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Updated on September 14, 2009
R.C. asks from Fort Collins, CO
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We are renting a great house in a wonderful neighborhood with one exception. It does not have a laundry room - but a laundry closet in the hallway. I have always had a laundry room with laundry sorters and drying racks. I have been putting drying racks in the living room which really throughs off the look and flow of the house. We were unfortunate victims to a landlord that was cashing our rent check monthly but not paying his mortgage and we had 30 days to move last October. We were so fortunate to find another house in such short notice in the same neighborhood - two blocks up.

So to make this work so I don't have to move again, we are considering putting in a stackable washer and dryer instead of the side by side. This way I can use the side part to put the laundry hampers instead of them being in the hallway or stacked double on top of washer and dryer. I have a hubby in construction so we have always used a Super Large Capacity Washer.
Anyone have some advice on getting a stackable as I have always thought they were super small so I would be doing lots of loads? Anyone recommend a certain brand over another one? The laundry closet is tall just cut into nook of hallway between master bedroom and 2nd bathroom. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

THANK YOU for helping save my sanity. LOL Tired of having hallway with hampers and living room with drying racks. Also get a great workout moving 4 laundry hampers everyday to use the W/D.

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answers from Denver on

I don't have any advice for you on brands, but I wanted to let you know we have a stackable washer/dryer set that came in our townhouse when we bought it, and it's worked better than I thought it would. I haven't actually measured them, but they both seem to be the same size as the standard units I've used before and they've held up over years of being used every couple of days. They're big enough that I'm able to wash a queen size comforter and sheet set together without a problem. I'll bet if you ask at Sears or some place with a dedicated appliance section they'll be able to tell you which brands are more heavy-duty and will be the best with your husband's work clothes.


answers from Salt Lake City on

Our friends purchased the Electrolux (very pricey, but have an amazingly large capacity). They have been extremely happy with them. They are currently stacked because of space, but I believe that they can be side by side. The first day, she washed her queen sized comforter in it and it worked like a dream. They are front loaders. Good luck.



answers from Boise on

You can get the regular size or large capacity and stack them, when you go to Sears, etc, they are usually on top of each other, and later you can use them side by side if you want. They are the front loaded.

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answers from Denver on

I had a GE stackable with a gas dryer. It was full size so load size was not a problem. I loved it and would trade my side by side in a heart beat to have it back. Also many of the LG high capacity washers and dryers can be stacked. You do have to puchase the mounting stuff sepparate.

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