Breakfast in the Car?

Updated on June 09, 2011
A.O. asks from Ardmore, OK
22 answers

Give me some easy on the go breakfast ideas for my kiddos...ages 6,5 &3

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So What Happened?

We eat breakfast as a family every morning, but in the summer my two oldest have gymnastics practice twice a week in the am and it's an hour and 15 min drive each way...which puts out the door at 7:40. I see no reason to wake them up early in the summer just to sit in the car for an hour. Thanks for all the great ideas!

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answers from Los Angeles on

How about eggs in a basket?

Or, what about a nutrigrain bar with a banana? French toast sticks?

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answers from Minneapolis on

Do they like breakfast sandwiches? You can make them at home by taking an egg and putting it into a "ramikin" or something else round, stirring just a bit of milk into it, then microwaving for 1 minute. You then have a round cooked egg. Then add cheese and/or meat and put on English muffin or soft bagel.

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi A.,

My BEST suggestion is (IF) you can, get up 30 min to one hour earlier and sit down with your kids to eat. Breakfast doesn't take long to make EVEN if it's bacon, eggs and toast. We had oatmeal, rice or cream of wheat and toast, milk and juice.

Trust me, your children will remember that you took the time to fix breakfast before leaving for the day.

Meal times at home are the best to just take the time to talk a little before the day begins and after it has ended


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answers from Las Vegas on

Egg sandwich or bagel that's half wrapped so mess doesn't get everywhere
Cereal bars, I get the apple cinnamon ones in the baby/toddler food area
Breakfast on the go pouches that is kinda like trail mix but
breakfasty fruit/veggies
Apple slices
Pop tarts (maybe there are some healthier ones lol)
String cheese and whole grain crackers
Hard boiled eggs (cook em the night before or a few days before)
English muffin with some peanut butter and banana slices
Eggo waffles with peanut butter smeared on top
Toasted raisin bread
If your not too traditional, a turkey sandwich (I eat em b/c I'm not trad bkfst, I
toast the honey wheat bread)
You can make fritatas the night before, it's kinda like breakfast pizza or
breakfast cupcakes depending on how you make them

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Yogurt smoothies made with Greek Yogurt (2x the protein) and fresh fruit (strawberries & bananas?)
Fresh fruit chunks, grapes, mango, strawberries, peaches.
Raisins, trail mix, granola bars (the good ones!), string cheese, dry fortified cereal in a cup with a lid (no milk), sausage on a stick or rolled in a pancake...

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answers from San Francisco on

All time favorite: scrambled eggs & cheese on a toasted english muffin, wrapped in foil to stay warm. Easy to make, high protein and FILLING. You can add a slice of ham or turkey, or substitute the english muffin with a bagel :)

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answers from Chicago on

peanut butter on mini bagels
yogurt smoothies or OJ (they sell individual cartons w/straw)

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Biloxi on

Pancake and peanut butter sandwiches (I love these)
Cheese sammies
Cheese sticks
dry cereal
dried fruit

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answers from New York on

fruit salad or cut up fruit thats easy to eat
granola bars
cereal, just let them eat it like a snack food (no milk)
egg salad - hard boiled egg
crackers and cheese
crackers and peanut buttter
instant oatmeal - boil the water while you're getting ready and make it just before walking out the door
dried fruit

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answers from Kansas City on

Cereal bars like Special K or the quaker oats bars go quite far
Fruit cups (ready cut fruit in juice), they have lids so travel quite well.
Yoghurt smoothies
Graham crackers
Homemade sandwiches (prepare some PB&J, cut into quarters, or put on whatever they are in to)
Boiled egg (pack a spoon, a knife and some mayonaise - or get some condiments and cutlery from quick trip as you stop for gas)
-cut the egg in quarters once you stopped for your picnic and squeeze out some mayo on the side so the egg is not too dry.

For snacks:
Apple chips
Beef Jerky sticks
BabyBelle cheese

dont forget bottled water

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answers from Austin on


This morning - we had oatmeal on the go! I just put it in a plastic cup and grab a plastic spoon, so I don't have to worry about cleaning oatmeal cement out of a bowl, when we get home several hours later.

