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What Is a Good Skin Care Products for a Preteen Girl??

My oldest daughter is 11 and it is time that she use some skin care products. There are so many products out there that I was hoping to get some suggestions from other moms. I personally don't use a specific kind usually whatever I can afford. I wasn't sure if there was something better for her skin. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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I just have to say thank you for all of the great advise!! I want to thank everyone for offering to send me samples too. I don't want to take advantage of everyone though. It is greatly appreciated how much information everyone shares here. Again Thank You Everyone!!!

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T....I am a Mary Kay consultant, and we have a line of skin care for the teenage skin (non-oily).
I don't know where you live, but if you contact me I may be able to refer you to someone near you.
M. B.

Beauti Control is wonderful my name is T. McGuire i can send you some information and some product to try all i would need is to know what type problems she is having you may call me @ ###-###-#### or email me @ ____@____.com

Stick with non-perfum things like Clinique or if you know of anyone who sales Arbonne, those are the safest products in the market (I can refer you to someone). For severe problem with blemishes and stuff, you may want to try Proactive 1-800-333-0153.

Hope this helps

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A good and gentle skin care product for any age group is AVON Solution True Pore-Fection. There is a whole line of this product. I use this line myself and I suffer from Rosecea. I had been using a presciption product that left my skin very dry and sore to the touch. This product leaves my skin soft, moist and beautiful. No one will even believe my true age (and I am a grandmother of three). If you do not know how to contact AVON representative near you, contact me and I will help you out with a representative.


Hi T.
Shaklee has beyond a doubt the best personal care line of all others. Please check my web site and read for yourself. livingwithsolutions.com Good Luck
If you need me to send you information please let me know.

Beauticontrol has exactly what your daughter needs! I would try her on our Skinlogics line. This is a botannically based cleanser, tonic, scrub, and moisterizer. Since her skin is in the pre-teen zone this will be great to help combat the excess oil that teens get but while not stripping it of essential moisture.

Skincare comes with:
Gel Cleanser

Toner will not dry her face out and the moisterizer will not clog her pores.

I have a FREE sample if you would like for me to send it to her.



It depends on what the use is for. If it is to treat acne I found that clearasil daily blackhead control works great. It has sea salt in it. I break out right before my period and now that I use the clearasil my face stays clear. Also, neutrogena is a good product to use. I would just try different products and see what works best for her.

I am 31 and have been married for almost 12 yrs. My husband and I have 3 boys ages 10,7 and 4.

I have a few teens that really love the Velocity skin care from Mary Kay. They have a cleanser & moisturizer that work together well. Also, the basic skin care also offers a mask that's great for spot treatments. Let me know if you need any more info. I sell it if you ever need to try the product or if you have a MK person let me know and I'll give you more detailed info.

Stick with non-perfum things like Clinique or if you know of anyone who sales Arbonne, those are the safest products in the market (I can refer you to someone). For severe problem with blemishes and stuff, you may want to try Proactive 1-800-333-0153.

Hope this helps

Mary Kay has excellent skin care products. Go to marykay.com to find a consultant. Host a party and get your products at a discount or even free.

Cetaphil is good if there are no issues. If she's starting to get some clogged pores and pimples, get her Mario Badescu products. They are amazing and not expensive at all. My 11 year old daughter has been using their seaweed cleanser and toner for several years, as well as the flower tonic mask once or twice a week. Their website (www.mariobadescu.com) is wonderful, but you can call and discuss her, her activities, concerns, etc, and they will steer you toward the right products and tell you which are too harsh. Their products are available at Nordstroms and other stores like that, but the mail order is fast with very reasonable shipping costs. They are also generous with samples, so if you order for your daughter ask about skin care for yourself and get some samples. I was even surprised at Christmas they sent me a nice travel bag with 2 or 3 ounce sized travel bottles of cleanser, toner, and shampoo and conditioner just to say thanks for being a customer.

Beauti Control is wonderful my name is T. McGuire i can send you some information and some product to try all i would need is to know what type problems she is having you may call me @ ###-###-#### or email me @ ____@____.com

T....I am a Mary Kay consultant, and we have a line of skin care for the teenage skin (non-oily).
I don't know where you live, but if you contact me I may be able to refer you to someone near you.
M. B.

T., My oldest daughter is 11 also, and has begun that acne curse.. Me, being the hippie that I am gave her a regimine that works really well...

Every morning and evening wash with a facial puff, ( usually about $.99 @ walmart or target, and exfoliates while it washes) and pure glycerin soap. ( perfumes and medicines will attack healthy skin cells and build up a resistance to topical med.'s that she may need in the future) Then tone, with a mix of rose-hips tea and witch hazel and a cotton ball. Then moisturize.. MOISTURIZE.. No moisture will force her skin to make more oils to compensate for this and she'll be in the same boat. I get her anything from "kiss my face" which is totally organic and not tested on animals. bought at most organic stores... It's not that spendy and it lasts a long time..
Remember to teach her how to use the facial puff where she won't do that typical teener thing and try to scrub the spots off. Instead, let her know some gentle rubbing will suffice just fine. make sure she rinses WELL, and then do the toning and moisturizing.
My Olivia's acne has become totally under control and she looks great. Hope this helped.

my daughter's pedi suggested neutregenia with the blemish medicine in it, I don't rememeber the name of the medicine. But it was mild and my daughter's skin responded to it!

