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Updated on April 04, 2011
K.S. asks from New York, NY
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@ 28 weeks my baby was said to be breech due to an ultrasound because of me having spotting. i understand this is early and the baby can turn. then @ 29 weeks i had another ultrasound and the doctor said the baby is breech but "trying to get into proper position". at my last routine appointment, my ob said she wasnt worried about it and was confident the baby would turn and that if the baby didn't , they would turn it ...i guess via that external procedure, eversion?? i was actualy surprised as to how sure of herself my ob was.
i am worried for a few reasons. i eat A LOT of sweets and carbs. my first baby was born 8lbs 14 oz and with her i ate a lot of carbs as well. when i asked my ob how we could prevent a big baby again , she said to watch my carbs in my 3rd trimester. is there truth to that? my friend just had a 9 and 1/2 lb baby and she is a fittness nut! so im confused. anyway, if my carb intake is causing a big baby, does that decrease the chance to this baby turning because there is less room for the baby to move in order to turn???

getting back to the breech situation.... what symptoms did anyone have with a breech baby? i feel a lot of pressure in my lower abdomen? is that the feet pushing down? also, what are the risks to the baby of the baby being breech?? i know that sometimes hip dysplasias occur because of it and especially occurs in girls...we don't know the sex..its a surprise.

i am very scared of a c section since i have a 2 year old at home plus my inlaws will have to watch my little girl and a c section would mean 4 nights instead of the 2 and i don't want my inlaws over that long!! i know a lot of you say a c section is not a big deal but any surgery is a big deal. i am an icu nurse and i know all too well the complications that can occur! ignorance is bliss!

any ideas on my situation would be much appreciated! :)

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answers from Springfield on

My son was born by scheduled c-section at 39 weeks. At 36 weeks he was head down. I never felt any unusual pressure or anything strange. As by OB was delivering him she said, "Oh my God, there's a butt!" My point is, things can change at the last minute, and it's beyond your control so there's not benefit to worrying.

As an ICU nurse I have no doubt that you've seen some scarry things. Consider where you work. I'm sure football coaches have seen more than their fair share of twisted knees and ankles and fire fighters have seen more than their fair share of burn victims. Take a step back and recognize that the majority of c-sections come through without a hitch. Yes, it is major surgery (doesn't that just mean it's surgery done on the middle of the body?), but it is also incredibly routine. Again, if you have to have a c-section, than have faith that it was done with you and your child's best interest (and health) in mind and not taken lightly. It might not be your first choice. It might be inconvinient. But really, what's more important, a convinient birth or a healthy mom and baby.

Relax. Everything will be fine!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I JUST had my baby boy on St. Patty's Day and he was breeched. I had a version (?) scheduled 1 week before my due date. I also was TERRIFIED of a C-section, mostly because of my other daughters (just turned 5 and 2 in March) and the stairs in my house. Anyways I tried EVERYTHING to try and flip him myself. Downward doggy rocking back and forth, hoola hoop motion while I was standing, frozen peas where his head was, flashlight, music etc. etc. I did see a Chiropractor a couple times before to have him do the Webster technique. Needless to say he didn't flip on his own. I went into the hospital, my Dr. wouldn't do it without an epidural. So I was in the O.R. as if I was getting csection in CASE anything went wrong they could do an emergency c-section. It took 5 SECONDS! My nurse who was excited to see a version, missed the whole thing when she looked down at the computer! LOL! The only thing was they gave me a shot to 'relax my uterus' and a few minutes after the procedure, I started feeling dizzy and like I had a 1000 pounds on my shoulders. My blood pressure dropped to 40/27. EEK. (I have low blood pressure as it is) His heartbeat never even dropped, it was like nothing even happened. But they loaded a ton of liquids in me very quickly and I started feeling better. They then induced me and I had my 8 pound 21 inch long lucky boy on St. Patty's Day (what we were hoping for) .

Having a breech baby was soooooo uncomfortable, his head was in my ribcage the entire time. In fact he had little ridges on his head from my ribcage. As soon as he was flipped I could finally breathe! For me, the version was such a good decision for us, and I was lucky my Dr. would even do it as I heard alot of Dr's will not. It couldn't have been any easier, and I was walking an hour after delivery the soonest they would let me. Best of luck to you and your new bundle of joy. I wouldn't worry too much. I know I did and it was sooooooo much easier than I could have ever imagined..... hopefully that's the case for you as well.



answers from New York on

Don't worry about breech at 28 weeks! My OB wouldn't even check for position that early. I think my LO turned head down around 34 weeks; most turn between 32 and 36 weeks, I believe.

