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Updated on April 30, 2011
E.M. asks from Albany, CA
12 answers

Best high chair for toddler, wood or plastic + brand?

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answers from Los Angeles on

IKEA, $20!!!
It has lasted for three kids. No need to spend one more dime on a high chair this is superb!

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answers from San Diego on

Look at the oxo sprout chair. Cool looking, great design that goes til child is 5.


answers from Los Angeles on

Toddler? I think the ones that are like a booster that strap to a regular chair. The kid gets to be at the table with the family and doesn't take up as much space as the stand alone kind, less plastic to they are usable way longer than the stand alone kind, a 4 or 5 yr old might just need the extra height and can sit in one longer than you might think. *They are WAY cheaper too!

I think ours was 'First Choice' or maybe even 'Fisher Price' it's been awhile...bought ours at 'Babies R Us' but I have seen them sold EVERYWHERE!



answers from Los Angeles on

i loved the Chicco one i had for my son..had wheels..and could be put away easily...just can't remember the name of the exact one we son is now 5..but if i had another child i would want that one again.



answers from Los Angeles on

personally-i am all about features-I needed locking wheels, adjustable height, big tray, washable/removable seat pad, and tray must be able to be removed w/ 1 hand. i haven't had a high chair in a while. Mine was ugly and plastic w/ a cloth seat cover. Graco maybe?



answers from Dallas on

Stokke Trip Trapp. No annoying crevices for crumb build up, goes from high chair to booster to regular chair all in one beautiful piece of furniture.



answers from Los Angeles on

I had the Chico Mama and loved it. I think plastic is easier to clean. However, the most important thing is that it doesn't tip over easily if your child is moving around a lot. Check consumer for safety ratings. Hope this helps.



answers from Los Angeles on

we love our stokke tripp trapp. in fact, when our twins are born this summer we will get a second one. there's no tray to wash and my son was at the table with us from the beginning, not pushed away because of the tray. also, this chair grows with them. it can hold an adult up to 300 pounds, so anyone can use it.


answers from Bloomington on

It really depends on the features you're looking for, but we love our plastic Baby Trend highchair. It has lockable wheels, it folds closed, the seat can lower almost all the way to the floor, the seat can recline, the tray has a removeable dishwasher safe insert, and the seat pad is machine washable. We began with a wooden Eddie Bauer highchair to match our woodwork, but I sold it after a few months. It didn't recline and wasn't on wheels.



answers from Honolulu on

The best high chair?
well both my kids HATED high chairs.
We used those seats that you put on top of your dining chair.
they liked that much better.

And once they were Toddlers, they much preferred sitting ON the dining table chairs. They could.
They hated being in a high chair and strapped in and confined and 'separate' from the family.

Toddlers, don't need high chairs.

I had the Fisher Price "RainForest Deluxe" high chair. GREAT ratings and good product.
Both my kids HATED it.
I did not use it, at all.
Money wasted.
I gave it away.



answers from Kansas City on

Whatever it is, make sure you can wipe it and/or it's cover off easily with a cloth. We have a cloth cover for our high chair (plastic) and I hate it. It is gross but I never remember to wash it and then when I do it looks so uncomfortable to use without the cover. I'd say most of the high chairs on the market now are probably all that way, but we got an old hand-me-down and this bothers me! ;)



answers from Los Angeles on

I never purchased a high chair for my daughter. I did have the Peg Perego Prima Papa on my registry, but I'm perfectly content to have not received it. My daughter started off with the Fisher Price Healthy Booster and has been using it ever since. She's currently 4 and just needs the additional height at our table. It has a dishwasher safe removable tray. It's easy to clean - no hidden crevices behind cushions. It's also portable so we could use it in restaurants and know she was safe, secure, and clean.

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