Maybe you could try some products from "Carley's Clear and Smooth Skin Treatment". They have some that are specifically for Teens. Here is the website:
If you try some products from here and do not like them, you can return for free....you can check out the guarantee or return policy. I have just started to use some of these products and I think that they are very nice. They are expensive, but you get a large amount that will last a very long time. So, it really probably would not be more expensive.
Anyways, I would at least suggest looking at the website. It is very informative. Good luck.

You can't go wrong with Cetaphil facial wash and face lotion with SPF. It is hypo-allergenic (sp?)and has been recommended by every dermatologist I have been to from my teens years to current.

As a teen, it wasn't one of the "cool-looking ones" so I objected to using it. But you know what, I never had skin problems when I did use it. I have finally grown up and use it consistently now.

Hi, T.,
My name is M. V. and I am an Independent Marketing EXEC for Melaleuca-The Wellness Company.
Though, I have not tried any of their acne products, I have heard good reviews on it...And they are completely satisfaction guaranteed
We also sell Nicole Miller as well as many other eco-friendly products.
Please check out our website melaleuca.com and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Good Luck and Many Blessings,
M. V.

my son uses Velocity face wash and moisturizer from mary kay. i also used this in my teenage years. i really like it. it costs $22 (plus tax) for the set and it lasts a while. you can go to www.marykay.com and find a beauty consultant near you. you should be able to get some samples to see if you like it first. by the way, i am a beauty consultant in switzerland county, indiana. L. williams

i have used nutreogena face bar and clearisil pads and clearisil tinted acne cream since i was that age and i dont trust anything different...and i hardly ever have breakouts unless itz stress or i use birthcontrol thats got to much hormone in it.. good luck hope this helpd

Hi T.! Here's the thing: no one product will fix all for everyone. There are different reasons for breakouts, even if it's just a hormonal thing b/c she is a pre-teen. What I recommend is going to a Clinique stand (usually in the mall department stores). They will ask a whole battery of questions & look at her skin to see what her skin is like. They will then recommend a routine of products (cleansers, moisturizers etc...) to use that is best for her skin. Good luck T.!

P.S. I met my brother-in-law when he was about 9 years old. He had super bad break outs. After just a short period of time on Clinique he was looking much better. It didn't take long at all and his face was completely clear!

I would suggest using the Mary Kay product called Velocity. That type is for teens specifically. Then the other one is from Melaleuca. you can order both of them online, or find a consultant near you...
Good luck

I like Proactive (for troubled skin) but I also like the Burt's Bees products...good ingredients and the price is within reason.

Please check out www.cosmeticsdatabase.com. The Environmental Working Group(EWG) rates most products for their health risk. They rate both low and high range priced products. This is good for anyone to use as a tool before they put any product on their body!

If she has acne, or blackheads or any of that going on, I have found that Pro-Active works great for my 12 year old daughter. She never had bad acne but was really aware of the pimples that she was getting, this product really works.

I am a consultant for BeautiControl and would be happy to meet with you and your daughter to see what her skin care needs are. The two of you can come to my home to try skincare and discuss the products. I offer 25% discount to first time customers who would like to try. No obligation if you don't like. I live in North Canton area. Call me today if interested.

Jennifer Friedl

My friends son had bad acne and used proactive. WOW what beautiful skin he has now.
I think they ordered it on an info-comercial perhaps online. great results

I havebeen the CLinque girl, theprescriptives girl, andthe este' Lauder girl at the former Lazerus stores. The one consisten thing I learned at all three conters waas - get her hte skin regiment hta works best for her skin.... (all 3 companies are owned byt eh same parent conmpany) each one is geared toward a different type of skin Prescriptives, young- 10-20's
Clinque 25-50 este lauder 35-90+
take her to different counters, get samples of their products adn find what works best for her skin- theiporatn things is the 3 steps, washing face,toner and moisturizer.... I have tried so many different porducts some really expensiveand my skin responds only to Clinque if I use anything else, I break out so each persons skin is different.

I think Cetaphil skin cleanser is a great product, granted it might not battle serious acne but when used on a daily basis it keeps a good/decent complexion looking good. It's inexpensive and very gentle, safe to use to wash off eye makeup, etc. The target brand version is my favorite actually.

Also, if her complexion worsens in the next few years you may want to talk to your doctor/dermatologist about getting her on a prescription. My husband was on one thru his teens, it was a pill he took twice a day and it kept his skin clear for the duration. I wish I would have known about that option when growing up because I think I damaged my skin more by using harsh topicals and such that dry out the skin and cause that crazy oily/dry imbalance that can lead to further breakouts.

Good luck and Cudos to you for being a mom that wants to help her daughter thru those crazy and self conscious times. Even though she may push you away sometimes, she will be very thankful that you care enough to offer your advice, research and attention to help her out.

