Christians Tell Me What You Know About the Wife of Job in the Bible?

Updated on June 22, 2011
A.!. asks from Ecorse, MI
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I know the wife of Job was always labeled as a woman of little faith becasue she said curse God and die, but after studying the story I realizing she was a powerful woman who's weak moment was recorded but she went on to bear more children and endured the blessing after her husband's trial. Her name was never recored in the bible....Having a bible discussion on tomorrow so I wanted to pick your brains. Thanks!

Tell me what you know about the wife of Job?

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Do you have access to a Wycliffe Commentary? There are some good comments in it about Job's wife. If you can't get hold of one, e-mail me and I'll share the information (it's too long to post).

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answers from Lancaster on

Job's wife lost everything that Job lost. She lost her ten children, she lost all her possessions, she lost, in a way, her husband. But instead of maintaining the virtue that God had, she wanted him to do the wrong thing (to "curse God and die"). She assumed that if he would only curse God, the Lord would strike him dead instead of leaving him to suffer. Had Job done what his wife told him to, then he would have been guilty of a terrible sin (Adam and Eve, anyone?). She wanted Job to do the very thing Satan was trying to achieve. In that way, she was an instrument of Satan for a time.

She wasn't a bad woman. She was a woman who was stricken with grief and whom wanted her husband to wallow with her. Instead, her husband was suffering physically and maintaining his stance of "the Lord gives and the Lord takes away". It frustrated her. I believe she spoke out of abject frustration.

The Bible does not say that Job's wife didn't get to share in his good fortune when it came back around. It does not mention a new wife, and so we assume the same wife bore Job ten more children (as before she lost them, seven sons and three daughters). Job lived for 140 years AFTER the trials of the Lord, so a woman who had ten children taken from her being able to bear ten more is not unthinkable.

Hope this helps!

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answers from Phoenix on

At first I thought she eventually perished along with all his possessions and children...

But I googled to double here is plagiarism at it's best:

Job's wife suffered almost as much as Job did. Except for her health, she too lost everything-home, family, possessions. Her attitude and response exactly matched the one Satan had set out to evoke from Job-cursing God. How ironic that Satan achieved his goal in Job's sole surviving companion and not in Job himself.

Thanks for asking..I still think she died as Job went on to have more than he had the first go around, meaning wives and children too.

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answers from Honolulu on

When the Bible goes to say he lost EVERYTHING, you must understand the a wife was a piece of property. It could very easily be that he "lost" her too with all his kids and livestock.

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answers from Detroit on

Some people may be mistakenly calling it Job's wife, but meaning Lot's wife. She looked back on their burning city, after God told them not to. She became a pillar of salt at that moment.

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answers from Cleveland on

I never viewed her as someone with little faith. I always felt like she was just so broken down and hurt by all of THEIR loss, that she was more pleading with Job than cursing him. I always felt that she was begging him to end their suffering by just giving in and letting it be over. We all have those moments when we question whether we want to be strong or not. That's how I feel about her.

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answers from New York on

While the Bible does go on to say that Job had more sons and daughters, it doesn't say that that wife was the wife that bore his latter children. She is only mentioned in Job 2. While Job defends his innocense and insults of his friends by commenting about his wife in Job 19:16-18 and Job 31:9-11 but these comments are not directly about her specifically but more an indirect observation by Job.

The final chapter of Job goes on to say that Job had seven more sons and three more daughters it clearly does not indicate the wife of his former children was the mother of these children. I'm personally inclinded to believe she didn't have any further children with Job but her fate is not made clear.

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answers from Redding on

She's comparable to Eve in a way... trying to move her man further from God.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Apparently she humiliated him in his darkest hour, loathed him daily (his breathing even bothered her!), and wasn't afraid to "curse God"....but Job loved her very much and was faithful to her (why?!) but she had only contempt for him. Google her--there's a LOT of info out there.

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