16 Month Old Trying to Climb Out of crib-----HELP!!!

Updated on September 26, 2009
T.P. asks from Buena Park, CA
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BEDTIME has been so peaceful at our house since baby "j" was 6 months old. I ordered sleep sense to sleep train her and it worked like a dream come true! However, now that she is older and climbing like a monkey, I was wondering if anyone knows how to keep them in their crib safely at night? She has not climbed out yet but any day now...... I am not ready for this and need to get prepared. Can you help? Are there "tops" you can purchase to put on top of cribs? Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much for the ideas and responses. We are considering the mattress on the floor but what about safety? I can just see her crawling into every drawer and on top of the chest. Do we take her furniture out of the room? Also she has one bifold closet door. Do they make safety latches for those single ones? I cant find one. This is gonna be a challenge. You all have been great!

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Children are very clever at this age. I don't think that I would bother with trying to buy a top for the crib. In my opinion it would be money that would be spent and only serve as a very temporary solution and you would still be worrying about when the baby would learn to escape and potentially get hurt. I agree with the other readers that I would begin transitioning the baby out of the crib. We skipped the toddler bed and transitioned our children directly to a twin bed with bedrails. We bought a bedrail package that offered a rail on both sides of the bed and connected under the mattress with straps that you could adjust (tighten). I also like the suggestion for having a dutch door (one that can be closed at the bottom and open at the top.)

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CRIB TENT!!!!!!!!!!!best thing ever made:)

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I would say that if she does keep climbing out of her crib. Then maybe take her crib toys and dresser out of her room. And just put the crib mattress on the floor. until you feel she is old enough to handle a toddler bed. That way you have an ease of mind and you know she will not land on her head in the middle of the night. Hope this helped.



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Our daughter started doing that exact thing over the summer, about the same age too and we decided that, instead of investing money into ways of keeping her in the crib or teaching her to stay in the crib with the rail down, etc, etc, we just moved her into a big girl bed. It took about a week or so to adjust. We kept the bedtime routine exactly the same, however, we stayed right outside her door, so that when she got out of bed (which they will do with the new freedom!) we would be right there to put her back and say that is where she had to stay because it was bedtime.

Like I said, it took about a week. She is back to sleeping like a champ and we are sleeping better too knowing that she is not going to crawl out of the crib and get hurt. We also know that we have no more transitions to fight through!

Good luck!

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