After 2Yrs Old-- Are Well Child Check Ups Only Once a Year?

Updated on August 18, 2010
T.B. asks from Lakeside, CA
11 answers

My L.o in 2 1/2 do I need to schedule a well child check up or is it only once a year? after 2?

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answers from Lansing on

After age 2 I only took my kids in once a year unless something was wrong and they needed to be seen.

Good luck!

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answers from Boston on

My pediatrician said its only once a year after the age of 2. Most are probably the same, unless your child has health issues.

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answers from Saginaw on

With my oldest (who is almost 5) it was only once a year after the age of 2 but with my youngest they said that it was suggested they be seen at 2 1/2 (a new thing they started) then after 3 once a year...but I didn't take her for 2 1/2 year appointment. Instead I am waiting for her 3 year which is coming up. But then I am a working mom and don't have all this time for appointments. (I did do the regular well checks with both girls up until they were 2 though.)

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answers from Seattle on

Yes, after the age of 2 you only go once a year - unless you have a concern with your child's health or development. - here is a schedule.

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answers from Spartanburg on

I was told the all of the scheduled well child visits from birth to 2 years were largely based on the shot schedule, after that it was once a year. I delayed many of the shots for my kids, since I didn't start vaccinating until 6 months my ped only scheduled a 2 week visit and then a 6 month. Of course if I had concerns, or just wanted to bring my baby in to check height and weight then I could (which I did) but the doctor wasn't automatically scheduling the appt for me. Your doctor won't tell you not too if you want a well child at 2 1/2 but check with your ins b/c they may only cover one a year at this point (mine only covers one a year after 2).



answers from San Diego on

My son's ped does well baby checks every 6 months until 3 then at 3 its every year. I would contact ped and insurance to find out for sure.

Good Luck!



answers from Indianapolis on

No, you'll continue to go every 6 months until the age of 4, and then it's every year.

You may want to verify on the American Academy of Pediatrics website (they're the ones who determine the schedule)

FYI - because it's considered preventative medicine, most insurance companies cover the costs at no expense.
You should NOT pay a copay for well-child visits, your annual exam at your OB/GYN or your yearly physical. It depends on the insurance, but most waive the copay to keep you healthy. In our case, our pediatrician usually issues a credit.



answers from Washington DC on

Yep - only every year unless they are sick!



answers from New York on

Check with your insurance company - most seem to only cover one well visit per year after age 2. But if the child is unwell you take them as often as necesasry and only have my co-payment.



answers from Fort Wayne on

My kids did well check up until they hit kindergarten


answers from Houston on

they should be, or you really don't have to do them at all. my dr. kept scheduling me for them, every few months and I fired that clinic b/c they kept lying to me saying it was for shots, then I would come in for shots and it would be a well child check, just to get my co-pay. anyways, that's my things, b/c I always bring them to the dr when they are sick or hurt and for shots... so why bring them even more?

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