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Updated on February 19, 2010
K.R. asks from New York, NY
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i have the Baby Bjorn now and I am looking for another carrier (my 8.5 month old baby is getting too big). Does anyone have the lillebaby or the ergo? Which is better? THANKS

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answers from New York on

I looked at the ergo and ultimately chose a mei tai. Mostly because my husband and I both wear it and we don't have to worry about strap adjustment since he is 6' and I am 5'5. (You tie the mei tai on so it is custom fit every time.) It also has multiple carry position options, more than the ergo. The only drawback I've found is that when you're putting it on, the straps can touch the ground if you're not careful. My son is now 21 months over 27 pounds and I can still comfortably carry him in the mei tai.



answers from New York on

I loved the hip hammock, It's for kids all the way to like 3 yrs old! it was so easy to use and comfortable for me and my daughter.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I HIGHLY recommend the website, which is sort of like mamapedia for baby-wearers. It has forums with detailed information (and photos) that discuss all sorts of different kinds of carriers - structured carriers, soft carriers, front carriers, back carriers, Asian-style (like the Mei Tais), etc., and where to buy them. You do have to sign up, but they don't spam you or share your informaiton (once again, a lot like mamapedia). I was considering the Ergo when this site was recommended to me, and I was stunned to realize that there were several different carriers that better fit my needs (that I had never heard of before this!) I hope you'll check it out before spending a lot of money! Good luck.

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answers from New York on

I like the Becco and Mei Ties personally. You will find them both a huge improvement from a baby bjorn I think. The Becco is a bit expensive but you can buy a second if you look online and they are well worth the investment. My daughter is almost 3 and we still use ours when we hike- it fits both me and my husband comfortably and is not at all bulky.

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answers from New York on

we have an ergo & love it.
But depending on your body type, you might consider looking @ a beco.
If you can, metrominis on the ues has free babywearing classes.




answers from Nashville on

I have an ergo, but not the other, so I cant compare them. But the ergo is absolutely better than a Bjorn. I found that to be horribly uncomfortable, and I have heard they are bad for baby's hips because they hang from the crotch support instead of sitting in it like a seat. The only thing I don't like about my ergo is that it feels bulky to me when I'm wearing it.

You can check online and see if there is a babywearing group in your area. We have one through Yahoo groups and I believe also through You can usually go to meetings and try out other peoples' and maybe find deals on used ones too. Just google (your city) babywearers or something like that. You can see how your child will fit in one.



answers from New York on

I love ergo! I use 2 ; one for my 1 yo and one for my 2 1/2 yo. My husband and I hike a lot and each carry one.



answers from Portland on

not a fan of the ergo...i have it but it goes up too low on the kids back...I feel like my tall top heavy baby is going to lean backward and flip right out of it.

The comes up much higher on the back.


answers from Denver on

We love our mei tai and would highly recommend it!



answers from Hartford on

Love my ergo. The organic one is made out of softer, more pliable material. The padding on the arm straps saves your neck and back; while the sleeping hood is great at helping baby stay asleep, protecting baby's face from the wind and can be used as a sun shade. I went from the Baby Bjorn to the Ergo and it was a comfortable transition - great for the older baby.



answers from New York on

the ergo is great!! get one. our baby is 9 1/2 months 21 pounds and fits comfy in it. can put front, side or back & i believe up to 40lbs....



answers from New York on

Love the Ergo. Bought it when my first was 10 months old, and used it from like day 5 with my second. Love it love it love it!



answers from Minneapolis on

Ergo is awesome we still use it for our 34lb 3 year old.... totally worth every penny! We didn't buy it till he was almost 2 and I am bumed that we waited that long! Ring slings are supposed to be really great as well.



answers from New York on

I had the ergo and liked it, but returned it b/c my daughter was already at the stage where she wanted to be turned out in the same direction. You can't do that with the ergo. Some reviewers also said it was really hot in warm weather.



answers from New York on

i really liked the hip hammock which holds them on your hip without needing your hands - it holds up to 40 lbs - this was a good carrier for when out shopping, etc



answers from New York on

I love the organic ergo that I have -- it is my favorite piece of baby gear that I own. My daughter -- now 16 months old -- loves it too. It is great for carrying her around town and also for soothing her (it has gotten us through plane flights, strange hotel rooms, and so on). I definitely recommend it.


answers from Gainesville on

im not a fan of either so i went to the nearest book store or Library and got a book called carring you baby and i saw a sling in there and fell in love with go to your nearest store and buy some material of your choise and tie the baby to you well that not exactly how you do it but if you get or borrow the book from some where it will show you how to do it and it's wonderful not only does it completely support your baby but also supports your back wonderfully. but every one is differant you may not like it but everyone i know around my area uses one..


answers from St. Louis on

I never had but did borrow my SIL's Bjorn with my daughter when she was about 10 months old. I have an Ergo for my 6 month old son and LOVE it!! I think it's a great option because of the various ways you can wear it!



answers from Kansas City on

I got a playtex hip hammock when my dd got to big, and it was great.

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