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Updated on December 23, 2010
J.U. asks from Williamsburg, VA
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Just a quick kids still get Chicken Pox?

Yesterday my son woke up with a couple of bumps on him. Today I noticed a few more. If he has more on him tomorrow then I will check with our doctor but I am not sure if kids still get this.

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So What Happened?

Called the doctor he said it didn't sound like chicken pox
Thanks for all of your advice.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

It doesn't sound like chicken pox. Normally chicken pox start on the trunk and move out from there. The pox look almost like pimples. If they're just red bumps, it could be a few things. If he's had a fever it could be roseola. It kind of sounds like the beginning of hand foot and mouth. That's normally accompanied by a sore throat. There's not much a doctor is going to do for chicken pox, roseola, or hand foot and mouth. All are viruses that have to clear up on their own. You can look up images for the viruses and see if any of them fit the description.

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answers from Dayton on

My son had the vaccine and still ended up with a very small bout with chicken pox. Kids do still get it, but if they've had the vaccine I was told it wouldn't be bad. Another one of my sons got a rash and fever soon after (I'm assuming chicken pox too, but never took him in). His didn't get too bad either.

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answers from Dallas on

I wish we lived closer, I'd rush my kids over to your house for a play date! I so want them to get the chicken pox while they're young so they can have lifetime immunity....many thing worse than having the chicken pox (like the vaccine...haha)!! =)

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answers from Miami on

I caught chicken pox as an adult and it started out with ONE bump the night before I woke up with them all over my body. Fever would be present with chicken pox as well. I doubt they would pop up with a one here today, a few tomorrow and a few more after that. Chicken pox looks like little red mosquito bites at first, but they then look like little blisters. And, my chicken pox started on my left arm. It looked like a pimple, which I attempted to pop, but nothing came out. The next morning, I was covered with them all over my body! Yes, chicken pox is still out there.

As for Roseola, MOST children have gotten Roseola by the time they are 2 years old ~ it's unlikely your son has Roseola. I have yet to meet a mother whose child got Roseola after age 2. Though I am not saying it is impossible, I do believe it would be rare. Roseola starts out with a high fever and the fever lasts for several days. No other symptoms would be present ~ normally it's just a high fever and I'm talking about 101 and higher. When my first born had Roseola, her fever spiked to 104. ONLY when the fever breaks does the tell-tale rash come out and I have 3 children, I saw the rash mostly on their stomach, back, and chest and neck but not on the face or arms. Once the rash breaks out, the illness is over and you don't catch Roseola twice. It's viral.

And, going to the E.R. is a waste of time. I am not sure why so many folks run to the E.R. for non critical situations. A couple of bumps is not a life threatening situation. In my opinion.

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answers from Austin on

Pray that it is chicken pox. He will have lifelong immunity then. I wish I could get my kids in contact with someone that has chicken pox.


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answers from Denver on

My daugher (now 22) had a very mild case when she was about 18 mos old and then a full blown case when she was in middle school and in turn gave them to my other daughter who was in 1st grade at the time.

Growing up I remember mothers making sure to get us over to houses with kids who had chicken pox so we could get it out of the way.

Doesn't matter if kids have the vaccine, they can still get them. Seriously though, the bumps will be red on the outside, white on the inside. Don't expose everyone at the doctor's office just to confirm what you already know.

Google chicken pox and click on images. That ought to confirm it. Break out the calamine lotion.

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answers from Norfolk on

Tiny blisters that itch like crazy. I got it when I was 18 from my grandma who had shingles, and yes they still get it even with vaccines.
A caution to those who still want their kids to get it, if you get chicken pox, you can then get shingles later in life and it is a horrible illness. You get huge bands of large blistering areas. It can be extremely painful and can cause disfiguring scars if it is a bad case, especially if on the face. In addition you can have long term nerve damage and thus pain that may never completely go away. After seeing what my grandma went through, if I had a choice I'd never let my kids get chicken pox.

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answers from San Diego on

Yes, kids still get it. Not everyone is immunized, some children are too young to have gotten the immunization or have not gotten all of the series. While not as common some children who have been immunized will also still get it, though typically a much milder case then if they had not been immunized.

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answers from Wichita on

yes, kids still get it. Even kids who've had the vaccine. My little bro got a milder version, since he'd had the vax, but he still got it.

How old is your son? Where are his bumps? My daughter had bumps all over her feet when she was 2, and it turned out to be hand, foot, and mouth disease.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi J.,

CP usually starts on the trunk....but sometimes we don't see everything. Has he been exposed to them? Once exposed, it is almost inevitable that he will get them. I believe it's also better to catch them than be vaccinated. The vaccine only lasts 10 years and gives no long term immunity. Not that I suggest exposing him like some parents do. CP can only be dangerous if it gets in the eyes. Cold compresses on the face will keep the bumps down and the scarring at a minimum. The cold or ice slows the metabolism of the virus.....

If it is the Chicken Pox you will know in a couple of days....

God bless,


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answers from Honolulu on

since you do not know what it is... I would keep him separated from anyone that could be comprised, immune wise, by it/him.
Elderly, young children, anyone who has not gotten it....

How about just taking him to an ER, instead of waiting until tomorrow???
Or an urgent care center???

It has been since yesterday and today, that he has symptoms... and more 'bumps.' So that is 2 days already....

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answers from Dover on

Yes they do. The vacine does not prevent chicken pox but rather lessens their severity if they get them. And yes, you can get them twice.

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answers from Washington DC on

My son got them when he was about 1 1/2 and he had the vaccine too right on schedule. But when he got them it was a super mild case...thank God. Good luck.

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answers from Washington DC on

yes, even when vaccinated, they can still get Chicken pox. Usually it is a milder version though.

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answers from Washington DC on

How old is your son, and was he innoculated? My daughter had chickenpox TWICE before she was one as they do not build up an immunity prior to that age (which is why they don't innoculate until their first birthday). I had her innoculated anyway.

Are the bumps red, itchy, pussy, and blister like and does he have flu like symptoms as well as a fever? If so, could be the pox. If just small red bumps, it could be something as simple as dry skin from the cold dry weather we have been having lately. If you are concerned, it is definitely worth a trip to the doc to have it looked at.

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answers from Eugene on

I got chicken Poxes at 28 and went to the doctor. He looked for a spot with "a dew drop" in the center of it. I only had one spot that looked like that, it was enough for him to be sure. Check your for that "dew drop" or a little blister in the center of any the spots.

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answers from Washington DC on

My son had it at age 3, very mild and not itchy at all for him, thankfully. The way the pediatrician determined that's what it was is it's the only illness where bumps will appear on his scalp so if you see any similar bumps on his head, you can feel pretty confident it's chicken pox.

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answers from Los Angeles on

yes kids still get it. My daughter who is 5 has had it twice! I wish my son would get it so I don't have to have him get the shot for it



answers from Cumberland on

Don't wait-tomorrow is a holiday-and you don't even know what it is!!!



answers from Tulsa on

yes if its the chicken pox he will have knots behind his ears.


answers from Chicago on

Yep. They went around our third-grade classroom a few years ago. All vaccinated kids too. People are still getting them.



answers from Dallas on

Kids still get chicken pox. Even kids that have been given the vaccine can still get it but they usually only get a mild case.



answers from Charlotte on


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