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Updated on August 22, 2012
T.M. asks from Tampa, FL
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My daughter will be starting VPK next week. I posted before about being surprised at the amount of supplies requested for a State subsidized Program. I went out and bought all of the supplies and then extras to donate to the class. I put everything in a plastic tote box and damn near killed myself carrying it in the center. Think copy paper, folders, masking tape, sharpies, highlighters, dry erase markers, construction paper, glue, play dough etc... As I was writing my check for next week for my 2 children, the assistant director informed me that I would have to pay an additional $50 for annual registration. I already paid this when I did drop in care for my daughter earlier this year.

I asked the assistant director what this charge was for and she indicated that it was for supplies. Are you freaking kidding me? I just spent an obscene amount of money for her VPK supplies and donated quite a bit. I am not inclined to spend another $50 for supplies. I will bring this up with the Director on Monday, but does this sound normal?

ETA: Excuse me, but I AM paying for this daycare center. I actually AM paying hundreds of dollars to this daycare center for my daughter. I am getting NOTHING for free here. I don't mind buying supplies for the kids, but I do mind paying fees that I am being told are to cover the supplies that I just brought in...

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So What Happened?

The fee was just for my daughter...not my son who is in their after school program. This is a private daycare center. Can't be for field trips and such...I always have to pay separately for those :)

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answers from Boca Raton on

My daughter did the VPK only program and I didn't have to pay anything or buy any supplies. You should not pay a thing also unless you are doing the wrap around program.

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answers from Boca Raton on

I never had to pay anything and I was told they couldn't ask me to either.


Except as otherwise expressly authorized by law, a private prekindergarten provider or public school may not:
(a) Require payment of a fee or charge for services provided for a child enrolled in the Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program during a period reported for funding purposes; or
(b) Require a child to enroll for, or require the payment of any fee or charge for, supplemental services as a condition of admitting a child for enrollment in the Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program.

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answers from San Francisco on

This is a voluntary, state subsidized program. No one is making you participate. Preschool skills can easily be taught at home.
I am a democrat and a liberal and I fully believe in funding social programs, especially those that benefit children, but as a parent who doesn't have to pay hundreds of dollars a month for a decent preschool you should be more grateful.
I'm sorry but you are coming off sounding VERY entitled.
Either help the program with their needs and be thankful that the whole thing hasn't been scrapped yet, or opt out and teach your kids those skills at home.

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answers from Phoenix on

Doesn't state subsidized mean that you don't have to pay a monthly tuition? If all you're getting away with is a registration fee & some basic, cheap supplies, then I really just don't understand what your issue is.

Regardless of what the tuition is, registration fees cover a wide array of things. "Supplies" means lots of things, other than classroom basics. There is way more than just classroom supplies involved in running a school - toilet paper, soap, paper plates, etc., etc.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I would definitely want an itemized bill. Then I would be annoyed if they are double charging.

In Head Start and other free pre-school programs we never bought any supplies, not even a single pencil. They were always provided. We never paid for field trips or any outside cost except pictures. They always made a Christmas ornament with the child's school picture anyway. We could never afford the pictures.



answers from Orlando on

Our VPK supply list was fairly short, and in parenthesis stated that "purchase of supplies are not mandatory for VPK students". I went ahead an got the supplies, it was all less than $10 at Walmart. But, I have to tell you that I understand your predicament, because last year I had enrolled my daughter at a preschool and payed a hefty registration fee ($250), and was told by the director it was for supplies, then they turned around and asked for more money for supplies! There were a couple of other things I didn't like about the school too, so I pulled my daughter after only 3 days. It just felt like I was being lied to, and I wasn't comfortable with that! I'm so glad that we changed schools, we love where we are at now :) Good luck- I know it stinks to feel as if you are being taken advantage of..



answers from Washington DC on

I'd feel taken advantage of. It may very well be thought of that you buy supplies in lieu of other tuition costs, but I'd ask further about it. If you hadn't bought a long list of supplies, it would make more sense.



answers from Dallas on

The supplies you bought already were for your daughter starting PreK and her class for projects. So are you are being asked for an additional $50 registration fee for a second child or $50 each for both of your children?? Is this a public school or a private school or a charter school? It is possible that the assistant director just said supplies. It might actually be for registration (to hold a place for your child), field trips or art supplies or locker rental or something. Get more information from the director to find out what the money is for. States do not supply all of the things that students need to get a good education-the taxes they collect primarily go to teachers salaries, administration, building operations, and complying with state and federal regulations.


answers from Hartford on

A registration fee is to hold the spot for your child in the program during the registration process. Every single preschool program, even pre-K programs or kindergarten enhancement programs, have them. I've never heard otherwise. If they happen to go toward supplies, that's a very vague term... supplies. It could mean snacks, work materials, teacher materials, etc.

If you already paid that particular fee, the registration fee, then simply remind them that you paid it. If you paid by check, then it should be easy enough to prove with the canceled check.

A friend of mine received her daughter's high school supply list and only bought some of the items and spent over $150 today. There are more things to buy and she's leaving some things out because they're redundant.



answers from Boca Raton on

Wow, that seems crazy! My oldest son attended the VPK program at a private Pre-School 3 years ago and my other son is enrolled in the VPK program at a Private Pre-School and starts Monday. We haven't paid a single dime for anything. We were told the tuition, supplies, registration fee, etc. are included in the state funded VPK program. We looked into many schools in my area (Palm Beach County) and they were all the same way. So, no that doesn't sound normal to me. I'd definitely talk to the director!



answers from San Francisco on

To me, an annual registration fee is just like an annual fee for a credit card. It makes no sense to me and I think of it as just an annual windfall for the business. But I do think that a lot of franchise type daycares do charge an annual registration fee.

You might want to look around for another preschool that doesn't require so much financial obligation



answers from Orlando on son starts VPK Monday at the daycare he's been at since he was a baby & we were never asked to provide supplies for VPK! I would have been upset if we had, since I just paid the $75 annual registration fee (we pay that every year in Aug). I would look for a new center...that's ridiculous!

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