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What to Do with TONS of Baby Blankets

We were blessed to receive about 40 hand-knit baby blankets when my son was born. There are far too many for us to actually as baby blankets so does anyone has some good ideas for what do to with them? I know I could donate them but I'm a little torn about that. They are all so beautiful and I know a lot of care and love was put into making each one. When my son is older I want to show him and say, Mrs. Lawrence made you this one and Ms. Sharon made you this one, etc. I could just box them up and stick them in the attic but I'd love to hear if you have some good ideas for how to make them useful!

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Thank you everyone! Tonight I started taking pictures of my son with each of the blankets for his baby book. We'll keep 2 or 3 of the extra-special ones (like the one made by his great-grandmother) and donate the rest to CARE Package, Crisis Pregnancy Center, and Project Linus. Thanks again for great advice, moms. You all made me realize there is no need to keep all of the blankets when there are so many in need who will use and appreciate them! Mamasource never lets me down!

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Sew them together and then sew a twin/double/quenn/king size blanket on the back. You'll have a warm comfy quilt for years to come. That's what I did.

Wow, I would of loved to get that many blankets. I think you should make a couple double sided quilts out of them. Although they won't be appreciated until he is much older.

hi T.,
sew some together, put a backing of sorts on them and make one big quilt for a larger bed for when he is older and in a big boy bed. You could also make wall hangings of some of them.

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I'm suprised to see how many responses suggest putting them all together into one big afghan, quilt, etc. My mother is a professional quilter who does her own work as well as quilting and binding other people's work. First of all, as someone who has been a bit of a sounding board to my mother, it would be an absolutely wretched project for anyone to undertake. Especially due to the nature of the blankets (knitted), it would be awful trying to get them to work together in one big piece, not to mention a visual nightmare. Also consider the fact that they are probably composed of various different blends of material. The first time you wash that baby, it will destroy the continuity of the whole blanket since they will all invariably shrink differently. I could not think of a worse solution to your problem.
Just some thoughts. I hate to refute the good intentions that people have had in suggesting it, but I truly believe it would be a disaster to do that with so many beautiful little blankets.
The suggestion that Jen C made gave a truly touching view of the donation option. I would keep a few of your favorites and donate the rest. Is there any way you could get pictures of the blankets via people that received them? How cool to have in his album a picture of one of the blankets and the baby that befitted from it.

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I have the same "problem." The only thing I can think of is to go to a fabric store and see if someone can make one big "patchworkout quilt" out of them... then we could use it as an extra blanket for the bed, or whatever. I'm looking forward to the other responses to your question! Good luck.

There are quilters who will make things like this into quilts.

Is there any way you can make a quilt out of them? You could take a patch of each one and make it into a quilt. If you have extra time/money, use the rest of the blankets to make other quilts to give to friends who have babies, make a larger quilt for you and your husband, or donate them to a shelter.

Hi T.,

This has been suggested a couple times already, but I like the idea of putting them all together in one large afghan that you could make for a bedspread? If that is feasible of course. Otherwise if you are interested in donating some of them, like some of the other ladies, I also highly recommend donating them to your local crisis pregnancy center. I work at a pregnancy center and we love to receive baby blankets, especially crocheted/knitted ones. We take the blankets and put them into a baby layette for our pregnant girls to receive when they are in their 7th month. It means so much to the girls and I'm sure their babies appreciate it too!

Like others I thought of making a big one (or a few big ones since you have so many) And put it on his big boy bed as well as use it for years to come.

I can mail them to WA and let my mother- in-law mail them to Mexico to an orphanage she provies for!
Or I could give you her address and let you two talk!
My son just mentioned that he and his Dad are going on a missions trip to Belize this August, they can carry them to the people there.
Let me know.

Sew them together and then sew a twin/double/quenn/king size blanket on the back. You'll have a warm comfy quilt for years to come. That's what I did.

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