Child Proof Lever Locks (To Outdoors) on Rental Home - Help!!

Updated on October 09, 2010
N.A. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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Anyone have suggestions for childproofing lever door locks for the doors that go to the outside and the garage? I need something that will work for a rental home. It cannot be permanent and the landlords need to be able to get in with their keys, I cannot install extra locks or padlocks, etc.

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So What Happened?

It's rental townhouse and the lease clearly states "no additional locks, deadbolts, latches, or tampering with the locks or you will violate your lease" - she also reinstated this when we did the walk through and I signed the lease. I was told the lever locks are fine, but I am just not sure if they will work on my door and I also think something higher up would be a better options as my son is very quick to figure those things out and get out anyway!
Also I will not always be home if they need to get into the unit. They need to be able to get in even if no one is home.

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answers from Boise on has some that stick to the door. Because it is a rental, you would be able to remove them, and use goo-gone to get rid of the residue.

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answers from Chicago on

Can the landlords put in a deadbolt lock higher up it would a bonus for security reasons too.



answers from Tulsa on

In my opinion anything that is only fastened when you are home is none of their business. As long as you repair any damage to the wood trim it should not violate any lease. If a child was in danger in a home I owned and I would not let the person do whatever it took to protect their child then I would be a sorry person for sure.

I would ask them to allow you, in writing, to install some of those sliding bolts, like in hotel rooms. They can't be locked from the outside, only when you are home. There is a long u shaped part and the other part is a long stem like thing with a ball on the end. Similar in style to a chain lock but much classier.

This site has travel locks for protection that might work in your case too.

This one has a typical chain lock on the top left then the one I was describing on the left a bit further down, it ways 62% under it.



answers from Dallas on

We used these on our lever handled doors. I think I got them at Home Depot. For my son it was a short term fix, he figured out pretty quickly how to manhandle the door open. BUT it did slow him down and he made enough noise that we caught him before he got into a "forbidden" room. My daughter is two and we recently put them back on the door. She doesn't even try, if it's locked she simply announces that it's locked to everyone and moves on...she hasn't even tried to figure it out. Yay. :)

Our office was always a problem. My son kept getting in there and getting into important paperwork and using our filing cabinet at a toy, plus we have a weight machine in the office. It was just a dangerous room for our little guy. So we just replaced the whole knob with one that locks. We put the lock on the inside and keep the key above the door on the frame.

The handle locks don't cause any damage at all. You simply uninstall them. And if you keep all the hardware you can reinstall the old knob if you decide to temporarily replace them.



answers from Honolulu on

Well ask your Landlord....

Logically speaking, if you are home... the Landlords will not have to get into your home... because you would be home to let them in.
And, can't they get into your home, if need be, from another door? Not only that door that leads to the outside and the garage.... they probably have keys for all the other doors too....

I would explain to your Landlords, and ask them for locks that they would approve.
For instance, what about eye and hook latches?
Or, sliding latches?

For childproofing doors... typically, it is best to put the latch, up HIGH on the door... about 5 feet or higher, so the child cannot reach it. That is what all my friends did with their doors, who have very nimble active kids.

Good luck,



answers from Milwaukee on

How about putting those alarms on the doors. The ones that go off when it is opened. Also ask the land lord if you can install a chain lock at the top for your safety and the safety of your children. Sometimes they will allow things like this as long as you leave it when you move out. The next person may love you for it. Sometimes you just need to get permission first and do it in writing.
Unless it's an emergency the landlords should not be coming in whenever they want to and should give you proper notice when and if they do.



answers from Minneapolis on

You could always try the door alarms. I think they are less than 5 dollars at Menards for a multi pack and just turn them on when you need them. THey stick on with adhesive tape and are easily turned off by an adult when not in use and easily removed. Otherwise check They have everything!



answers from Las Vegas on

Is there some sort of alarm that can be installed? Something that will buzz if the two pieces are separated? I am thinking they can be glued. Check the hardware store and ask them about buzzers that a storefront would use to alert them a customer has walked in the door. Otherwise, a wind chime taped up high so if the door opens you will hear it...and a lot of work and discipline.


answers from Saginaw on

My parents have this one on their basement door. They've had it since my 1st daughter started walking. My daughters are now 5 and 3 and have never figured out how to unlock it.



answers from Rochester on

We have some that fit over the lever handle. You don't have to alter the handle at all and there is a piece that can be left off si the lock is accessible. They worked with our daughter until she figured out how to open them just before she turned 3. I can't remember the brand but I'm sure I got them at Target or Babies r Us. The ones I have are plastic, but I've seen metal ones that might be a better quality. You might also check out the One Step Ahead website. I think I've seen some there.

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