If the baby doesn't turn, there are some things you can do. External version is sort of a last resort. Try positions at Find a chiropractor who can do the Webster technique (supposed to be 90-something % effective at turning them). Also, unless the baby is footling breech (feet coming out first), it's actually not very risky to deliver breech vaginally. You'd almost certainly have to find a midwife to do that, though (my MW would deliver frank breech vaginally; I delivered at a hospital).

Breech babies do sometimes have oddly-positioned legs, but in almost all cases they just grow out of it over the course of a few days as muscles start to stretch out.

As far as having a small baby goes ... some of it is genetic (I didn't gain too much and still had an 8 lb baby). Babies gain most of their weight at the end of pregnancy, so keeping weight gain to minimum at the end will probably help in avoiding a chunky newborn. Limit carbs and sweets as much as possible. You may still have a big baby, but it is likely to help ... plus, it'll be that much less weight for you to have to lose afterward!



answers from Tampa on

I didn't read all your responses, but my youngest was breech at 28wks, then turned over the next few weeks and stayed head down. I didnt feel really any symptoms, but he was tiny (5-13 at birth at 38wks). I was told they dont really worry unless the baby is still breech at 35wks. I have a friend whose baby didn't turn till 38wks! I was afraid of a c-section too (I have a 3 1/2yr old). I had a tubal too & was afraid of that first because of pain (it wasn't bad), then because of the same reasons as you (I'm a PICU nurse).
Anyway, good luck with everything and congrats on the new baby!



answers from Minneapolis on

From a midwife - get down on your hands and knees and scrub your floors. The position and movement can help a baby turn.

Here is a list of ideas - not all proven, but worth a look at:



answers from Miami on

First of all, let me address the c-section issue. I don't know why anyone would suggest that a c-section is "not a big deal." It's considered major surgery and there are risks, that as an ICU nurse (like you stated you are) you would know all about. Recovery from a c-section is not easy. While every woman has a different experience, for the most part, the recovery is much longer than if you delivered vaginally. How do I know? I'm about to have my 4th c-section. I've never delivered vaginally with any of my children, it just wasn't meant to be. Each recovery from my c-sections were slightly different in that I bounced back a slightly differently with each but with each one, I was not allowed to drive for two weeks, not allowed to go up and down stairs for two weeks, not allowed to lift anything heavier than my baby for two weeks, could not move around very fast for at least 3 weeks, and lastly, it was painful. While I never encountered any infections, that incision is sore for some time, long after the pain goes away.

None of my babies were breach so unfortunately I am not able to comment on what it feels like, the process of turning the baby, etc. BUT, I do know from researching this on my own that babies can turn on their own up to the time of delivery. Since you are only 28 weeks, you really should be focusing on the enjoyment of this wonderful experience rather than all the things that could go wrong, when in fact, you really don't know what that little baby might do in the upcoming weeks. Your doctor is not a god but he/she must have enough experience with this and that would explain why your OB is not overly concerned. And neither should you. It sounds to me like your more concerned about your inlaws overstaying their visit. Your baby could turn or your OB might have to turn your baby, you could labor for hours and not progress and still end up with a c-section. It happens so please stop worrying about things you cannot control. Good luck to you and just concentrate on enjoying your pregnancy.



answers from Seattle on

I used to be a nurse too! Try to just eat healthy and limit sweets. I'm a reiki therapist and sacred childbirth practioner. Reiki uses energy techniques for balancing and managing your body and the earths flow. With sacred childbirth, I heal any traumas or concerns with baby or birthing. I also give pain management help. We can move your baby, and you will not have to have a csection. Put that in your mind. Relax. Breathe deep. If you would like more info. My email is [email protected] :) good luck!


answers from New York on

if the baby is's up to u if u want your doc to turn the baby. i've heard that's very painful. so if worse comes to worse, don't sweat it and have the c-section. i did tons of research on it the week before my c-section and was aware of all the possibilities. but i decided not to worry myself over what can go wrong.....the recovery wasn't bad at all. so ur in laws stay an extra couple of days big whoop....after that u wont have to c them for a while right? good luck!


