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Updated on July 06, 2011
A.S. asks from Guston, KY
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Ok so I am 29 weeks pregnant and need some help/ suggestions/ ext. We have a daughter who will be 4 soon and with her we had a Graco metro lite travel system. My husband and I both decided that we did not want to use that stroller for this new baby; we did not like the way it pushed and some other minor problems with it. We found a new travel system that we love (SIL has the same one and I have pushed my nephew who is a big 18months old in it and it still seems to push very easy, almost gliding) the issues is that it is $300 for the travel system! and we really dont have the money to buy it right now with all the other things that baby needs (we still have some stuff, but even the little stuff adds up very quick and we dont have many people we know where we currently live so we are not having a baby shower to help out with stuff) Well I found the stroller at a consighnment shop resently in excelent, almost new condition; no car seat as many dont sell used car seats because it is not safe. We decided to just use our car seat that came with our daughters travel system with this new stroller but we discovered tonight that they dont fit together very good. The car seat is a graco and the stroller is a chico. so I guess my question is has anyone ever used a car seat with a stroller that was a different brand? is there any way to make it safe as obviously that is the most important thing to us! It it helps the car seat dose "latch" onto the tray part of the stroller like they normally do, but it can move side to side as there is a few inch gap on the sides. it also dosent latch or anything in the back. or is my only option to not use the car seat with the stroller or to get a new compatable car seat.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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answers from Huntington on

I have a Chicco travel system and LOVE the stroller (love the carseat, too!!). All of them are big, but I can open it with one hand!! Keep in mind, you only use the system together for a few months--I thankfully found a system that I loved separately, but I don't think I would make that my number one reason for buying them.

You could always save a little by getting the stroller used and a new carseat, both Chico. Who cars if the fabric matches?

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answers from Wichita on


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answers from New York on

What about getting just a stroller frame (like the Snap and Go by Graco) that fits the car seat. It is cheaper than a full size stroller and lighter. I was able to find a used one for maybe $35 but they are around $65 new last I checked. Once the baby is out of the baby carrier seat and sitting well you can use the stroller you like. I went through so many strollers with my 2 kids--none was perfect for every situation.

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answers from San Francisco on

I second Rachel Y's suggestion of getting a snap'n'go-type frame for when you use the infant car seat (graco infant seats typically have a 6-years-from-date-of-manufacture expiration date so if it was new when your 4YO used it, it should still be ok to use). Check consignment stores, craigslist, etc. for secondhand ones - since they're only used for as long as the baby is in the infant seat, secondhand ones generally still have quite a lot of life left in them.

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answers from Washington DC on

Another snap and go here. Try Freecycle for a snap n go. I love my Chicco (rides REALLY smooth) but it's large and I told my sister that if I had a do-over I'd get a snap n go for the months before she's just in the stroller itself. The stroller itself is good, IMO. We've had ours for 3 years and I still use it when we do long walks with the playgroup or go to the zoo. You might also see if a bungee cord can help keep the seat on the stroller better.

If the other seat has expired, I highly recommend the Keyfit 30. It has a higher weight limit, though it still fits the stroller. The bases are super easy to put in a car (just remember to put your knee in it to push it into your seat), too. My DD outgrew hers in height before weight, but it's a good seat.



answers from Fayetteville on

Snap and go!! I got one with my second baby and loved it. Just sold it for $35 on Craigslist, after only 6 months of use.You could find one used and in good condition pretty easily. No sense in buying a new car seat, they grow out of them so quickly! Save the stroller for when you move the baby to a convertible.



answers from Dallas on

Why dont you just buy the snap and go graco stroller so it will work with the car seat and then buy the stroller later when you have more money? They sell the snap and go at Target and Babies R Us. You can even get one of those at a consignment store or on Craigslist.



answers from San Francisco on

If it doesn't fit into the stroller, I wouldn't use them together. I would just put the baby in the stroller in the reclining position. GL!


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