2 Year Old with Fever but No Other Symptoms

Updated on October 10, 2011
A.S. asks from Dallas, TX
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So I'm starting to wonder if I should be doing anything different. My daugter started running a fever Friday late night. It is ranging between 100.5 and 101.8. She doesn't seem to have any other symptoms. She is playing normally, eating/drinking normally. The fever will come down to around 99.0 when we give her Ibuprofen or Tylenol although it hasn't broken completely. She has normal urination and bowel movements. She is not complaining or more tired than normal. No stuffiness, congestion, coughing, sneezing, running nose. My husband wants to take her to urgent care but I can't seem to justify it. I hate that she is running a fever but I am hesitant to take her to the Doctor since she is acting otherwise fine. Even when she was an infant the Doctor told us to wait 72 hours unless the medications weren't working. I would definitely take her if she were acting sick. What would you do? Would you wait another 24 hours to make it to the regular doctor if the fever is still there or would you head to urgent care? My husband is okay with waiting since she is acting fine and agrees that if she is otherwise acting fine why would we pay ER costs for a fever less than 102 with no symptoms.

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My 17 month old son did the same thing a couple of weeks ago. It only lasted 3 days then went away. But then I got a bad cold and gave it to everyone in my family including him. So then he was sick the next week with a cold. It doesn't seem to be related to his fever though.

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I never take my kids to the doc for a fever. Maybe if it was soaring and I couldn't bring it down with tylenol. The fever you're speaking of is very low grade.



answers from Dallas on

At that age they run fevers for a lot of things. Is she cutting her two year molars? If it stays even at 101.8 for long and not going down I would take her in but thats just me. But sounds like you have been able to keep it down with meds. If you can keep it down with meds I would take her to her dr on Monday. But I would not wait longer than that even if it's low grade on Monday since it has been going on since Friday.

Good luck and God Bless!



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If the fever is controlled and she's drinking ok then I would wait for the regular doctor but moniter her closely. It could be just a virus that will resolve itself. If she gets a rash after 3 days it could be roseola which is just a fever followed by a rash. Other possibility is ear infection but she will likely get fussy on you in that case. If she is still feverish another day then take her in and have her checked.



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She probably has a little infection and the fever is her bodies way of fighting it, but at this point since it has been going on for more than three days I would take her to your pediatrician, not urgent care. If you have a great pediatrician you should be able to get in immediately. She may need to be on an antibiotic depending on what is going around. My twins often times had fever and no other symptoms but when I took them to their dr. they ended having ear infections. Hope she gets better soon!


answers from Dover on

It's a low-grade fever and is coming down w/ medication. She's acting fine and staying hydrated. I would wait and see how she is in the morning. Then, call your doctor if you need to. Since the fever started Friday night, it has been just under 48 hours so waiting until tomorrow morning is still less than 72 hours (and the medicine is working).

She could have an ear infection (my daughter never shows symptoms...the doctor either stumbles on it or she finally complains when it is over the top bad). Since the fever isn't bad, keep in mind, medication isn't necessary since you should only treat the fever if it is high or to make the child comfortable and if she is goes to school or daycare, she will need to be fever free without medication for 24 hours.


answers from Santa Fe on

Is she getting in her 2 year molars? I would not take her to the ER unless she started being listless, stopped drinking/eating or if the fever got higher.



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When my son was an infant/toddler he would often have a fever with no other symptoms. I would tale h to the doc on the third day and sure enough he would have am ear infection, often double infections, but never complain! It nece our routine - 3 days of low fever them in to the doc. Mo need to rush to the doc if it was a low fever since that gave the body a chance to fight the infection naturally.



answers from Atlanta on

Fevers are the way the body kills off whatever is going on. I've been told over and over again that fevers are safe until they pass the 103 mark. Anything to bring them down inhibits the body to take care of the problem. I said that to say that it should be fine to wait for your regular physician.

There are a few ways to boost her immune system without anything invasion or anything with side effects. I give my kids Elderberry extract which is simply food but boosts the immune system so that he is stronger to fight whatever it is. Water is always good. Fever burns off moisture and the body needs to stay hydrated.

I don't think the ER will do anything but check her vitals. Your regular physician that knows her will probably do a better job. Fevers in little ones are common and it's amazing how many times they will get them with no symptoms...

God bless!



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My two year old ran a fever for 4 days 102.5-103.5+ the week before last. No other symptoms whatsoever other than a clear runny nose he has had for the last 3 months. I swore it was an ear infection.....Nope it was nothing but a fever.

With a fever that low I wouldn't worry about it unless something dramatic changes in her behavior. My son when cutting his molars (which are all in now) when run a fever between 100-101 when cutting teeth.



answers from Miami on

Hi. sorry your LO has a fever.
How is her mood?
How is her energy level?
How is she eating?
It could go either way, so I would go with your intuition...
I don't like going to the dr if i don't have to, because if you have a fever and are in urgent care...you mite pick something else up as well????

so it is a balance. I mite wait it out one more day if your loved one is happy and energetic...so that she is not waiting with a bunch of other sick kids in a hospital area.

hope this helps and that she feels well soon.



answers from Miami on

Anyone 5 and under who has a temp of 101 should be taken to the doctors office. They will do a cbc and see if she has a bacterial infection. The longer you wait the worse it gets. It might turn out to be teething but honestly I'd rather pay the copay and get that cbc done. I do not think you need to take her to the emergency room. Most doctors offices have a weekend schedule.

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