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Updated on November 19, 2008
E.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hey Everyone,

Quick question: In light of recent recalls, can anyone recommend a good collapsible (or otherwise easy-storing) crib?
I have to go out of town to work for a week and am bringing husband & babe. The owner of inn (that has little apts) said he would buy us a crib to use and to just email him which kind. Great eh!? Anyway his only stipulation is that he be able to put it away easily when not in use. Thanks in advance for any of your suggestions !


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We use one of these when we are at my in-laws:

I like it better than the pack-n-plays and other port-a-cribs we've used in hotels, etc. It folds flat, but is sturdy when set up. My nieces used them for years. There are two mattress positions, great for newborns and older babes.



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When my kids were little, the Pac-n-Play was really the only option for portable cribs. They did travel and store easily, but I just remember finally getting those kids sleeping and then leaning way over the side of the "crib" (which is really more like a playpen) and either dropping the baby the last 6 inches or walking hunched over for the next hour. You really need to have a chiropractor on call when you use them.

So FYI on the pac -n-play option!



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Ask them to buy a pack n play. They are very safe and fold up easily and won't take up much storage room when stored.

Very nice of them to offer.




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We have a Simmons crib. It's a very simple design and doesn't do anything fancy like convert into a toddler/big bed. The side drops down, but that's about it. We got ours (unused) off Craigslist for $100, so I'm not sure how much they are new. It comes apart in 5 large pieces (each of the 4 sides plus the platform for the mattress), which can be stored under a bed or in the closet along the wall.

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