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What's the Best Way to Keep Pictures Saved Just in Case Your Computer Crashes???

I have loads of pictures that i've taken of my daughter on my computer. I have them saved to disks but you have to have sooo many disks to save them to. I need suggestions on what to do? thanks everyone in advance.

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wow, thanks for the wonderful responses. I think i am going try a number of different things that were suggested... I appreicate it!
We went and bought an external hard drive, we backed them up on CD's, and i downloaded all my pictures to snapfish. It took forever but its worth it in the end.

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Save them online at a place like kodak.com, creativememories.com, etc.. There are MANY places that you can store them online for free.

Hi, I copy all my digital images to an external hard drive. CDs have a shorter life span than once projected so I see cds as temporary storage.

I have an external hard drive. They aren't that spendy. Especially after you think about all the discs you buy. I had my laptop crash but I had just backed up so I didn't lose anything important. Hope this helps.

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1) Google has a great picture website called Picasa. You can upload your pictures there. The great thing is that Google backs up their servers constantly.

2) Go ahead and spend a little money on an external hard drive. I found a 750 Gig Maxtor (Maxtor's are really good quality) external drive for $180.

I would use both of these options, just for extra security. Option 2 is very easy. You use a USB cable to plug the external hard drive into your computer. Then, you just copy the information you want from your computer onto the external drive.

Option 1 is more of a backup for your backup. It's the backup you're really praying you never need to rely on, but know it's there just in case both your computer and the external hard drive decide to stop working. Good luck!

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I suggest two options:

1. We have a portable external hard drive. It connects to our PC by a USB port, and when we're not using it, we disconnect it from the PC. We got a Maxtor 120Gig drive, because that's what was on sale when we bought ours. They range from $100 or so up, depending on size of the unit, speed of data transfer, and amount of storage (I saw some for 700+ Gig of storage). So we store all our photos exclusively on this external hard drive, not direclty on the PC. We also use this external hard drive to regularly run back-ups on the rest of our files on the PC. THIS IS DEFINITELY WORTH THE COST, for both photos and backups of everything else!

2. We also upload our pictures on-line using one of the major on-line services. (Snapfish, Kodak Easy Share, Butterfly, etc.) Many of them are free or nearly free. My husband uses a free program called Picassa to sort and organize the files on our end before he uploads them.

Hope this helps!

*S.* SAHM of 4 boys, so we have LOTS of pictures.

I agree with the external harddrive suggestion!! I have one, and download all my pictures on it! That wasy if for some reason we have to evacuate for hurricane, or just need to bring them with us on a trip, we can take just the hard drive. You can get them cheap!

Hi, I copy all my digital images to an external hard drive. CDs have a shorter life span than once projected so I see cds as temporary storage.

I use Snapfish.com (as well as my own computer) to store my photos. I have used them for printing, shared photos w/friends & family, made photo books, and started submitting print orders to local stores for my out of state family. They love that because they can go their local Walgreens and pick up photos I took days ago hundreds of miles away!! But hopefully between their storage and mine I'll be able to hold on to photos for a long time.

Save them on DVD disks, they have WAY more space:) You can also buy those sandisk cards and store them there but that is more expensive:)

Open a shutterfly or snapfish account and upload them to that web site then you never have to worry.

Save them on CDs. When I use to take my pictures to Walmart to get them developed, I would also request them on CD. Now with the digital camera, they are saved on the computer and the disk in the camera and some are even on cds.

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