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Updated on June 11, 2010
L.A. asks from Rego Park, NY
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First timer here. Hubby has the summer off from grad school. I thought to get the birthing classes done and out of the way b/f he's back to class.

I called my doctor's office today to ask about birthing classes. We are at 21 weeks and he suggests its a bit too early.

He recommended a private center, or classes at the hospital, at a cost of $200 and $175 respectively.

1. Any idea of whether this stuff is covered by insurance?
2. Any recommendations re: what to look for in a class?
3. Any ideas re: tips on where to enroll in the NY metro area?
4. Are the classes even worthwhile?

Thanks a bunch.

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answers from Gainesville on

We took the Bradley method classes and while I would have been comfortable forgoing classes because i knew I'd probably be having a c-section, my hubby wanted to go. I liked these classes because it opened up several issues that we hadn't thought of-for example hubby speaking up for me if I couldn't about what I wanted and didn't want. And just that happened. We ended up discussing that I don't like demerol (had it for a surgery once) and when it came up post delivery he was quick to tell them no. Gave us an opportunity to discuss some things that we had no idea might come up as we'd never had a baby before. Plus I liked the idea of the bradley method in the event I was able to try to deliver naturally.

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answers from Redding on

I never took birthing classes with either of my children.
That might sound crazy, but dad was always away working and I worked full time and I just didn't have the energy to schedule any of it. I took care of kids whose parents went to lamaze classes and I certainly wasn't against the idea, but the hospital my daughter was born in was an hour away and like I said, I didn't have the energy after work to to and then get home so late and then work the next morning.
My nurses were so good to me...they told me what to do, I had no epidural or anything with my first baby. It all worked out just fine.
I think some people really enjoy knowing what to expect and learn the breathing exercises, the different positions, etc.
I don't regret winging it.
I would look around or ask your hospital for referrals. They have lots of classes that don't cost that much. I'm not in NY, but I'm sure there are other avenues to look into. Are there classes offered through a community center or your hubby's college?

Classes or not, your body will know what to do when the time comes and you will be fine.

I hope you find something that fits better for you and if you don't take any classes, it won't be the end of the world. I have two healthy kids and didn't take classes for either of them. Their births were completely different so I just rolled with what was going on at the time as opposed to what I'd been taught. It worked out fine for me that way.

Best wishes!

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answers from Dallas on

I enjoyed going to the class with my husband. It eased some fears and made me feel more comfortable to be around other mommies-to-be! Best advice I took away with me and used during labor, during the few minutes/seconds you may have between contractions, think about something else, do not anticipate the next one!!! I closed my eyes, talked to the my "entourage", whatever really, just don't think about what is about to happen, use the time to take your mind elsewhere!!! This may be a given, but for a first time mommy, it helped me!! Good Luck!



answers from Dallas on

Insurance will not cover it, I would wait until closer to time just b/c I didn't want to forget the info, I don't live in NY but my class was free through or delivery hospital. The classes are beneifical and informative, if you have the opportunity I would take one.


answers from Chicago on

OK that's INSANE! I took a class at our local hospital (not the one where I delivered, BTW) for $40 and I live in Chicago. There are several different classes you can take, typically, so it's based on where your comfort level is.
We simply took the pre-natal class, which covered what happens to your body during childbirth, coping with labor, and the first weeks with your newborn.
I felt we learned a *little* from that class, but not much. Much of the labor process was working through contractions, and if you're going to have an epidural, a lot of that becomes nil.
I seriously wouldn't waste that much $$ on it, that is ridiculous.



answers from Killeen on

I took a birthing class before my first baby (although it was free to me because we are covered under Tricare) however, most of the information they told me I already knew or was something I already read in pregnancy books - I didn't learn much at all and actually we skipped out early most sessions because we were so bored. I suppose it all depends on how much research you have done on your own, and also what type and quality of class it is. If you have really wanted to go just for the information and resources and you have some questions you want answers then go for it! I wouldn't pay that much for the class but look around at other places and see what you can find!



answers from Indianapolis on

I agree it is early.......but, call the hospital you are going to deliver at.........tell them why you want to take it now.......see if they can recommend someplace that doesn't cost that much, that really is nuts..........

