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What Table Foods Could I Feed My 9 Month Old Daughter?

I am trying to start feeding my daughter table food, but have no idea what to feed her. Everyone says to feed her what we eat at home, but sometimes that isn't an option and would like to know some specific foods other moms feed their children around the same age. Thank you for all your suggestions!

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You are all wonderful mama's with great advice!! Thank you very much for taking time to read and answer my question! We are going to try all these wonderful ideas.

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My son is 10 months and he likes to feed himself now, so I cut everything into small pieces so he can do it himself. He likes bananas, cooked carrots, crackers, beans, rice, caned fruit, strawberies. I'll make chicken soup with potatoes, carrots, zuccini and celery and then give him the veggies to eat. I the mornings I'll give him some applesauce (not the babyfood kind) and pieces of pancakes or waffles or toast. I just mix and match food that he can easily mash in his mouth cause he only has 2 bottom teeth. Hope this helps. Good luck!

You already have some great ideas. Just a few more that are super easy...

canned fruit; just open a can and cut up the fruit. my son's favorites are peaches and pears.
adult cereal; Kix, Cheerios, and bran flakes are my son's favorites. Seriously. He loves bran flakes.

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If yuou have a food processor there is really no limits to what you can give her. Of course no peanuts or honey. If you do not have a processor just cut everything up tiny, or keep it mussy if your daughter does not have teeth. Stuff that is spicy might upset her stomach or give her heartburn so just watch out for that type of stuff.

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Our daughter was eating table food at 10mon. There is no reason she can't be eating the same things you are eating. Maybe prepared differently. I try not to give our daughter fried foods or hot dogs/sausage. The possibilities are endless. Just start with seamed foods, chopped up. The same things that she is eating pureed. Our daugher loves brocolli, sweet potato, avacado, eggs. Here are some previous posts that are refferencing feeding babies at this age.


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D., my son loved noodles, rice, a piece of bread or a roll, cooked veggies, tender chicken cut up tiny, fruit, potatoes, even hamburger helper - pretty much anything. if she is just starting i would avoid things that are fried or too crunchy, i'd also avoid mexican which can be hard on her tummy. if you're cooking maybe try to take some meat out for her, before you season it too much. cut back on butter and salt (which will benefit the grownups too) so you can feel good about what you're giving her. just use common sense. it also depends on how many teeth she has and how well she's eating. you know her best. good luck and have fun!

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Hi D.,
Our daughter had a very strong gag reflex and would choke on biter biscuits.LOL. So I was hesitant to feed her anything atall unless it was pureed.But,I started with applesauce,mashed taters and swt taters.Then,I started adding in Gerber graduate meals.They are great to try things with,and you know they are getting great nutrition too.Because we all know that we adults dont eat the best things sometimes.If shes doing the pincer grasp good and has teeth,try some cheerios or Gerber puffs.My daughter loved those.And they come in assorted flavors.Keep it simple,fairly soft and fun for her.No honey,grapes,peanut butter or peanuts.
Have fun!

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I'm not sure what you mean by "sometimes not an option", honestly the only thing I would hesitate feeding a 9 mo old would be salad. And of course, honey is a no-no until she is 1. Any veggies, pasta, meats (cut small), breads, fruits...all of it is pretty much good. The tricky thing about this age is they want what you want so as long as you are taking SOMETHING off your plate and putting it onto hers, she'll probably be happy...just make sure you carry extra outfits with you and wet wipes...I found this to be the messiest age because if my kid didn't like it, he invariably would puke it up instead of just spitting it out.

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I haven't read any requests, so I may be repeating...cook chicken breast and dice into small pieces, freeze and when you need them take out what is needed. Also, mild cheddar cheese cubed SMALL, torn up bread, pasta cooked very well done and cut into tiny pieces, lunchmeat cut up small, yogurt. As soon as my daughter (who is now 18 months) started on table food, baby food was out the door!! She loved the different textures and flavors.

Good Morning D., Having to think back a few years as our 2 yr old gr son is not a great eater of anything new or basically anything.
Peas, green beans, cooked carrots, chicken and noodle or stars soups with broth removed (she can pick those up herself, Messy Messy :)), mashed potatoes, mac N cheese.
I know alot of mama's make their own baby foods from table foods in blenders, or cooked their own special recipes for babies, I just never went that way. We all survived on what our own mama's fed us. Don't think our boys went without. Oldest is 6'2 240 Youngest is 5'10 150.
I remember pulling most of the meat off of a chicken leg and letting the boys chew on those.Then they turned into drums on the high chair tray.. LOL

God Bless you D. hope you get some really great ideas from all these aWOWsome Mama's
K. Nana of 5

We did soft carrots, pastas, peas, rice, bananas, mashed potatoes, ground beef, chicken and any foods that are either soft enough for her to chew (or gum) or something that can be ground up.

My youngest didn't have teeth until really late but she loves food and was really motivated. She would eat just about anything we were eating.

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