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White Spots on My Tonsils, Need Doctor of Will They Go Away on Their Own?

Hello moms, we've all been taking turns being sick. First my husband had a sinus infection and got antibiotics from the doctor, then my kids had colds and then I got a sore throat and problems with my sinuses, but didn't see a doctor. I was just taking some over the counter stuff. Now the sore throat is gone (almost) and the sinuses have cleared up mostly. I still have these white spots on my tonsils (a week later). My throat is still just a little sensitive, feels a lot better, but these spots worry me a little. Will they go away on their own, or do I need to see a doctor?

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Go to a doctor. The symptoms are most likely strep throat. I had that same thing. With me it kept coming back every two to three months. I was prescribed the Z-Pac antibiotic, which took care of this.

As a mother and grandmother, I agree with most of these replys. You need to take the white spots seriuosly. Most likely, it is strep and is contagious. Anyone who has them should go to the doctor soon and NOT to work or school, until it is cleared by a doctor.
Mild antibiotics are just not strong enough to handle strep. You probably need something stronger.

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Sounds like you may have strep. White spots usually indicate strep. Go get a throat culture.
Barb R.

Go to a doctor. The symptoms are most likely strep throat. I had that same thing. With me it kept coming back every two to three months. I was prescribed the Z-Pac antibiotic, which took care of this.

Hi, Yvette. You need to see a doctor ASAP! You could have strep throat! I've had it so many times, that as soon as my throat starts feeling tight I go and check for the white spots. Strep throat is EXTREMELY communicable and can even be deadly. So just go and get the throat culture done just to make sure! Good luck!


Do you have a fever? Do you have other pains? Are you tired (with 2 kids I am sure you are lol)? Do you have the typical symptoms of an infection?

Personally, I would probably go to the Dr. I have many times to just be sent home though and the Dr just tells me the white spots are just from post nasal drip. My hubby on the other hand hates going and when he gets the white patches on the throat he just takes Vitamin C and gargles with Listerine and it goes away within a day or two.

Even if it is not Strep or other infection I would make sure to change out everyones toothbrushes anyhow! Better to be on the safe side!

Hope you feel better soon and many blessings to you!

If your family has been sick, you definitely need to rule out strep throat. However, there is a benign condition called tonsil stones that looks a little gross but.... really is nothing alarming. It can look like strep but, unless you get a strep test, you won't know. These little stones grow and harbor in a crevice in your tonsil. Once they break away, it leaves a terrible taste in your mouth and they smell foul. They will eventually fall out or you can press with a Q-tip, not too hard, to move the process along (which is how you figure out what they are!) Sometimes I get them when I'm a little run down a few times a year. Dr's used to say that they were food caught in your tonsil - not true. Gargling with either hydrogen peroxide or warm, (sea) salt water a few times a day, helps heal the tonsil quicker. When gargling with salt water, it should always be sea salt or kosher salt - not regular table salt. If this is what it is, you may periodically see them, as you may become susceptible to them. Gargling is a good idea at this point, whether you have tonsil stones or strep.


But...don't wait too long to rule out strep. You do not need to have a fiery sore throat to have strep. My children's first symptom is usually slight sore throat, stomach ache and vomiting. Good luck.

I'm no doctor but white spots I though usually indicate Strep Throat and I think it's very contagious. I don't know if that is something that can go away on it's own I know I needed to take an antiobiotic.

Yes - I had strep throat regularly when I was young - and it always came with white spots on the throat. Yours probably hasn't run its course yet. They will eventually go away but it will take longer without antibiotics. I also ended up having my tonsils out at 24 because I kept getting strep. Now I rarely get sinus infections or sore throats.

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