastly, use an insulated lunch baggie that can be reused. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but will keep food fresher longer. I also put one of those in the fridge overnight. The inside stays pretty cool during the day. =)
Hope that helps and your little one feels better.