Where Is the Best Place to Sell Toys?

Updated on July 31, 2008
D.H. asks from Lewisville, TX
6 answers

I am trying to clear out a bunch of toys from our playroom. I'm wanting to know the best place to sell them to. I've never sold anything to the kids resale stores ~ are they worth it? I've got big items like a Dora dollhouse with nursery and furniture and a twin bed tent. I've also got many smaller items.
Can you really get good money at the resale places or should I try a consignment sale?
Also, if I do take them to a resale store is it better to take a couple things at a time or take them all at once?

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Just Between Friends Sale! It is where i sold all of my DD big items...made good money and donated what I didnt want. Only thing is we decided to have a second child now I have to buy all those baby items all over again...since it will be our last we will be buying from JBF.

You have a TON of moms at the sale and you also get to preshop yourself before the public.



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JBF!!! Just Between Friends is a consignment sale held twice a year in your area...google it and you wont' be disappointed!!



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I have also been ripped off at Once Upon A Child. They don't pay much and I agree it is better to donate. They offered me a quarter for a $65 dollar jacket that was one year old!! Plus I never got more than a dollar for anything there. My friend was offered $1 for a toy they were selling for $20! Goodness.
Now I either donate or hold a garage sale. Mostly I donate but this weekend I held a garage sale to make money to help buy my son school clothes. I made enough to buy two pairs of Stridrite shoes (not cheap) and a 3-4 Carters outfits for my son. I only sold his old toys and old clothes (I had a lot) at $1 to $5. I have money left over too! Some churches will let you buy a table at their garage sales. Usually one table is $20. Also a lot of daycares and churches except toy donations. It helps keep the price of childcare down at some of the smaller schools.


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I felt ripped off at Once Upon a Child and then I went to another place (now closed) in Allen and it was laughable.

Granted, I was not looking to make a big profit but money wise, it was worth more to me to donate the stuff to goodwill and get the tax writeoff.

I have tried to sell some things on Ebay to no avail. I hav enot tried Craigslist. I don't like the dickering about prices so I prefer to donate.


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You could also check into a local MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) consignment sale. Check their website for a local group: http://www.mops.org

We have a group in Little Elm that does a consignment sale in the fall. You get to choose your price and you get a percentage of the sales. If you choose to volunteer to set up or work the event, you get an additional percentage. Also, all consignees get to go to a "pre-sale" the night before the actual sale so you have the opportunity to get some stuff if you need it. The best part of a MOPS consignment is that they only take stuff in very good condition. Toys must have all parts, batteries have to be in working condition, clothes with no stains, etc.



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Hey D.,
I'm not sure how much money you can get at the resale stores for your stuff, but I do know that Kid to Kid and Once Upon A Child buys stuff from you. You could always take your stuff there and get a price from them on it, and if you don't like it then bring it home. You could also try selling it on craigslist. Good luck!

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