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Weird White Chunks in Tonsils - Sorry Its Kinda Gross

HI Ladies,
I've had white chunks coming out of my tonsils for several months now. Little lumps of slightly squishy white stuff - I can get them out with the end of a Q-tip - about one chunk every other day - mostly from my right side, occasionally from the left. I went to my Dr. and he put me on antibiotics - but it didnt help at all. (That was about 1 month ago) Still getting chunks. He said he'd refer me to an ENT, but that it would probably mean a tonsillectomy - which is apparently a pretty painful/long recovery time surgery. I dont have the time to be laid up recovering from surgery. And I dont like pain.

Has anyone ever dealt with this or know what it could be? Is a tonsillectomy my only choice? The chunks dont really bother me, its just gross!


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Wow! Who knew? - Apparently all of you! Thanks, I wish I'd asked a long time ago so I could've quit worrying about cancer or whatever else my mind was coming up with! I'll go with gargling with peroxide a bit and see if that helps any. But at least I'll quit worrying about it.

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I get that all the time! I asked my dr about it about 5 years ago and they said everyone get those. It's just left over food and other "stuff" that gets stuck over time and and it just builds up until it comes out. It's no big deal.

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My husband had those. They are tonsil stones. They were causing him bad breath and apparently snoring. He would get so infected and swollen. He had his tonsils and adenoids out. It was tough on him for about 2 weeks. I think it was worth it, but he says he would never do that again.

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Tonsil stones. Caused by mucus, drainage and stuff that clog around your tonsils. I had them once in my late teens for a few months, then they went away.
My 19 yr. old has just started to get them this fall, so we've done research.

First of all, they say don't get your tonsils removed just to get rid of the stones. It's more dangerous for adults. A tonsillectomy is your worst choice.
And I can see why antibiotics didn't work---they are not an infection---they are buildup.

What we are trying with my son is to stop the nasal drip. He is taking antihistamines for allergies and we hope that we reduce the drainage. He is also gargling with mouthwash or saline solution twice a day to help clear the stuff from the back of the throat before it collects.

P.S. Going to disagree with the person who said go the the ENT. Going to be expensive and they won't do much for tonsil stones. You can treat these yourself and save the $$$.
Good luck.

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Those are tonsil stones. They are very common and unless it bothers you usually don't require treatment. They can be a cause of bad breath (which is why some people opt for a tonsillectomy) but other than that they often don't have any serious symptoms.
I would go ahead and get an opinion from an ENT - just because you go, doesn't mean you have to agree to get surgery.
Good luck!

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I would suggest the warm salt water gargle or the peroxide/water gargle.

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Yes! How can doctors be so ignorant? Antibiotics won't help at all. You have tonsil stones, or you have cryptic tonsils that get filled up with smelly white goo. I have much experience removing this from my daughter's tonsils. Have you ever smelled it? The worst.

Google tonsil stones or tonsilloths, or tonsiliths, there are various spellings; also google cryptic tonsils. Both things are matter that builds up in and around your tonsils. There are videos of people getting their tonsils cleaned out, if you have intestinal fortitude.

You can flush tonsil stones out with a waterpick; and if you have cryptic tonsils (it's a slit in your tonsil), you can push the stuff out by pushing around it with a q-tip. The long ones you can get from your doctor's office work best.

To minimize the buildup, gargle frequently, making sure the mouthwash gets back there. I was just discussing this with an ENT last week.

Nothing to worry about, just gross.

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I've dealt with tonsil stones on and off since high school. I have chronic post-nasal drip, and I hear this can make it worse. I usually notice them more when I have a sore throat or a cold.

I've tried q-tips to get them out, but the fuzzy ends makes me cough. I've tried the wooden end of a cotton applicator, but the wood is too rough and I've caused my tonsils to bleed. The best thing I found for it is the smooth rounded end of a thin eyeshadow brush. I just take it and push around on my tonsil until the stone comes out. Gross!

I know a woman who had her tonsils out as an adult, and it was horrible for her. I'd avoid a tonsillectomy if you possibly can.

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My ENT calls it throat cheese. Gross, sorry! I get it often. It's really gross and smells really badly. Makes my throat itchy. And sometimes I can feel it in there. The only perm cure is getting your tonsils out. I find that it comes in phases. Or if my allergies are bad or if it's just a bad week.

I'd see an ENT just to be certain that you don't NEED your tonsils out. I actually planned to get my tonsils out but got pregnant instead. I don't blame you for not wanting the pain. I hear it takes 2 fell weeks to recover.

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Do you gargle with warm(almost hot) salt water everyday? Try doing it and see if it reduces them.

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my girlfriend had a tonsillectomy at 27 and I was her nurse, really if you have a friend that can bring some casserol dishes for a few days and can get a sitter for the kids to take care of thier main needs it would only be about a week IF that long. Really simple procedure and she was back to eating regular foods in 10 days.
maybe this will help http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_causes_white_chunks_in_ton...

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