You might be able to call the medical association too and ask them or even planned parenthood might know.....check the internet out too.

Good luck and congratulations!!


answers from Los Angeles on

They aren't worth it. Read your baby books and your fine. Every labor and delivery is so different that those classes couldn't possibly prepare you. If you understand the anatomy of your body, and the actual process of how the baby comes through the birthing canal (what dilation is, whats going on during contractions, etc), you are fine. I say if anything rent or order a birthing movie and if you don't understand something ask your doc. Good Luck and I hope you have a safe and wonderful delivery!



answers from New York on

I took birthing/parenting classes, and as a new mother and not having any nieces or nephews, it was so worth it. We talked/learned about labor, inducing, epidurals and other pain meds, a tour of the birthing center, breastfeeding, how to bath an infant, and lots of valuable info.

Most insurance plans will not cover it, but contact your provider, they might.

Congratulations and Good Luck.



answers from Oklahoma City on

1. No, our insurance would not cover it.
2. none
3. no idea
4. Are the classes even worthwhile? No! I didn't think so. Before I was pregnant I had a friend that went to classes. I went with her several times because her hubby traveled and she didn't want to go alone. I thought it was a big waste of time and money and would have been mad if I would have paid for it. They watched movies about the birthing process. You can google, bing, hulu or youtube that stuff for free and watch it if you don't know how or want to see how the baby arrives, birth canal, etc You can get a tour of your birthing center or hospital anytime for free, just call prior and set up a time, you don't have to be enrolled in a class to see that. You can learn about what they talk about by reading birthing books or on the internet. Plus, the nurses explained everything about what was going on and what to expect, etc.



answers from Dallas on

I took a birthing class and it was a waste of time for me and my husband. Nothing went according to what I was taught and the nurses where I delivered just walked me through everything I needed to do.

Some people really benefit from the classes - we did not.

Good luck.



answers from Denver on

1. Any idea of whether this stuff is covered by insurance?
Not as far as I know.

2. Any recommendations re: what to look for in a class?
Yes, look for something that helps with Birthing and not just a tour of the hospital with some baby care stuff thrown in.

3. Any ideas re: tips on where to enroll in the NY metro area?
4. Are the classes even worthwhile?
Yes, I took Birthing from Within and found it incredibly helpful I don't think I would have lasted as ling as I did with the labor without it. I found the lady in the Doula registry...she offered classes and doula services. I just took the class. For the 2nd baby I just went to the hospital class and it was beyond useless.

Happy birthing!!!



answers from St. Cloud on

If you've read some pregnancy. baby books, I'd skip the classes..... My husband and I didn't learn ANYTHING from ours.

Just go to the hospital on your own and get a tour of the birthing rooms. Make a list of questions and ask your doctor anything you need to. Discuss a birth plan with your doc.

If you plan on breastfeeding, read up on it. Talk to some moms who have done it!

Sit down with your husband and discuss his role. Make lists. Let him know what you are PLANNING and how much you want him to do.



answers from New York on

I've been a childbirth educator for 14 years, and while it's rare for health insurance to reimburse for classes, some companies do, and some FSA accounts as well. It is not necessarily too early for classes - some book up quickly and some are long series of classes. I personally don't recommend hospital sponsored classes - you get the info the hospital wants you to have, not necessarily researched based info or all of your options. The nurse teaching the class is not necessarily a certified childbirth educator. I would suggest looking into the different types of childbirth classes - Bradley, HypnoBirthing, Birthing From Within, Birthworks, Lamaze, find out what each is about and see which best suits your philosophy of birth. Each of these organizations has a website with info on course content and a directory of instructors. Using an independent (non hospital) instructor means that your teacher works for you and isn't limited in what she can tell you - the hospital educator is employed and paid by the hospital. Childbirth classes are not cheap, esp in a metropolitant area, but a good quality class is worth the price.
Good luck. I am also in NY, let me know if there's any information that I can help you find.

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