7 Month Old Won't Sleep in Crib.... - Lexington,KY

Updated on June 30, 2011
K.S. asks from Lexington, KY
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Recently, to get my 7 month old adjusted to sleeping in the pack-n-play (in preparation for an out of town trip), I put the pack-n-play in her room a couple days before our trip and let her sleep in there. She slept perfectly in it while we were out of town. Since coming back home, she now sleeps better in the pack-n-play than in her crib! I think partially it's because around the same time, she started pulling up, and would often hit her head in the crib when falling, but of course, with soft sides, no hurtful bonks in the pack-n-play! I tried to let her nap in her crib and after multiple occurrences of standing, falling, bonking and crying she finally fell asleep, but only napped for 45 min (as opposed to her usual 1.5h), and upon waking, was standing again. So now I don't know what to do - let her keep sleeping in the pack-n-play or keep putting her in the crib (where she keeps standing, bonking and crying) until she finally "gets it"???

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice! I let her continue to sleep in the PNP until she was better at pulling up (she started crawling a few days later) and sitting back down without falling over. Then I tried to make the crib as similar to the PNP as possible (moved the same blankets into the crib, dropped the mattress all the way down so it was low like the PNP, etc.) and did the same lay down routine. She got it! She pulled up in the crib as before, but was able to sit down without bonking her head, crawl around and explore a bit, but then lay herself down when tired! Yay! I left the PNP in the room (just in case) but after two days and nights of sleeping well during naps and through the night, the PNP was folded up and put away! Thanks for the advice!

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answers from Kansas City on

if she is happy and sleeping well in her pack-n-play then let her do it!!! we have 7 month old twin boys and once they started rolling around we put one in the crib and the other in the pac-n-play when they sleep, alternating each night so neither one is always in one or the other.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You know what they say: Any port in a storm AND If it Ain't Broke Don't Fix it!


Let her sleep where she sleeps best!

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answers from Tucson on

maybe she is more comfy in the pack-n-play. i would let her sleep in there until she gets too big.

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answers from Portland on

I'd let her sleep in the pack-n-play. Try the crib again in a month or so when she'll have forgotten the crib "trauma."



answers from Bloomington on

I personally would keep using the crib as her primary sleeping place. Let her associate the pack and play with places other than her bedroom and let her associate the crib with her bedroom.

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