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Which Is Better, Garage Sale or Consignment/trade Stores?

I have a LOT of baby clothes that I need to get rid of...my my my they grow so fast, don't they? Anyway, I was wondering what you thought was better, garage sale or consignment store (i.e. Other Mothers, etc.)?

I have done a lot of garage sales so I know all about them, but never have had baby clothes to sell in one. I know what the going rate is in most of the consignment/trade stores and also the thrift stores for baby clothes, but I just wanted to hear what kind of luck others have had with both.

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Thank you all for the great advice about garage sale vs. consignment stores. I've done both, but it was good to see how each of these options has worked for other mamas! I think I will have a garage sale, simply because I do have so much and I am an experience "seller" and then take the rest to a consigment store. Thanks again!

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We do both. We have a g-sale, then whatever is left we take to other mothers or Once upon a time.( They only take items that are ready to go on a hanger and sell.) Unlike Other Mothers.

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We do both. We have a g-sale, then whatever is left we take to other mothers or Once upon a time.( They only take items that are ready to go on a hanger and sell.) Unlike Other Mothers.

i would sell them in the just between friends consignment sale. you can check it out at www.jbfsale.com. you get 70% of the selling price, which you set. i have always sold in it and bought as well and there is a lot to great clothing etc to choose from.

stores like the childrens orchard buys clothing but they do not pay much at all! not worth selling them there.

You'll get a little more money at a consignment store. When we garage sale, most clothing pieces are under $1. Consignment store prices can go up to $10. Plus, you don't have to spend an entire day taking something to the consignment store like you would having a garage sale.

Consignment stores are probably easier - just bring your stuff in. Garage sales take a bit more time and most people don't want to give your asking price. There is also craigslist which I use a lot. If you don't need the money, you can always donate to GoodWill or a children's shelter.

I take mine to Once Upon a Child first, let them pick thru them, then I get some quick cash. Then depending on what's left I sell them as a lot on craigslist, donate them to our church's clothing give away or put them in a garage sale. Other Mothers on the south side of OKC is going out of business. Last day is Oct 25th. Things are 25% off.

Get started with a consignment shop. A garage sale license costs money and you cannot be sure of the traffic you'll get.
Case in point, in TX several years ago I spent $16 for the license and only made $12 the entire day. Sad, isn't it?

I would think that you'd get more from a consignment store than a garage sale. I usually just donate the play clothes and stuff to goodwill and then take some to the consignment store. Also, any nice outfits or new with tags you could always list on craigslist.com (it's free to list) and maybe get a little more out of it. Just a thought. Good luck!

Once Upon A Child gives you more for the items that they buy from you, you may also try Craigslist or even some local yahoo groups.

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