Dried cereal, cereal bars (Clif bars are great - no crumbs), and Eggos are our other favorites. I get the Eggos with strawberries or blueberries in them, so we eat them like toast, and not worry about the syrup mess!

Happy Travels!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Cheese stick and an apple.
Container of yogurt with a plastic spoon. (if you're brave, lol).
Handful of almonds and some berries.
Dry cereal in a ziplock.

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answers from Nashville on

biscuit with ham and cheese
pop tart
wheat toast with butter or peanut butter
breakfast hot pockets
sausage biscuits
yogurt tubes
dry cereal with a cup of milk with lid
granola bars
cup of OJ with a lid
sausage/egg burrito
go to the freezer section of your store and there are many things

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answers from Lafayette on

pancakes without syrup. if you don't want to buy premade ones, spend one day on the weekend making htem, and freeze them. then you just pop them in the toaster or microwave to warm up. fresh fruit is usually a good idea. french toast sticks, cereal bars, peanut butter and jelly is a normal favorite around here, on bread or toast.

get creative, you never know what kids will like.

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answers from San Antonio on

We work and my kids go to school 45 minutes away from where we live. This past year has had to include a lot of breakfasts in the car (but we are moving soon--yea!!) If the kids can go w/o syrup, frozen waffles in the toaster are quick. We do a lot more water than milk because sometimes sippy cups leak and you don't want milk in your car. We have also done Jimmy Dean precooked sausage that you just microwave. Cereal (no milk) in baggies. Cut up fruit in baggies. Bean and cheese tacos seem to stay together better than other tacos. Make them at home so you can limit the amount of beans and cheese, for mess purposes. Cheese sticks. We've even done lunchmeat when we've been out of other breakfast food. :)

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answers from Houston on has some oaty bars that are good, make them then freeze in ziplocks so they're ready to go, I use a lot of homemade pumpkin muffins, make them w/whole wheat flour, yogurt, flax seed... meal in one...
homemade waffles or pancakes not the plain flour/sugar mixes, freeze in ziplocks... whole wheat flour, add cream of wheat for extra iron, wheat germ, flax seed... add applesauce, pumpkin, blueberries, bananna...

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answers from Dallas on

I think that your best bets are smoothies, breakfast burritos and Egg McMuffin type sandwiches. On the burritos, Jimmy Dean now makes packages of pre-cooked turkey sausage crumbles (by the bacon/sausage at target). I buy those and throw them in the freezer. In the morning, put some in a pan (still frozen) and cook for about 1 minute. Crack a couple eggs in the pan or just pour plain egg beaters over the sausage. Saute for a minute or so and then sprinkle some shredded cheddar over top. Put mix in tortilla and wrap it up. I can make these in 3 minutes or less and be out the door. Love the idea below from Kristina M about grilling the wrap so it is firmer.

If you do smoothies I would use a heavy greek yogurt and throw in a good deal of granola so that it has some staying power until lunch.

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answers from Chicago on

I like wheat tortillas with some 2% "mexican blend" cheese on the stove add pre made scrambled eggs/whites with cilantro or spinach and make a burrito w/ it.
On a flat griddle or regular shallow pan warm up the tortillas, add cheese and eggs and veggies roll up then "toast" it on the pan to get a nice crispy tortilla - it helps it stay together better. You can also add potatoes if you like too!



answers from Victoria on

smoothies! waffels (no butter no honey) or even a waffel sandwich with pb and j or nuttella . fruit cups, pop tarts, klochies, sausage rolls, cinnimon rolls, home made egg mc muffin. pancakes, breakfast corn dogs (sausage and pancake on a stick). yougart cups with granola.



answers from Waco on

We love Clif bars. They even make a kids version.



answers from Austin on

This might sound crazy but every morning I give my kids a sunflower seed shake. It's nutritious and fast! You just soak your sunflower seeds the night before in water, then drain and blend with flax seeds, an apple to make it sweet, and a few blueberries and oat milk. Personally I stick it in a bottle because that way there are no spills. If you forget to soak the seeds you can also use sesame because they don't need to be soaked, but they are a little stronger in taste so I throw in a banana and the kids love it. Both are rich in calcium and lots of other good stuff!

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