answers from San Diego on

My third child felt it nessecary to spend the better part of the third trimester sideways, going breach at one time. She just kept turning around. She'd go head down the night before the ultrasound and flip back the following day sometimes. The ultrasound tech said she had plenty of room to turn around in and may very well turn around some more and wouldn't get stuck yet.
I was told so long as she was head down (and stayed) by 36 wks it is not a severe concern. Some wonderful ladies here on the site sent me to this website: I routinuely did the exercises on the page to get her to flip back head down when she'd go sideways. It was insanely uncomfortable and more painful then carrying my other 2 that went head down early and stayed that way. When she went breach it wasn't nearly as bad as when she was sideways. I hated her kicking my bladder though, worse than a head pushing on it LOL Maybe you could try some of the things on the web site to get the baby to flip and encourage it to stay that way.
In the end she settled head down just in time for the 36 weeks mark and was born at about 39 weeks. She had a short umbical cord that cut itself the moment she was out and coming up to lie next to me, might have been why she was more comfortable sideways.


answers from Norfolk on

You've got 10 or so weeks to go and and a lot can happen between now and then.
Worrying accomplishes nothing and only stresses you and your baby.
Some babies can turn somersaults till right before delivery.
Also, I wouldn't worry about the baby being big or not.
Some think a baby with a big head helps the head to drop into position, but there are a lot of factors (the shape of your womb, spine, pelvis, etc).
My son was 9 lbs 1 1/2 oz and we had no trouble with a vaginal birth.
If you don't want so much help from the in-laws, maybe you could hire a doula to give you a hand or a baby sitter to help with your older child.
As far as carbs go, try some steel cut oatmeal, coleslaw, fiber rich foods which will help to even out your blood sugar level ups and downs.



answers from New York on

Baby can turn anytime. Mine did at 39 1/2 weeks after a long walk up a
hill. Was scheduled for a c-section. I would not allow doc to try turning if
it was offered which it was not. Too dangerous in my opinion. If you have
to have a c-sec and don't want your in laws there, have your husband
take off. Personally I think special time with grandma and grandpa is a
great thing whether it is two three or four nights.


answers from Eugene on

All right. I've used this method for many many years. It is a California Indian method to get the baby to turn. You have plenty of time since it's best done with at least six weeks to spare. It'll be a little uncomfortable since you have to change which side of the bed you sleep on.
So if you sleep on the right side you are going to sleep on the left side and vice versa (sleep on left move to right) no matter how hard it is for you to fall asleep on that side of the bed.
Your husband cannot sleep with his back to you. This is considered to make for a hard birth. So it will be important for your husband to cooperate. Baby will likely turn within three weeks but never will like the position change so she/he will stay head down.
I'm with you about c-sections. If you wind up having one take Arnica 200c in your water all day afterward. You will heal quickly.


answers from Rochester on

My youngest (11 months) was breech all the way through my pregnancy, and because I was already having a c-section due to prior c-section (our hosp. doesn't allow vbac) it wasn't a concern, and they did not try to turn her. She never turned on her own, and she was born 6 lbs 15 oz, so I don't think the size has altogether too much to do with it. Also, I was huge on carbs and sweets during both my pregnancies, and my other girl was born 7 lbs 5 oz, so no problems there. However, I think that kind of diet makes it harder to LOOSE the baby weight (believe me, I am struggling) because you add more fat than you need and in the wrong places.

Having her breech was incredibly uncomfortable for the last two months of my pregnancy. Her head was into my ribs or pressing out against my stomach so hard it really, really hurt. She was (and still is) super active, so she would literally use my pelvis as a trampoline. It hurt so bad it literally felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer and hit me in my crotch. Sorry to be vulgar, but that's what it felt like.

During the last three or four weeks, my lower back hurt as well...and towards the end, it was just unbearable. I'm not a very large person, and her awkward position just caused a lot of pain. Not trying to scare you...most babies will turn on their own!

Where I live, it is standard to give babies born breech (even through c-section) a hip ultrasound at a certain age (I can't remember, but I'm thinking it was around 10 weeks or so) to rule out hip dysplasia, which your doctor will check for at every appointment up until that anyhow. She was fine.

You probably won't need a c-section because baby will probably turn, but just know that it will be okay, even if you do. I've had two, both after labor (the first after a very long labor, the second I went into labor five days before my scheduled surgery and barely made it to the hospital...very rapid) and the recovery from the first wasn't exactly bliss, but the second one went very smoothly. I was up walking hours afterwards, and although I followed the two week no driving rule (very important, as I found with the first...ouch) I was pretty much back to normal within a week of giving birth.

