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Updated on December 05, 2006
A.U. asks from Katy, TX
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My daughter will be 9 months next week and when I picked her up from daycare yesterday they showed me a dirty diaper that she made and it was all blood red. It was not runny or anything the consistancy was normal but the color was not. So I called my Pediatrician and she said to just keep an eye on her and if she did it again to bring her in. Well I called the daycare and they said she has not had a dirty diaper at all today. I was just wondering if any of you had experienced anything like this. I should also tell you that she did not have anything red to eat or anything out of the ordinary for that matter. It just concerned me and I was curious if this was maybe normal or not.

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So What Happened?

Well she has not had it since that one time and I took everyone's advice to heart and gave her some apple juice and it did soften her stool. Now she is having runny stools and an orange color. I took her in and they said it was common for the antibotic she is on for her ear infection (omnicef). So untill she gets off of it she will probably have either constipation or loose stools. But I thank everyone for the advice and you all eased my mind greatly! I hope everyone has a happy holidays!!

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Give her apple juice, i think they also make apple juice for babies by gerber where the baby food is. My kids never had bloody stool but when it was hard for them to go, i would just give them apple juice, and another thing give her apple sauce as dessert that will keep her regular too.

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My daughter also had this before. It could be many things but most commonly it is from constipation (so maybe a small tear has occured from straining) or a virus. Just watch her. I do not think it would hurt to give her some apple juice at least 3 oz./day to help her go easier. Just remember that apples and bananas are constipating because the apples are not processed but apple juice is a great way to promote bowel movements. After all, mom always knows best trust your instincts.

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answers from Tyler on

On happy note, typically if there is blood in someones stool the stool will turn black. As a general rule, if it is brightly colored and has been sitting around for any length of time it would darken. so if what you are finding is bright red, my guess would be,juice, candy, crayons, or any other red object you can think of. if you continue to be concerned and the constipation continues, call her pediatrician.



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Hi, I don't know what the blood could be from, but I do know a great way to ease constipation. My 6 month old has been having constipation problems, and her pedi said to give her WHITE Karo syrup. (apple juice and baby prune juice didn't work)I took her in because I was concerned. I heared that sometimes it can be a sign of a hernia, especially is your baby has an 'outie.' But he said she was fine and her stomach didn't even feel hard and she hadn't gone in a week before I took her in. So now I mix Karo in her water, or in her cereal, and she goes either in a few hours or no later than the next morning. Works like a charm. He also said to give her Glycerin suppositories,but I refuse to stick anything in her,because I wouldn't want to stick anything in me like that. (I know I'm silly) He also said that some babies bowel habits just change normally by new foods. He also said it was safe to give a couple teaspoons up to 3 times a day. But I only do it in the mornings with her ceareal or her water. And now she has regular bowel movements, and she doesn't strain and its not even hard. Hope this was helpful. I would love to know how it turned out for you.



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I would seek a new ped. That is not normal at all.



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Our daughter had similar issues. If they get constipated, they can get anal fissures which are small tears in the anus. Our ped had us put Aquaphor around her anus and just inside with a Q-tip (ask your ped before you do this!). This cleared it up every time. The first time it happened it scared us to death, but odds are, your daughter is fine. To take care of the constipation, you can dilute some prune juice in water or put in a bottle with breast milk or formula. Works like a charm!



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Hi A.,

I experienced something similar to this with my youngest girl when she was about 5 months. I changed her diet by putting a little cereal in her formula. There was traces of blood all through her "doo". Come to find out...the cereal made it her "doo" a little harder and she had to strain. Causing blood to be in her waste. Check out the menu at the daycare and home, this may be the culprit. By the way, I was using baby Rice cereal.

Let me know how things turn out.




answers from Beaumont on

Not trying to sound like I don't believe you or anything but are you or the daycare giving her anything colored to drink? I first freaked out a little bit when i started giving my 3 kids juices to drink and they showed me that their stool was was fromt he colored juice i had given them. The different colors i gave them the different color the stool was. I will pray that it is nothing serious for your child and that all is well instead. May you have a blessed Happy Holidays!



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In school, I was taught that if the stool has bright red blood that it is considered "fresh" and came from the lower part of the GI track (in older adults, we would most likely consider hemerhoids). If the stool is more of a darker red than it came from the upper portions of the GI track and has had time to "dry" and change colors. Just keep your pediatrician informed and take the diaper and the infant to the doctor if another stool is bloody.

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