Chiauaua-we Love Him Sooo Much-he'sgetting Mean.

Updated on December 14, 2009
Y.I. asks from Allen, TX
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We love Paco our Chiauaua(not sure how to spell) so much. The first year he was a great dog. He is 2 1/2 now and getting meaner every day. There are no little kids around him just another small dog that he is jealous of. There is no predictable way we can know when he is going to bite. Biting is a new thing as of about 2 weeks. Before he would just growl or snap now he's biting. I picked up a blanket off of the couch and he bit me. My daughter was scratching his tummy and I was petting his head and he bit me.
Please help. We don't have money to hire a dog whisperer. Any advice would be appreciated. He has not been hit that's why we can't understand this behavior. If we can't get this fixed we will have to give him away.

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I have a very small Brussels Griffon who started this behavior when he was around 6 months old. He started to feel like he was a person and wanted to dominate my house. I had a trainer come out to the house (we have two small kids) and she gave me a few things to do which helped. You make this Baah noise as deep as you can every time he does something you don't want him to do. Anytime he bites, snaps, growls then remove him either put him in a crate or bedroom. He needs to know this behavior is not acceptable. It will be very hard to do this everytime he does something wrong, but don't let one thing slide he has to learn you are the boss not him. Once my dog figured that out he has been great.



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Do some research on NILF, Nothing in life is free. That should help. He is acting dominate and he needs to learn his place in the pack is not at the top.

Good luck.


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Well I was a vet tech for over 11 years and in all those years in practice I ONLY saw one dog of this breed that did not bite. That is the sad truth. I myself got a female and within 5 years was snappy. I did everything in my power to make sure that this dog was treated properly like a dog and not a human like most owners have a tendency to do with small dogs. They are a nervous breed and not the best to have with children. I would say that your outcome doesn't look promising with your situation and more aggression will come and the bites will get worse. If you can not find professional help for you dog a new owner that can is what I suggest. Someone older without children would be best. We ended up finding an older couple for our dog and it worked out for her. Unfortunately there is not a quick technique that you can use in a situation like this. Your family and pets need to be properly trained and conditioned by someone that can counsel you personally.
Best Regards,



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First, I'd have him checked over. He might be feeling poorly. Dogs mask pain VERY well... he could have a toothache, or something of the sort...

Then, if the Vet says it's behavioral, I would definately put him throught the program Kimmy suggested... "Nothin In Life is Free".

This program is all about's establishing the correct hierarchy(sp) within the house. If the problem is just that he's gotten too big for his little Chi britches, NILF will do the trick. I've "adjusted" several HUGE attitudes on dogs large and small with the program, from Poms to German Shepards. Otherwise, they would have been bound for a much different life, or no life at all (literally).

1. For a while, do not let him on the furniture or bed. put him a towel or blanket on the floor at your feet. The Alpha dog sleeps/rests at the top of the pile. Even very young puppies do this. The alpha puppy will almost always be at the top of a pile of sleeping puppies. So, his place is on the floor. We *do* allow our dogs in our lap on the couch to cuddle; and you will too again eventually. But, for now he belongs beneath, you both literally and figuratively.

2. Do not feed him your food. He eats only dog food: in his bowl, AFTER you eat the good stuff in front of him. The Alpha dog eats first, and eats the best parts. Everyone else gets what's left...Dry dogfood is good enough for a peon.

3. Crate him. By giving him crate sessions you are establishing your alpha-ness, and giving him quiet time. You are telling him he is not at the station in life that he belongs on the bed.

4. The message is "This is MY house. You live here because I allow you to. I can decide if you live or die, and frankly, I'm still deciding". Walk tall, speak firmly, and leave no room for question.

Good luck.


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