Could You Moms Help Me Please????

Updated on June 27, 2010
J.C. asks from Kemp, TX
12 answers

i got my daughter a ipod for her 14th birthday and we are trying 2 download free music and vidoes on 2 it do yall know any sights 2 go on????thanks for any help

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answers from Honolulu on

go to iTunes.

THIS is the Apple site, to go to, for any downloads... for free often times. Legally.
There are books, music, games, apps, movies etc.

My Hubby has an iPod, iPad, and iPhone... this is where he goes to to download all kinds of stuff for it.

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answers from Fort Walton Beach on

I do not recommend using Peer-to-peer networks at all! They contain malware half the time to infect your computer. Ask anyone that is a networking specialist.

You are better off purchasing the music since even anti-virus program won't even protect your computer with P2P.

**If you ask a question, can you please not use phone text language? Thanks in advance.**

Update: For the people that use P2P and probably have malware, you are unaware of it. Wikipedia's definition: is software designed to infiltrate a computer system without the owner's informed consent. YOU DON'T KNOW IT'S THERE... removal tools are not 100% and malware can still attach itself after you do a removal. It picks up all types of files that your computer contains... sending them to whomever developed the malware itself. You want to leave an open "pipe" flowing from your computer to another by using P2P, go ahead, but don't complain when your computer is slow or you end up with ID theft because you saved a few bucks on music. This is the reason why malware is invented -> for people like that. Even DoD networks have stopped personal "thumb drives" for the same reason. Malware contains spyware, botnets, keystroke loggers, and dialers that even after running a scan can upload right back to your PC by keeping P2P. You don't even have to be logged in, just leaving your computer on the network and the malware works. Most people leave their computers on network due to using DSL and cable... nothing is wrong with that, but if you have P2P, you are leaving an opened back door to your PC.

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answers from Houston on

Limewire killed my laptop, a desktop in our office, a friend's laptop, another friend's laptop, etc., etc., etc.
You never know what you are gonna get. I would click on something, it would clearly say what I was looking for, and, bam, not it.
Just a warning, someone warned me, I didn't listen.

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answers from Louisville on

I use limewire, it is a free download for p2p sharing it works the best for me and is easy to use.

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answers from Dallas on

I agree with just using iTunes. I know a friend that used limewire and it crashed their computer to where it became worthless. Since money is tight with us what we do is buy like 2 songs a week(we get paid weekly) since their songs are usually .99 each(some are more). They do have some free videos you can get too. I know how you feel trying to save money and anything free can help but doing P2P or Limewire will just give your computer ugly viruses and malware that can be very harsh on your computer even with a virus/malware protection. I hope this does help.

P.S. To the lady that said, she needs to stop putting questions in text launguage, I'm sorry but that's extremely rude. You have no right to say how people can write out their questions. If you don't like how some people type then that's find but try to be considerate and bit your tongue. If I'm having to type anything on my phone sometimes I try to make it short by cutting words down, many people do that considering it's not as easy to type when on a phone so it's convinent.

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answers from Salinas on

My husband and I have been back and forth about P2P sites for years. We used to use limewire years ago before I heard it was illegal. Since then I've heard it's not as long as you don't sell anything. Now with an 11 year old wanting music hubby wants to download it again. What's the deal, is it illegal and morally wrong or not? I made more mixed tapes in my younger years than you could imagine. Gave them to everyone I knew, we all did. What's the difference here? Part of me thinks P2P is fine the other part thinks it's wrong and having an 11 year old to set an example for just makes the decision harder. I'm pretty sure kids use P2P all the time, is it OK or stealing? Someone please clarify!



answers from Dallas on

Radioshack told me some and I cannot remember. My granddaughter has downloaded itunes but I was getting charges I did not approve so I would not use them. Call radio shack. G. W( best Buy)



answers from Portland on makes free samplers available. Go do

iTunes also gives a couple of free songs every Tuesday, plus a free video. Totally potluck – you'll like some, hate some.


answers from Dallas on

I asked my 15 yr old and here is what she said.....

Google ( limewire) and download the free version. DO NOT PAY for it because there is also a link that will charge you.

When you have the song or video in your limewire library, drag it to your
I-Tunes, if it does not automatically transfer.

Limewire is NOT illegal Daughter pays for her downloads and also gets them from ITunes.



answers from Redding on

We've used p2p sharing for years and have never had any problems. We don't sell unauthorized copies of anything...we just listen to them. I don't know anything about videos, but we've never had problems with music.
No malware, no viruses so I guess it depends on what you use.
I'm not sure, but I think you can even download videos and things off youtube for free without worry.


answers from Dallas on

you can download itunes for free and download cd's that you already own then download them for free to your ipod. p2p sites are just asking for trouble. you can build your music library slowly.



answers from Dallas on

Okay, any peer to peer file sharing of music, videos for free like limewire, piratebay, IS ILLEGAL.... with that said.... to each there own. I believe Napster is compatible with IPod now... you can pay $15 a month for unlimited downloads... however you are only borrowing, when you don't pay for the month, after a period of time the songs are no longer playable... or you can buy the songs for like .99 each. I used the subscription until I got a mac... napster is not compatible with macs. Hope this helps!!!

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