Belly Button Infection

Updated on October 27, 2010
C.M. asks from Tucson, AZ
5 answers

Kinda gross question mamas, but please help me! I had a laparoscopic surgery one year and one month ago. 6 weeks after the surgery, when all should have healed, I had an infection at the stitch site. After 2 weeks of antibiotics, (I discovered I was allergic and had hives with one antibiotic) it cleared up. Now, here I am, a year later and my belly button just started getting red, itchy and sore inside yesterday. Can an infection happen again??? I haven't had anything happen to it to cause another infection...Yuck!!!

Thanks for your help!

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answers from Johnstown on

I'd gotten that after I had my gall bladder removed...and quite often as well. My dr. recommended cleaning my belly button out daily w/ a Q-tip and peroxide. It's been 9+ years since and so far, so good.

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answers from Chicago on

I used to get that every once in a while. It was not actually an infection but more an irritation. The stitch area from a lap can sometimes trap moisture and dirt. Totally gross. I cleaned as I would in th eshower, and then cleaned my belly button with an alcohol wipe. It usually cleared up within a few days. I never had any stuff coming out or anything, just red, itchy and sore---and smelly. After it is cleared up, make sure you dry really well but do not rub, just blot with a towel.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Is it possible the scar is itching and you have scratched it too much and made it red?

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answers from Miami on

maybe theres an allergic reaction to the stitches he used on the inside, if any. my g/f had a histerectomy a year later of several infections she finally realized and the drs she was allergic to the stitches used on the inside. once they were removed she was fine.



answers from Albuquerque on

I think you should get to a can turn into a serious infection. My husband had one in college that was very dangerous. Good luck!

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