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Any Moms Out There Who Have Made a "Onesie Quilt"?

Hi moms! I was wondering if anyone out there has made a onesie quilt? Do they turn out nice and if so, how hard are they to make? My daughter will be a year in March and I thought I would take all of her outgrown first year onesies and turn them into a memory quilt. I'm not much of a seamstress so I was also thinking I might cut all the onesies to the appropriate size and turn the rest over to a professional. :) Anyway - just thought I would ask and see if you thought the quilts turned out nice. Thanks!

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A belated thanks for all the responses! As always, I appreciate it!

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I don't sew, so didn't want to take the chance by doing it myself. I had one made and it came out much better than I ever expected - I cried when I saw it. I had a "crazy quilt" made. Each square had an "activity" (buttons, zippers, laces etc. from my daughter clothes) I plan to have one made for my son. My daughter is now 6 and knows why each outfit was special. Have fun! T.

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I don't sew, so didn't want to take the chance by doing it myself. I had one made and it came out much better than I ever expected - I cried when I saw it. I had a "crazy quilt" made. Each square had an "activity" (buttons, zippers, laces etc. from my daughter clothes) I plan to have one made for my son. My daughter is now 6 and knows why each outfit was special. Have fun! T.

www.catnapquilt.com my friend makes beautiful quilts out of your choice of fabrics and has made many out of sentimental bits of clothing for babies and memorials.
Her name is Adrienne.
Onesies are stretchy fabric and tough to sew so I'd have a pro do it for you. ;)

Dear J.,
I have never made a quilt from onesies, but I make commissioned quilts out of clothing. Most of the times the fabric is from adults and I made two quilts for twins. Their mother had kept her favourite outfits and had me make it into a quilt for their 11th birthday. These quilts were a lot of fun to make and if you are interested you could let me know the size of the finished quilt and I could figure out the prize I would charge for it.And the onesie fabric is basically T-shirt "fabric"(knit tricot to be precise). I have used T-shirts in quilts and they turn out nice. Maybe a quilt like that would look nice if you combine pictures of your baby with the onesie fabric. (There are special fabric printer sheets available that can be put into an inkjet and be printed like paper. Just an idea... Take care, A.

I didn't think about onesies- but I made a beautiful quilt out of my kids' old receiving blankets. Then I gave it to my dear friend (practically a sister) when her daughter was born. It was easy- just squares in a 10x11 pattern, to make a yard- so the back would fit nicely. Good luck!

That's the cutest thing I've ever heard of! I imagine cutting squares and using the recieving blankets would be so cute! We have so many blankets and quilts though...

Hello J.,
I am not crafty by any means but I LOVE to quilt. It would be pretty easy to make a quilt from the onsies but your biggest obstacle would be how stretchy the material is. When I'm shopping for fabric I always look for things that are not stretchy because as you pull it through the machine it will distort the squares and pull seems etc. Have you been saving any other favorite clothes? I wanted to do a scarp book of my daughter in all my favorite clothes and then have a quilt that I made out of those. If you need some help let me know, although I don't know how to work around the stretchy issue. Just start by going to the craft store and buying a cutting board, a roller blade thing and a measuring thing. If you google Joannas coupons you can find some for 40% off, print off 3 and ask the checker to break each purchase into its own and you can use one coupon per item. I would work with 4 1/2" squares, that would leave each block being 4". If I were to do it I would have it a traditional quilt with just a bunch of squares.
One last thing that I feel the need to add is this. Try not to make the quilt too big, there are a lot of unemployed people out there right now who have babies who could probably use the clothes that you will be using for the quilt. Once I lost my job I realized the need that is out there for baby items which is why I didn't do my quilt.
Best of luck and let me know if you need help. I can email you parts of my quilting book.

i just made a quilt - not using only onesies, but different textures of baby clothes, beads and buttons off her clothing etc.
all onesies would be a devil to sew coz they are so stretchy, but you can incorporate them into a quilt, and use muslin squares to sew your scraps on to, to give them some stability.

Hi J.!
I have not made one, but I've been looking into it. My daughter is almost 18 months old now and I've been saving her oneies and special outfits to make a quilt.
I can't sew, wish I could, so I've been checking out places that you can send the clothes to and then they do the rest. Some are really expensive ($400 and up, yikes!).
I have found this site and it is really reasonable. You can either buy a kit containing everything needed to make a quilt from baby clothes - alternating squares in minky fabric, batting, a quilt back, safety pins, straight pins, a cutting template, and very specific directions. It costs $35.
Or you have the option of sending the quilt kit back with squares from the baby clothes you've cut, and they'll sew the quilt for you. That costs $75 and the site says it will take 3-4 weeks. Not bad in my opinion so that will be the route I take.

Here's the site: http://www.ticcheandbea.com/baby-clothes-quilts-s/1.htm

I think that is a great idea.. gonna totally steal it and beg my crafty friend to put one together for me! ;O)

Hello J.,
I have made onesie quilts for my granddaughter. I used the entire onesie, appliqued them a colorful square then finished it like any other quilt. I made it large enough for a crib. To make it a memory quilt, it would be nice to applique pictures of baby onto the quilt. I will post a picture for you if you would like. I think the quilt came out very nice. I would be willing to make one at a reasonable price. You can email me at ____@____.com.

L. M

Dear J.,
Making quilts out of sentimental things is awesome! I am making one for my son out of his grandpa's shirts (he passed away).
Onesies can be hard to work with because they are stretchy. I wish I had a serger. My aunt has one that binds the edges and trims at the same time.
You might want to get some stitch witchery or whatever it's called and iron your pieces onto some pre-shrunk muslin or cotton to make measuring your squares easier and easier to handle and sew together.
I hope it turns out for you!
We make things out of old clothes all the time. My son can sew like you wouldn't believe, both by machine and by hand. He just made his dog a Christmas stocking out of one of his old sweatshirts. He sewed the downturned cuff along the top, the loop, the whole thing.

Let us know how your quilt comes out!

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