Best Skin Product for Toddler with Sensitive Skin?

Updated on July 21, 2010
A.H. asks from Lewisville, TX
18 answers

My daughter already has to use aveeno products but BRU (babies r us) is discontinueing some of the product wonder what else other parents used?

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So What Happened?

I have no ordered organic hand made products for my daughter. I will let yall know how it goes.

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answers from Dallas on

Go with the Shakleebaby products that Patty W. suggested. You can't find anything else as good.



answers from Providence on

Many other stores sell Aveeno. Target Walmart Sams Club even CVS. Thats the only thing Ive used so far and would hate to have to change.

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answers from Dallas on

These are new products and I have not used them personally. I am an Shaklee Independent Distributor. But I bout them for my niece when her baby was born and she loves them. They are as natural and gentle as you can get.

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answers from Norfolk on

For the bathtub, I grind up oatmeal (just quaker oats, but NOT the instant kind) in my magic bullet (or another food processor) and sprinkle it in. The oats absorb dirt and soothe sensitive/itchy skin. My son has horrible eczema/psoriasis and this was the only thing we could find that helped him sleep better at night without giving him benadryl like the doctor wanted us to do every day. I also like Grandma El's line of skin care products, they are pricey but they stretch a long way. Best of luck!



answers from Dallas on

I love Aveeno products.
I would contact Aveeno, and tell them that your store is not carrying the product anymore, and see if they can ship it to you for free.
Walmart carries some Aveeno products.



answers from Dallas on

I love anything with aloe and lavendar as the first few ingredients- they seem to really help sooth irritated and dry skin. My son has eczema and this is the only stuff that seems to work!

I've used Arbonne for about 4 years on him (I can get you some if you want to try). I loved it- the soap is non stripping and is made from botanical ingrediants. However, i've found that the lotion isn't moisturizing enough for his dry skin- not enough aloe and lavendar which, i love ;)

Lavendar farms has awesome products. LOVE their lavendar bubble bath and lotion. Though it's not "soap-free" and will sting the eyes.

We just recently switched to these two products after the birth of my daughter: California Baby wash and shampoo and Cocoon Baby lotion. When i run out of Cali. Baby, i will probably purchase the Coccoon Baby wash. I love the smell!

Hope that helps!



answers from Norfolk on

My son has occasional eczema and I grew up with sensitive skin. As a child I could not use soap, bubble bath, etc so my mom bought Aveeno and Neutrogena bars. There are many more products out there right now. For my son, the doctor recommended using basic Dove for the bath. I know you are probably willing to spend money if it helps, but you could start with Dove and if it doesn't work, could use it for yourself! Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

we use the california baby products at target in the baby aisle. my dd has really sensitive skin and these do not affect her at all



answers from Chicago on

I use california baby on my daughter!!



answers from Portland on

I know it sounds simple, but either pure olive oil or almond oil work wonderfully.
I probably prefer the almond oil as it doesn't smell like a salad, but both are 100% natural, super safe for sensitive skin and absorb completely into the skin and allow the skin to "breath" naturally.
My son and I have used almond oil since his birth, and he's never had a problem.
Good luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

I'd seek the advice of a Dermatologist if her skin is really that sensitive. We love our pediatrician, but he knows he has no expertise in dermatological issues, so our daughter has been going to a Derm since she was 10 months old, and we've learned about great product lines (OTC) like Vanicream. It has been amazing for her eczema.

She's also contracted MRSA, and the pediatrician has suggested bleach baths as a last resort. When I went to the Derm for myself the other day, she had a much different, less invasive recommendation.

So, all that to say, it's worth a call to a derm, an appointment, and knowledge about products that are FDA approved, meet your needs and may not make the matter worse.

Good luck!


answers from Rochester on

I still use Aveeno but buy it at Sam's or the grocery store--sometimes a 2-pack at a membership club is cheaper. Most other products that are focused on sensitive skin are pricey, like Arbonne (which you buy from a representative) or Method (who make yummy baby products now). I usually moisturize with vaseline. I tried Ivory bars but my son's skin got irritated, so we are sticking with Aveeno a little longer. Sorry you're losing it!


answers from Phoenix on

a friend uses hemp lotions/products on baby sensitive skin



answers from Chicago on

I love Weleda's Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash. My daughter still uses it at 6 because of her eczema.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I buy Aveeno products at the grocery store....maybe you could check there. I also think that Target carries Aveeno stuff. If you know you like them, why switch? Good luck!



answers from Jacksonville on

great dry skin line that has tons of success, green company!



answers from San Francisco on

little twig products are great as they are natural and organic. bigbluetrunk is giving away a few sets if you leave a review on the site.



answers from Kansas City on

I like Burt's Bees products and Aquaphor lotion. I usually only use the Aquaphor at night, otherwise I either use Burt's or Body Shop lotion. I don't use the Body Shop that much, but their products are really very nice without a lot of junk in the them. The body butters work wonders on my kiddos!

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