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Updated on April 11, 2010
K.M. asks from Orlando, FL
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I am having a birthday party for my son who is turning 8 at Wonderworks in Orlando. There will be about 15 kids all together. Am I expected to pay admission for the parents of the kids that are invited? If the parent does want to stay how would I let them know that I am only paying for the kids?

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much. I would not expect for someone to pay an entrance fee for me if my child was invited unless I was specifically asked to accompany him. At 8 he is more than old enough to go into an indoor place designed for kids with a friend's parent. Kids birthday parties are for kids, and the venue is well equipped to entertain them.
I called WonderWorks, and they really helped solve my propblem. My husband and I are free, and you get 1 free adult for every 4 kids. Extra adults are only $10. I think we will be able to get most parents to drop off their child, and have a few on hand to help keep an eye on everyone.
Thank you for all your help

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answers from Dallas on

on the invitation, you can simply state, "child's admittance to park will be paid for, any other attending will need to provide their own way."

I've seen this done a few times and never had a problem with it.

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answers from Miami on

Ok, I would pay for one parent and one kid. Put that on the invitation. That way if another parent wants to attend or a sibling they know up front they will have to pay for it. We use to have my daughters bday party at a swimming place every year. By doing it this way its lessen the other parents stress.



answers from Jacksonville on

NO, at that age the kids dont need their parents to attend if your chaperoning. When people RSVP let them know politely that parents may come too but on their own dime. Everyone understands money is tight all around and its a kid's party anyways. Also, just over a week before the party if some people havent RSVP, call them up and then politely mentioned it. You can say that the party has been prepaid for the kids and that was all you budgeted/saved for if some asks. Same rule applies to uninvited siblings of invited guests. You are not babysitting the whole family just chaperoning.



answers from Tampa on

I would establish a drop off/pick up place outside. My son recently went to a minor league game birthday and the parents just said "drop them off here and pick them up here." There was never any question about parents going. My son was 8 for that party. I think your son and his friends are about the right age where parents aren't needed.



answers from Chicago on

I would put down on the invitation that parents don't need to stay but if they want to its $? . I don't know what wonderworks is so don't know the price. But I know that at places like chuckie cheese etc. you can order extra pizzas for not to much. good luck have a fun day.



answers from Orlando on

i would expect to pay my own way



answers from Miami on

Tell her, "I would love to have 'Jack' come to Jimmy's party and I'm paying for all the birthday party kids. Of course you're welcome to come along if you don't mind going dutch. I can only afford to pay for the kids."

People know these are tough times. They should be understanding that you are paying quite a bit of money as it is for all the birthday party children to attend (their son included). You may have to make a point that 'Jack's' little sister isn't included on your list of those for whom you are paying.



answers from Tampa on

Normally when you invite kids to a party where is costs to get in you pay. Unless you put it on the invitation that they are to pay their way. Also any decent parent would not expect you to pay for them to stay. I woudl make it clear to all of them what your intentions are up front.



answers from Miami on

Your are the host. You pay. Some parents are gracious enough to pay for their own food and beverage; but you cannot expect an 8 year old to be dropped off for you to watch; and you must expect that the parent(s) who stay are also your guests



answers from Florence on

I would word it on the invitation. We had my daughter's party at Chuck E. Cheese and I put that I was paying for birthday guests only. I told the parents when they came in that they would be responsible for any extra things that they might order. Also I told my host when I came in. I don't think you should have to pay their admission. This is a party for the kids not the adults. Have fun!



answers from Tampa on

Have you checked into birthday packages? Have you contacted Wonderworks or are you just showing up? I know places that have the bounce houses, & gymnastics, gymboree etc- have birthaday packages= admission up to certain amount of people for a set fee. Sometimes perks involved= paper products for party, balloons etc. each place is different so you have ask what is included.

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