Anyone Grow Their Own Veggie Garden?

Updated on April 12, 2008
S.D. asks from Allen, TX
4 answers

So ... I've very lightly tossed the idea of growing our own veggie garden. We've got a good size back yard ... little nervous, b/c I've never started something like this from scratch!! I've got a decent green thumb and enjoy planting .... WDYT .. any tips, suggestions, advice to this novice gardener?? :-D

Of course, I only plan to grow food that I know our family will enjoy.

Thanks so much!

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answers from Dallas on

I love to garden! The key is good well drained soil. You can use a premixed kind like Miracle Grow or make it yourself out of compost,cow manure, and peat moss. Vegetables do better if water does not regularly hit the leaves so keep them away from the lawn sprinklers. I have a raised bed garden in a geometrical design but when I had a smaller yard I just mixed in the veggies wherever they would fit in my flower beds. And almost anything will do well in a pot.

I grow tomatoes, squash, radishes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, lettuce, carrots, mustard greens, spinach, onions, okra, green beans, and an assortment of herbs. It's best to plant onions, radish, and lettuce in February, while now is the perfect time to plant the rest.

Burpee Seed Company has a great book about vegetables and they carry any kind of seed.

One okra plant I really like is Burpee's Baby Bubba Hybrid. It only gets about 3 to 4 feet tall unlike regular okra that grows 6 feet or more. It's also a beautiful plant in the garden, produces a lot from July-November, and tastes great.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. I'm not an expert but I can tell what's worked for me what hasn't.

Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

We LOVE to plant our own veggies & fruits!! Right now we have tomatoes (big ones, roma & cherry ones), red bell peppers, jalopenas (sp), broccoli, starwberries, squash & okra. I am about to plant cantalopes, and I think seedless watermelons, not sure on the watermelons yet.

Home grown are the best!! Besides the price of fruits & veggies are going up so much, that it's cheaper to buy a starter plant and plant it. Some you have to buy the seeds, because they don't sell the starter plants.

Have fun...let your kids pick out some veggies that they like and then let them go with you to pick out the plant. They will feel like they are the ones "growing" them. Our daughter picked out strawberries & broccoli. Our son likes to plant squash & cantalopes.

Good luck to ya! Happy gardening....(oh btw...this is our second time to plant this way.)



answers from Dallas on


I started planting my own veggi garden three years ago, and I have been lerning new tips every day. Just let me tell you that it will give you and your family, a lot of satisfactions and the best possible memories.

I recomend you to visit your local public library, and get several books for begginers (they have tons). They'll explain to you, step by step, how to prepare the soil, how and when to plant (according to your area and seeds), you'll lern as well how to deal with bugs.

Good luck. Once you start planting your own veggie garden, you'll continue every year.




answers from Birmingham on

We have one, but we really only do tomatoes, peppers, onions and tried squash and cukes.

But you need to have a section just for the garden. We made a box with lumber (those round logs you find at Home Depot)... I think ours is 9x9 or something like that. Anyway, you need to have it sectioned off and put new dirt in it. That way you can keep yard pesticides off your food. We had an electric fence (also from Home Depot) to keep the dogs out. They learned really quickly so we don't have it up anymore.

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