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How to Store Digital Photos Outside of My Computer?

I have tons and tons of pictures and I need suggestions on how to organize them. I used to import them on to my laptop and then erase them from the flash card thing for the camera but now my computer photo program seems to be really slowing down so I have kept the pictures on the flash card. I don't even know if I'm using the right terms!
Anyway, now both my flash card things are full.
Should I transfer everything to CDs?
I don't even know what CD to use. I have a 2006 Macbook Pro with a SuperDrive 8x (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)...whatever that means!

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Wow! You ladies are awesome! I bought an external hard drive for starters. Storing it on the iPod is also an excellent idea! Thanks so much for your help!

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I had the same problem. I started storing my photos on an online photo site. I use Snapfish. I have almost 2000 photos on there. The only requirement for the site is that you have to buy at least 1 photo in a year. Hope this helps.


I bought an inexpensive portable hard drive.
You plug it in via USB port and transfer music and photos onto it.
SUPER easy and reliable way to store precious photos!

You could store them on CDs (by year, holiday, whatever) and then back them all up to an external hard drive as another back up.

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You can get a USB thumbdrive. It will plug into your computer, hold much more than a CD, and you can keep it in a firesafe or take it anywhere you go to share pictures (as long as the other person has a computer for you to plug it into).

Check out mozy. It's about $5/month. It stores all of your data online, so even if your computer is destroyed (fire,flood, etc.), you can still get your files. You can also store all of your pictures on your ipod.

Try an external hard drive. You can buy one at Best Buy. That's what we use and it works great.

External hard drive.

Inexpensive.. Office Depot or anywhere really - and to me is a great way to go versus storing it on a CD/DVD..
altho i do go that route to, to make specificic albums..
The external hard drive is a quick zip/save.
I personally do not trust those online albums - while I DO have alot of my stuff on there, yesterday I just lost TWO YEARS worth of pics I had posted.. Thankfully I have everything backed up on the hard drive. But OMG.. I was livid when I logged in to find everything gone and worse.. nobody seems to have a solution. It just went MIA! And apparently it happened to numerous other people on the site.. so just a precaution about those online sites.

I would recommend storing them on at least 3 different places, but CDs/DVDs just aren't really made to last. I have my pictures stored on my computer, on an external hard-drive (this is a box that attaches to the computer, but if my computer crashes it won't be affected), on snapfish and on photobucket. The likelihood of both of those companies doing something stupid (like kodak gallery's short notice that you'd have to make a purchase to keep your prints) isn't that high.
hope that helps :)

I use an external portable hard drive. THey have them at costco for about 130 They will hold all your pics. I also put them on there cause I can take it with me if I am going somewhere and want to share them. I also when I remember put it in my fire safe. Good Luck


You can buy an external hard drive to store photo's and video camera footage , we did this as the amount we had was causing the PC to slow down , it also protects them if anything happens to the pc , you won't lose years worth of memories.

I bought an inexpensive portable hard drive.
You plug it in via USB port and transfer music and photos onto it.
SUPER easy and reliable way to store precious photos!

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