Car Seat for Small Car with a Tall Driver

Updated on October 01, 2011
C.K. asks from Plainfield, IL
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My husband is 6'4" tall and his car is a Subaru Impreza WRX and we have 2 daughters (16 mos and 3.5). In order to drive comfortably, he has to have the seat all the way back, but when he does, there is no room for my daughter's legs when she's sitting in her Britax Marathon carseat. (our Britax Frontier booster for the preschooler is even worse) So the only way he can drive is with his seat up and his knees in the steering wheel. Even though our other car is a minivan, we do need to put the kids in his car on a regular basis to get them to or from daycare.

We were going to buy a new, midsized sedan, but I'm getting sticker shock. And if the kids fit, I'd love to keep the car we have. So moms, here's where I need your help. What carseats are out there (either a convertable for my 16 month old or a booster for my preschooler) that fits in a small car with the drivers seat all the way back? Even if it's $500, it's WAY cheaper than a new car so I'm highly motivated to figure something out.


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answers from Washington DC on

When you say there's no room, can they not sit cross legged? My DD does, and my fairly tall DH can drive my fairly small car with her in the middle. Does your car allow for a seat in the middle and then the other seat behind the passenger?

My car does not have LATCH and we use the seatbelt option on our Marathon.

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answers from Washington DC on

Id' but the kids in the middle of the back seat and the passenger side of the back seat. It might be cramped back there for them, but at least their legs will fit. :-)



answers from Boston on

You should put your 16 month old rear facing on the passenger side and your 3 yr old in a seat that harnesses (the minimum recommended for a booster is 4 and 40lbs) behind hubby she can cross her legs it's more comfortable than dangling her legs anyways.

If the seats fi properly you can put one of them in the middle :)

You can buy sunshine radian carseats they are slim enough to go side by side.



answers from Houston on

If You do put one car seat in the middle, remember that the LATCHes are only intended to support ONE carseat, not share two carseats on same LATCH. But with a small car and 2 larger carseats, I doubt that would work anyways. Sorry! Tell your husband to shrink! :D



answers from Honolulu on

I have heard, the Honda Element, fits tall drivers. And is moderately priced.
Maybe better than buying a midsized sedan.
I think, midsized sedans are gonna be a tight fit, regardless, because your husband is tall. And will need to slide the seat, further back.

As your kids get taller... and older, then even more so, their legs will be longer and hence getting more scrunched up, in the back seat.

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