Climbing Out of Crib Whilst Wearing a Sleep Sack?

Updated on February 23, 2011
R.M. asks from Seattle, WA
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Hi all,

Has anyone had a child who has been able to climb out of a crib if they have been wearing a sleep sack and the crib has been on the lowest setting?

I really appreciate your input.

Many thanks,

R. M. - Parenting Consultant & Children's sleep Specialist

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So What Happened?

My daughters are both too old for a sleep sack. I asked as I'm a children's sleep specialist and I've read in a few sleep training books that children can't climb out of a crib if they are in a sleep sack. Neither of my daughters climbed out of the crib and I wasn't convinced that children in a sleep,sack couldn't climb out of a crib.
Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yes at 3 yrs my son finally climbed out of his crib, with his sleep sack on! My girlfriends son did it at 26 mths both his crib & even the pack-in-play! I think once they get the upper body strength there is no turning back even with a sleep sack on!

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answers from San Francisco on

Yes! Well, my daughter (2 years) is able to pull herself up onto the crib rail so that her torso lies along the rail and one half of her body is outside the crib (one arm and one leg) and the other is inside the crib. Once she figures out how to throw her body weight around a little better, there is no doubt she will be able to climb out - more like fall out - of the crib completely. In our experience, sleep sacks have not hindered our childrens' ability to move, crawl, stand or climb as much as one would think being stuck in a sack would!

T. M.

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answers from Seattle on

Are there toys or something in the crib that they're using to "get a leg up"?



answers from Jacksonville on

I've never used a sleep sack with my kids but it sounds like you need to stop since it might be a safety hazard now. The child can't use the full range of motion in the legs with one on. Might even be time to think about a twin bed too but you didn't say how old your child was.




answers from New York on

Is your child doing this? If so, please stop using the sleep sack! We stopped using one when my son was old enough to flip over in his crib b/c he got tangled once- not hurt just frustrated.

If the crib is on the lowest setting and your child can climb out, then it's time to consider a toddler bed and a lightweight blanket.


answers from Eugene on

Yes. So forget the sleep sack or you could have a gymnast with a broken arm. Once they learn how to climb out there is no going back. We were not related to any magicians but it seems the children were born with those skills.

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