Hope everything turns out okay!



answers from Houston on

My son was born breech, feet first. And YES, there was ALOT of pressure. ESpecially when I sat on a hard surface like a chair or booth at a restaurant. I thought he would just kick clear thru to the chair. But I'll tell you what, it was a MUCH easier birth than having the head in the birth canal for hours on end..talking about pressure, we all know that feeling. The baby may turn, I don't think weight has anything to do with it. My doctor never tried to manipulate him to turn....don't know why....but if I had it all over to do again, I would welcome the feet first. Funniest feeling ....feeling the baby kick the inside of my legs before he was actually born!!!



answers from Kansas City on

My first was breech and boy was it uncomfortable!! She was frank breech which means she was a sandwich with her feet at her head and butt down. Her head was in my espohagus all the time and I could barely eat and was always uncomforable. I had a lot of pressure too, I think partly b/c they are sort of imbalanced in there when they're in the "wrong" position.

I would never say that a c-section "isn't a big deal" BUT it's not as bad as it seems. I had my second when my daughter was 2 and although it's not ideal, you will manage, but hopefully it won't come to that.

As far as the baby flipping on it's own...well it totally could, there is still a lot of time, but if the baby doesn't flp naturally I might leave it at that and possibly opt out of doing a version. I was scheduled to have a version and it turned out the cord was wrapped around my baby's neck. The doctor told me that babies are smart and usually if they're in an awkward position it's for a reason. My friend just had her 3rd who was breech also b/c she had a cyst that grew crazy from all the hormones and the baby's head couldn't get past it to get into the right position. After my version was cancelled I heard from a lot of people that it was a horrible procedure and failed to work for most of the people I talked you should obviously consult with yoru doctor, but from what I know, it's not that great of a procedure to begin with!

I say hope for the best and prepare for the alternative. I don't want to say worst, b/c honestly, it won't be the worst case scenario if you have a c-section. It will change your plans and it will be a recovery process, but with good helpers you'll be just fine!



answers from Minneapolis on

My third was breech until 30 weeks. I was much more comfortable after she flipped. I wouldn't worry just yet, you still have time for baby to turn. Oh, and all my babies were big - and I'm a healthy weight, with healthy gain each pregnancy. I wouldn't worry about that either... my third was 8 lbs 4 oz (and she was my smallest).

Look online for some positions you can put yourself in (yoga) to help baby move.

I wouldn't worry yet.


answers from Houston on

Yes, reduce the sweets and carbs.. You can go into gestational diabetes (or borderline) and have a large baby due to that. It's better for your health and health of the child to eat a well balanced diet. People who still eat healthy, like your friend can still have large babies, a lot of it is part if genetics. By why increase the chance by having a poor diet?

Many children turn, my chid was breech up until about a week before I had him and he turned on his own. And, even if your child is breech at the time of birth, things can still turn out great as well.



answers from Johnstown on

There's not much you can do. Both of my twins were in the correct position. However, when "A" was delivered, "B" flipped, went breech, they lost her heartbeat and it was an emergency section despite my begging and pleading against it. I'm soooo thankful the dr. didn't listen to me and went ahead with the section. The outcome would be alot worse today if he would have.


answers from Oklahoma City on

Hi! I wouldn't worry TOO much right now since the baby still has time to turn but sometimes they do need help getting head down! My 2nd baby was breech and I tried ALL the tricks to get her to turn and she wouldn't. My OB did and external version about 2 weeks before my due date and she stayed down through delivery! (they do it in the hospital and monitor the baby the whole time and for about 1-2 hours afterwards)
My 4th baby was breech also and around 30 weeks the dr told me I needed to start thinking about what I wanted to do... He would do a version but I'd have to pay for it since my insurance wouldn't cover it or he said he'd deliver me breech since I'd already had 3 vaginal births. (Or I could do a c-section) Thankfully she turned on her own about 36 weeks!
We didn't know the sex of any of ours until they were born either but both of those were girls, one was 7lbs 9oz the other 7lbs 3oz. I didn't cut carbs at all during my pregnancies, I just ate normal. Since your 1st baby was kinda big this one might be too and I don't know if that'll make a difference on if your dr will let you deliver breech....
Good Luck! I hope the baby turns on it's own, that'd be nice!
OH! and YES! I was SO uncomfortable when they were breech! After the version I left the hospital feeling like I had already delivered.... she was lower and I could breathe and her head wasn't shoved up under my ribs! It was amazing! :o)

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