Back Aches and Spotting

Updated on March 03, 2008
P.P. asks from Hollywood, FL
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Hi everyone, am a first time Mom, and just got my blood count back from the Doctor a couple days ago. My count is 232 and on Thursday, yesterday, I saw one spot in my underwear, today again, friday, i saw another one. I have been having back aches from about 3 days before my period was due (Feb 2) and still have not gotten rid of it. I never spotted before now and am kind of worried that this might be either an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage. This would be my first child and am scared to death. I am suppose to be seeign an OB/GYn sometime next friday for a check and another blood work to see how much my # has risen since last Wednesday. Any advice before then will be greatly appreciated, just to ease my mind. Let me state that there is no abdonimal cramps or discomfort just the back ache which I have been having since the first week of february and now the spots one on each day since thursday, yesterday.

Thanks all

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So What Happened?

Well Guys, it has been about a week now since I posted this and just to let you all know what the outcome was.

I had suffered a miscarriage. On Tuesday i went into the ER and was told that my HCG level had dropped from 232 the week before to 231. They did an ultrasound that showed the sac but no heartbeat. I had bleeding and cramps the next day so I returned and they did another blood work which showed that my levels had dropped over night to 219. I ended up having to pass it out after given tablets to do so and stop the bleeding. they bleeding has not yet stopped as it has only been 3 days since am on the medications.

Thanks for your outpouring of love, comfort and support. It was well accepted and appreciated.

Regards, Pam

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answers from San Juan on

Well, every pregnancy is different, but when I was pregnant with my son I spotted EVERY DAY for two and a half months. My doctors never fully explained why, but they led me to understand that it's not that uncommon, and not necessarily a sign that something is wrong. So, stay positive! Good luck!

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answers from Boca Raton on

i would call your Docter and tell them what is happening. Good luck and get some rest!



answers from Miami on

Just in case, I think you should call your doctor's office. They can let you know if it might be okay to wait until your next appointment. Some spotting and some aching is normal, so I wouldn't panic. But any extra assurance from the nurse or the doctor can only help.



answers from Miami on

Hello P..

You might have implantation bleeding. I am not a dr. but a spot here and there might not be a real big concern.

Good luck with you HCG lvls going up.



answers from Miami on

Hi there P.,

It does sound like implantation bleeding. Your little bean is probably getting more comfy in there. Spotting in the beginning is normal. I had some spotting around 5-6 weeks when I was pregnant with my daughter. I wouldn't worry too much unless the blood increases and is bright red. Brownish blood is usually old blood.

Backaches are pretty normal too. I had some lower back pain early on with this pregnancy.

Nothing you mentioned sounds the least bit like an ectopic pregnancy. Good luck at your appointment!



answers from Miami on

Hi and Congrats,

First, try not to worry too much as that will not help. If the spotting is dark in color, then it is old blood and could be from implantation, if it is bright red then try to stay hydrated and relaxed. As for the back aches, your insides begin to shift even at this early stage and you start to have all sorts of discomfort.
If the pain increases or you begin to have a heavier flow, get to the Dr.
Good luck and i hope this info helped



answers from Miami on

I don'twant to worry you further but have they done an ultrasound? You should rule out Ectopic Pregancy ( tubal). I had 2 1 my number did increase and they thought my spotting was normal until the pains started. The 2ns time i had no pain and my numbers didn't increase. Don't wait go see your dr.ASAP. Better safe than sorry.
I wish you all the health and a very healthy baby too.



answers from Miami on

I dont have any advice but I am currently 13 weeks pregnant and from 6 weeks until 11 weeks I had spotting. I have a 17 month old at home with whom I never spotted. I also have a history of miscarriage but I was assured by my doctor spotting can be completely normal. For me, this pregnancy it has been the baby is healthy and right on schedule. So not all spotting is bad. Good Luck



answers from Melbourne on

Hi P.,

I have experienced the discomfort and slight spotting that it sounds like you are experiencing. I have one healthy child, I had a miscarriage and I have had an ectopic pregnancy. The pain was different in all three to me. Implantation can sometimes feel a little crampy and there can be a little spot of blood very early on. I had that when I became pregnant with my daughter. Just a little crampiness in my lower back...almost like my period was coming. My miscarriage started with no cramps and for a time of about 4 days, I had to wear a pad because I was having what was like a very light period. More than just a spot, but less than a regular period. On the 5th day or so, I had hellacious cramps and lost the baby at the emergency room. next pregnancy started out fine as they usually do but then I started having radiating pain that would start in about the area of my hip and radiate down my leg to my thigh. I had no bleeding. After a few days, as the pain increased, I went to the emergency room and they said I was having "phantom pain" which can happen in pregnancy. ? I had never heard of that. My OBGYN got me in the next day or two and they took a baseline blood test. A few days later, he had me come in again and my levels had not increased quite enough, which is a bad sign. The next day I was in the emergency room again with intensified radiating pain and they again sent me home. A few days later I was in the doctors office again and they did an ultrasound and confirmed it was an ectopic pregnancy. I was in surgery the next day. My doctor told me that it was good that I had stayed on top of getting the proper diagnosis and treatment. SO..all of that to say, a little back crampiness can be normal and I wouldn't fret about just a spot of blood. If you have to start wearing a pad and have a few changes of that pad throughout the day, then you might want to just get a lot of couch and bedrest (the advice they gave me when I was in danger of miscarrying). If you have intense pain, go to the emergency room and don't wait for your doctor to fit you into their schedule. Once you go to the ER, somehow your doctor the next day will be able to fit you in. Hope that helps and maybe comforts you a little? Good luck! JPG


answers from Boca Raton on

I am NOT a doctor, but sometimes the spotting comes with the your doctor if you are concerned also a great website for you to check out

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