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Updated on September 02, 2008
K.T. asks from Kansas City, MO
4 answers

My son is finally growing out of his newborn clothes. He was 2 mnths preemie and it took us 5 months to get to this place. Most 0-3months fit, but some are still too big. I only have summer clothes in 0-3months, so I need to go shopping. I'm not sure what to buy 0-3 months fall clothes or should I buy 3-6 months?

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answers from Kansas City on

I would buy half 0-3 and half 3-6 since it can still be pretty cool in early spring.



answers from Kansas City on

Hi K.!

I learned quickly with my son that those measurements (0-3 months, 6-9 months) really didn't mean much. Just like with women's clothes, one brand's size 10 can be another brand's size 13! My most accurate shopping is done by looking at the garmet to see if it would fit him, then buying at least one size bigger. Save yourself some cash and never buy something that fits right now. Just with our clothes, you can never go wrong by trying it on or my just laying it over the kiddo to look at it by size.

As for the season, just gage on what you think is best. He will need some fall clothes, but most fall clothes can go into winter. Keep in mind also, that you can get short sleeved shirts now for the late summer, and just layer them with a long sleeved bodysuit for extra warmth in fall/winter.

Good luck...and hey, if you are anywhere the vicinity of the Great Mall of Olathe, they have a Children's Place outlet store that is FANTASTIC!!! They almost always have a $2 or less rack for boys, and they are really high quality garments that last forever and a day. That is pretty much the only place I buy clothes at for my kid.




answers from Kansas City on

I would go look at Once Upon a Child on shawnee mission pkwy.



answers from Knoxville on

Hey K.! Not sure what your little man weighs right now, but when decided what size to buy him, that is what you should pay attention to. Most places will have size charts displayed in the store or on the clothing tags. Brand to brand can differ quite a bit. In my experience, Carter's brand runs pretty true to size toward generous; Little Me brand seems to run a bit small. If you shop at Children's Place, pay close attention to their size chart. Old Navy/Gap tends to run quite generous in the smaller sizes. With all that being said, if he is wearing 0-3 months OK right now, I might would get him a few pieces in his current size and get the rest in the 3-6 month size range. Hope this helps. My second child is now 5 months old and I still struggle with sizing sometimes!!

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