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Updated on August 01, 2008
K.M. asks from Plainfield, IL
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Hi! I am in search of a bib that my daughter can wear for her christening. She is wearing a gown that has been in our family for 102 years this year and she is a spitter-upper. I found some that are made of a silky material, but I am afraid they just wouldn't do the trick - seems like they wouldn't absorb anything. Does anyone know of a place that would have nice plain white bibs that are made of a material that is absorbant?

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answers from Chicago on

J.C. Penney's always had such wonderful clothing and accessories for my children's christening. Somebody must have shared that info w/ me years ago. For some reason, I ended up going to the (Oak Brook?) store or Yorktown? store (not sure which one) but I don't really know if that mattered or if someone told me to go there. Good luck.


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I'm not sure how absorbent it would be, but Strasburg has a 100% cotton one for Christenings. It's a bit pricey, but there is a Strasburg at the outlet mall in Aurora and maybe the would have it cheaper. Good luck! I know how nerverwracking it is to keep the kiddos clean on Christening day - my son had a major diaper explosion through his beautiful white outfit. Figures! (So maybe look for some plastic diaper covers while you're at it!)



answers from Jacksonville on

Hello- try Macy's, I've seen one there. Otherwise, just use a regular bib. You can always remove it for the pictures! That's what I did and no one ever noticed. =) Many blessings to your baby girl and family.

-N. (mom of 2yr old boy and 4mo baby girl)



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My aunt got me a beautiful bib-terry cloth with a silk cross in the middle-for my daughter's baptism 5 years ago. She LOVES Nordstrom at Oakbrook and got several other nice ones there too!

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