Best Water-wings And/or Intertube for 2 1/2 Yo?

Updated on June 04, 2012
M.C. asks from Stafford, TX
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Hi parents,

My daughter's floatie popped today after 2 years of good use. Where can I get her a good set of water-wings or a good intertube (With the leg holes) at a reasonable price? I want to keep it under $15 if possible.


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So What Happened?

We got her a life vest! Thanks again and YES she is very petite for her age.

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answers from Kansas City on

Does she still fit in an inner tube with leg holes? My son is 2.5 and he only used those when he was under 1. I would check the weight limit on them, but I have found some at Wal Mart and Target. I think maybe even Toys R Us might have them.

I don't personally think water wings are all that effective. If you really want to put something on her, I'd go with a Coast Guard approved life jacket. I prefer the vest ones, but I did see the ones, can't remember the name of them, that have a middle part and two arm holes and look very similar to water wings at Costco last week for $13, a very good deal on those.

All in all, I have found good quality stuff at Costco and Target for all my summer/pool/lake related needs!

ETA....just remembered...they are called Puddle Jumpers life jackets.

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answers from Tampa on

You might be better getting him one of the flotation swimsuits. My kids have been in swimming lessons for about 3 years and the swim school discourages the use of water wings...apparently they encourage them to float the wrong way...which is a hard habit to break in swimming lessons.

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answers from New York on

my aunt got my 3yr old cousin these.. i guess theyre water wings.. we call them swimmies.. the things that go around the arms right?.. well instead of the crappy blow up kind we had wen i was a kid they have some kind of foam in them.. around the front around his chest they also have a foam floaty thing.. its in a sleeve and it connects the two arm parts and then buckles in the back its great.. way better than just the ones that go over the arms and they come right off u dont have to yank them off his arms.. i wana say she got them from target or toys r us and they werent expensive but i couldnt give u and exact number



answers from Fort Wayne on

we found ours at meijer we invested in the cloth wrapped wings instead of the straight plastic this is her 2nd year of using them and we did not even need to reinflate them they stayed full over winter too, I think we paid $10 for them.


answers from St. Louis on

I don't know where to get them anymore since my youngest is ten but have you looked into the life jacket got together with a floatie things? They last forever and pop their heads up better than anything I found.

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