Bills, Bills and More Bills

Updated on February 11, 2012
E.S. asks from Hackettstown, NJ
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I owe money to three separate doctors and am on a payment plan for all three. Would you just take the money out of your savings to get rid of them? These bills have no interest but are weighing on my conscience daily. I hate to cut into my savings as I am unemployed at the moment but I hate the fact that I have three additional bills every month :-(. Plus, I had to dip into savings before as I sometimes come up short during this time of job searching.

What would you do? DH says just keep paying them down since there is no interest.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone. I may have to reduce the amount of my payments but if I'm upfront with them it usually works. In one rare case, a doctor's office reduced the total payment if I paid in full. I can't do that this time but hopefully I can reduce the payments.

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answers from Houston on

Don't sweat it...the drs. have plenty of money. And as long as you throw them a $10 bill collection agency will be involved. But don't stop paying. It is outrageous how much healthcare is. I had a splinter removed out of the joint on my pointer finger.....over $400 the early '80s. And it took me years to pay it at 10 or so a month...but no one ever said a word to me about it.

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answers from Phoenix on

Do not take money out of your savings. Just keep paying on them.

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answers from San Francisco on

It would depend on how much money in your savings, you need to feel comfortable at your present income. If I felt like it wasn't going to put me in danger of being unable to pay the regular bills, house, food, insurance, utilities etc...I would pay them off. If not, I agree with your interest, pay on the plan.

I bet a lot of mamas out there wish they had some savings...Congratualtions on planning ahead.


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answers from Redding on

Just keep making the payments as you are. You need to keep your savings intact in case you have any unforeseen expenses while you are searching for employment.
You may rest easier not having those outstanding bills, but you'd be kicking yourself if something happened like your refrigerator going out and not having money to buy a new one because you paid off the medical bills all at once.

Just keep making the payments. That's my opinion.

Best wishes.

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answers from New York on

I agree with your DH. No interest so just make the payments and you'll be fine.



answers from Chicago on

in your situation I say make payments


answers from St. Louis on

Keep making the payments. The doctors are okay with it. Don't dip into savings to pay off a bill that doesn't charge interest.


answers from Washington DC on

E S:

It would depend upon how much I had in savings, what my job situation was like and how much they were. If paying the debt off with my savings would deplete my savings. No. I would not pay them off.

Since you are unemployed. I would stay on the payment plan and keep my savings for other things that are more important - like food, shelter, etc.

So NO. don't pay them off. You are doing right by paying them each month. If you already had to dip into savings this month - just stay on track. You know you are paying them so just keep going.



answers from Los Angeles on

I would stay on the payment plan and not cut your savings short if the worst happens and you are unemployed for a longer period of time.

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