I've used ProActiv since I was 15 (i'm 25 now) and I've never had better results. I used it then for teenage acne and after I had my first born I had horrible acne and went right back to it- bam! Gone!

There is also an off-brand version for a bit cheaper that you can buy at Meijer, Kroger, CVS, etc. It says it has the same ingredients and it supposed to work just as well.

Hi T.!

I use Clinque now, which I started when I was 16. I absolutely love it would recommend it to anyone. But it is expensive. So I use Clinque's Three Step process in the morning and an astringent at night.

I use Clean N Clear's Deep Cleansing Astringent for sensitive skin. I have combination skin (oily in the T-zone, dry in the cheeks) and it's gentle enough for my dry areas, but strong enough for my oily areas.

Since she is 11, I would recommend something for sensitive skin. She probably doesn't need the heavy duty acne fighting products out there. Neutrogena has a great line as well. Clean N Clear is cheaper, though, I think!

They also make foaming cleansers, but I like the astringents more because it's quicker than washing my face in the sink!

Good luck!

I personally have very sensitive skin. Things with talc, oils, and even water based products have made my skin breakout. Try some of the mineral wear products that sit on the skin instead of sinking in. The mineral foundations are a powder. These products can be found in Wal-Mart and drug stores as well as online.

I love proactiv!!! But I've found out with using it you must do ALL 3 steps or it doesn't as good. Good Luck!

I always used Neutrogena as a teen and it worked for my skin which was oily in the T zone(forehead, nose and chin). I wasn't really prone to alot of blackheads, but I got whiteheads and if she gets these, use the gentle scrubber that Neutrogena had, it works.

I'm a Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay and also recommend the Velocity line for pre-teenage girls. It's very well liked. Let me know if I can assist you in any way.

Arbonne has two great skin care systems for teens, one for acne and one for normal skin. They take a more natural approach to skin care, and they are also very effective. I'm a consultant and would be happy to share my discount with you if you want to order some products. They can be shipped straight to your house.

HI... working for 3 family physicians for years... I remember getting calls from moms; especially when their daughters and sons started really breaking out.

If there's no acute problem... the Neutrogena line in the stores is really good. I would have you start with the
"Sensitive Skin" type first; in case her skin easily reacts to different things.
The doctors highly recommended Neutrogena for acne breakouts; so it must be fairly good. Good luck.. have fun with the girls!

Hi T.,
When I was younger we used Sea Breeze on our face. I haven't had to buy anything yet for my tweens, but I like Clarisil (I probably spelt that wrong), Not saying Sea Breeze don't work. Oh, yeah we also used Noxema. That stuff is really good. My step mom always used Oil of Olay, I just thought it was just for the smell..lol. Other than that, I would talk to a dermatologist, they always have good suggestions especially for certain skin types and tones. Good Luck!

My 14 year old daughter likes the Mary Kay brand. i have a friend who sells it and can get you her information if you would like to try it.

It may cost a little more, but I know it has been tested well and around for years. Clearskin products from Avon are very good for pre-teen, and teenagers. They have a very nice line from Astringent to blemish sticks, face washes, etc. I know it is cheaper than Mary Kaye and Clinique. I checked out it's ratings a long time ago with Consumer Reports (I mean like 17 years ago) and it rated really well.
You can find a rep or go online to make purchases.
Good Luck.

I used Mary Kay Velocity cleaner until I was 25 and then switched to the Time Wise when I was pregnant. Whatever you get her, make sure you get a good moisturizer for afterwards. Nobody ever told me that as a teen and I would break out in the winter from dry skin. good luck.

I have used arbonne since I was 8 yrs old. Its botanically based. I love it. I never got ance as a teen. I had the best skin and all my friends use to ask what I used and I got most of my friends on arbonne to. Now I am 25 and I have my kids on arbonne already! lol My oldest daughter is 6 and she tells everyone how great arbonne is. We learned when she was little all the stuff about baby products.. like tear free is just a numbing agent it still burns and cancer causing ingredients in many popular baby products. I quickly changed back to arbonne.
I will be contacting you about samples and stuff in a minute!
Good luck!

My oldest daughter is 12 and I have her using the Clean & Clear Soft products. Her favorite is the in-shower facial. Clean & Clear has a coupon on their website for these products.

I love NUSKIN products.

Mary Kay has a great cleanser and moisturizer designed for the preteen ages through about age 18 or 19. It is called Velocity - helps with the combo and oily skin really well that accompanies the hormonal changes going on during those years. I am a Mary Kay consultant, and a customer!

Well I too have an 11 yr old daughter. I have bought her a great system from Avon. They really do seem to work. I think its called Clear Porfection. Its a green bottle.
I do have some friends that have their daughters on the Mary Kay Velocity stuff. My daughter went to a party with me once and tried it. She loved it but I wouldn't buy it for her because I just bought her all the Avon stuff.
Those are the only two I know of good enough for teens.

Hope this helps!

Hi T.-
I had acne bad as a kid. I started getting it at about 12. Finally when I was in high school, my Mom took me to the mall to the Clinique counter and got me set up. I LOVE the Clinique brand. It cleared up my skin and has kept my skin looking nice. I recommend that. Good luck!!

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