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Updated on September 05, 2007
C.C. asks from Itasca, IL
10 answers

As my boyfriend and I are getting down to the last few weeks of deciding names, we are very interested in making sure we pick the right one.

Please send me your favorite boy names...


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answers from Chicago on

i loved the name kalib( i don't know the correct spelling) i saw a show when i was preg with my 1st son about a little boys with cancer and the story touched me so much, but my boyfriend didn't like the name......then with my 2nd bosses sister named her son sevien( again don't know the correct spelling) but i loved this name but it was my bosses nephews name and i would have been weired..

So i have two beautiful boys named Isaiah Manuel(manuel after my dad) And my baby is named Julian Elijah.......he was hard to name because i looked at him at the hospital and the only name that came to my head was "Isaiah"!!!!! Julian looked just like his big brother that it took me 3days to pick a name for Isaiahs mini me....

Well good luck...........enjoy being a mom.....theres nothing like your 1st preg and your 1st little on(not that the 2nd is as special) but i wish i would have enjoyed him a little more then i did.........but congrats and enjoy..........
let me know what you decide.....



answers from Chicago on

The Baby Name Wizard is a great resource. My favorite boys names are definitely not "mainstream", so here goes:


I gave my daughter a pretty, but popular name. I'm telling you that because I don't want you to have to deal with the same hassle we've had. I'd go with a nice, but uncommon name if at all possible. Good luck and happy naming!

I want to add that "Cre8tively" spelled names can only be a headache for kids. I'd stick with more conventional spellings to avoid future problems.



answers from Chicago on

I like....
Ethan (my son's name, although we spelled it Ethen, LOVE it)
Cole (or Kole, Kohl)
My husband is a bad speller, so we ended up with alternative spellings to our kids' names, but I ended up liking his way better than the 'correct' spelling...maybe you can use your own creativeness on names you have in the running...
Good luck, let us know what you end up with!



answers from Raleigh on

You should choose a name that means something to both you and your boyfriend... though my advice would be not to choose any of the more common names.

I choose "Ian" to honor my celtic heritage, and my ex-husband (was my b/f at the time) wouldn't agree to any of the middle names I liked (Caleb or Andrew were my favorites) so my son ended up sharing his middle name with his father - he became Ian Aaron. I like choosing names that mean something, that pass down some sort of story or honor family heritages. Ian isn't an unusual name, but it's not terribly common (in the US anyway), either. This year there is another Ian in his class besides him - but at least it's only one. There were three Michaels, two Jakes and I think three Joshua's in his Kindergarten class last year!



answers from Chicago on

I have one son with a classic, popular but not trendy name and one with an unusual (but not made up) name. In my experience, the unusual name is more fun. He's always the only kid with his name, and everyone who meets him remembers him. We had a second choice name for the kid with the more common name (our second choice was Calvin) and we agree now that we kind of wish we had chosen the more unusual name instead.

But then unusual is the norm in our neighborhood! Very fun that boys also get to have cool names these days, and not just girls. I noticed someone else named Charles and Aiden as unusual names - I know a couple of both!

These are from the list I kept of names we liked but didn't use for my 3yo - We have Scots on both sides of the family, so some of these are Scottish/irish: Griffin, Harry/Harrison/Henry, Miles, Theo (for Theodore), Kyle, Calvin, Duncan, Eric, Francis (Frank), Cameron, Bennett, Emmett, Malcolm, Spencer, Adlai, Fraser (family name), Willem, Julian.

Also on the list but pretty trendy lately: Liam, Connor, Ian.

Not on my list but more cool baby names on babies I've met lately - Leo, Gus, Glenn.



answers from Chicago on

My son's name is Andrew. Before he was born we wanted to call him Drew for short. However, it never stuck. You look at him and all you see is Andrew.

I love Gaelic names: My son is Andrew Ryan

Make sure that whatever name you pick it goes with a middle name and your last name and that the initials are not awkward.

My kids initials happen to be ARC and my my daughter is RAC

Good luck



answers from Chicago on

This was a fun question:

We named our son, Justin Stephen, Justin-because it was the only name we could agree on, and Stephen for my Dad who passed away 9 years ago, and also my husband middle name is Steven, just spelled different.

I liked the names:

I am not really into spelling names different, due to children having a hard time spelling it or teachers and family members getting it wrong. Good luck with your seach and decision on a name, it really is a tough one. You will also know the minute you look at him. I think it is harder when you have your second and it is the same sex as your first.



answers from Chicago on

Hi C., here are some of my favorite names in no specific order:

The following are the names of my own 2 boys
1. Robert Adrian
2. Ivan Angelo

Have fun & good luck choosing, and guess what? in the rare case that you change your mind about the name after you leave the hospital you still have upto 12 months to change it free of charge. I was surprised to find out, but that's exactly what my friend did, plus she did thru mail!



answers from Chicago on

The Social Security website (not sure of the address right off the top of my head) has lists of names from waaay back. Interesting if you are looking for something that we might call different today.



answers from Chicago on


I can list most of boys in my family, they all are great

Brian Spencer
Darren Wayne
Lorne Scott
Jason Lance
Michael James
Nicolas Scott
Aaron Maurice
Drew Anthony
Devin Wayne
Jeremy Justin
Anthony Edward
Nicolas Thomas

Hope this helps. I am sure that there are some that I have forgotten, we have a very large and close family. Many nieces and nephews. Hope you have a healthly little boy. Good luck !!


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