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Need Gentle Face Cleaner for 11 Year Old. Any Suggestions?

My 11 year old daughter is starting to get small blemishes on her face. Can anyone recommend a gentle cleanser for this age?

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Thanks so much everyone! It was nice to explore choices. At least I have an idea of what's out there now. DD and I will go "cleanser" shopping with the list of products. She wants to choose which one to get. Thanks again everyone!!!!

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Hi L., I am a aesthetician here in Fort Worth and I would suggest either a Aveeno cleansr or possibly a Neutrogena cleanser. Some really like Cetaphyl, but any of these I would feel safe with. Good Luck!!

I recommend the FC5 from Arbonne. There was another lady on here who mentioned it. The only thing I will add is if for whatever reason you are not satisfied there is a 45 day money back guarantee.

Hope this helps!


Try Clinique. It is very gentle. It is a little expensive, but it lasts a long time. It is never too early to start good skin care.

Good luck

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CETAPHIL, 100%! When I got pregnant I had to stop using my Proactive and Cetaphil was suggested. I can't tell you how happy I am with it. Both my pre-teen daughters now use it as well and it's perfect, very gentle. I've tried every anti-acne wash and even sold some of it myself. Don't waste your money! Buy a bar of Cetaphil for your daughter and one for yourself.

Just started my 11 year old on the Velocity line by Mary Kay. I've used Mary Kay Time Wise for YEARS and can't use anything else. I'm not a Mary Kay rep and have no desire to be...I just truly love their product. I don't even buy it from a rep. I regularly get it for 50% - 60% off on ebay. Just make sure sellers list the expiration dates for the product and have 100% positive feedback. I don't use their makeup though. I have sensitive skin and break out with a number of things. I use Everyday Minerals makeup as it's one of the few mineral makeups that do not contain Bismuth Oxychloride (just a tip for future reference) I let my daughter this year going into 6th grade pick out a few very light neutral shades when I placed my last order and she was super excited to take this next step in her "maturing"

Well at that age she is getting oily so something oil free that will cleanse but close the pores back up like a toner. You can buy them seperately or get a 2 in 1 item. I sell Avon so if you would like to check out our products they are the walmart of beauty supplies so you can always find a good deal for some great products. I have 2 boys that are 12 and 14 and they have been using the Clearskin line. One uses the cleansing pads with a scrub with toner in it. my oldest just likes to use the cleansing pads and refuses to put on a toner so he dries out his skin a lot but one of these days he will listen lol. Good luck! I live in Granbury and if you live close by I can always come over and show you some products. ###-###-####

My daughter who is also 11 uses the Velocity cleanser and moisturizer from Mary Kay. It is made for young skin and works really well for her.

Cetaphil Gentle cleanser

I just bought my daughter the Dove (wand?) I'm not sure what is called but it is white battery operated handle and you buy the pads separately. It's about 10.00. She loves it, it cleans great and is very gentle. I use it to but I buy the exfoliating pads for mine!

Our daughter uses Zap It by Melaleuca. I love the cleaner because it is a natural cleaner which contains salicylic acid and melaleuca oil. Let me know if you would like additional information. Thanks

Hi, L.. I use Dove and love it! It is so gentle on your skin. I would imagine it would be good for tween/teen skin, too, as it is very mild and moisturizing but not oily.

I also wanted to say it's great that you're looking out for her skin. Our skin is so important and can make a big impact on our self esteem, especially for a young person. I hope you find something soon that works. Best wishes!

I recommend the FC5 from Arbonne. There was another lady on here who mentioned it. The only thing I will add is if for whatever reason you are not satisfied there is a 45 day money back guarantee.

Hope this helps!


Try the Mary Kay Velocity or classic skincare line.

L., I would recommend Arbonne FC5 line of products. Not sure if you are familiar with Arbonne, but it is Swiss formulated skin care that is made in the U.S. It is made from botanicals and has no added dyes or chemical fragrances. It also does NOT contain Mineral Oil which is an occlusive and clogs pores....basically refined motor oil that you put in your car! These products do not have any animal products or animal by-products. They are tested on a human panel overseen by a Dermatologist....NOT Dermatologist recommeneded, but Dermatologist APPROVED. I would be happy to send you a sample pack for your daughter to try. I just need to know if she is oily or dry...I am guessing oily. The FC5 for Oily skin is a simple process...wash and toner in one step and then a moisturizer. The set also includes an Oil Absorbing Mattifying powder. You can view these products at www.Arbonne.com You can contact me at ____@____.com Good luck to you!

Cetaphil is very good - I highly recommend it! We are a family of very sensitive skin, and at 35 I'm still getting breakouts! This is the only cleanser I can use. As she gets older, she could use the same cleanser, but add a bit of baking soda to the cleanser to make a scrub. To make the blemishes go away, I would add just a TAD of benzoil peroxide (like Neutrogena On the Spot - but it takes just a smidgen!). But, for JUST cleanser, which may be all she needs, Cetaphil is the way to go. =)

Good luck1

Cetaphil is gentle enough for all ages and works well.

I really like Burt's Bees products. You can find them at Kroger and Walmart these days. Also, I love www.vitacost.com to order more natural products. Their prices are AWESOME and they have a flat $5 shipping rate for most items. Good luck.

I use the Burt's Bees products. They are botanicals and work very well for me now. Phisoderm was something I used at her age and it worked.

My 11 year old has been using Neutrogena Acne Face Wash ... I make sure she washes in the morning and in the evening. Also, make sure she is taking vitamins, and drinking plenty of water! Hope this helps!

Aveeno cleansers. They have one for controlling blemishes and are super safe for the skin.

Our dermatologist reccomended Purpose soap from the grocery store.

cetaphil for sure!

My 14 yr old uses Clinique. When a blemish occurs she uses the acne wash, other than that, she uses the mild soap along with Clinique moisturizers as well. I also make sure she uses Clinique make-up.

We are firm believers in Clinique. I have used it since I was a teen (a LONG time ago..I am now 48 and I pass easily for early to mid 30's).

We also go to Dr. Allen Menter, www.texasderm.com (Highly recommended and great Dr.) We both go about once a year as a proactive approach.

His recommended products are Clinique, Cetaphil, Phisoderm, Purpose. Always use moisturizer. My daughter likes the gel by Clinique. I use the Repairwear Series by Clinique.

Best wishes!

Try Clinique. It is very gentle. It is a little expensive, but it lasts a long time. It is never too early to start good skin care.

Good luck

Cetaphil is about as gentle as you can get but it's kind of expensive - make sure she is drinking plenty of water every day and is washing her face both morning and evening (regardless of what cleanser she/you choose). Also, might want to check her caffeine intake - sometimes that can cause problems as well.

I remember using Mary Kay face cleaner at this age all of the time. Probably used Mary Kay until I was in my twenties and had great skin. Not sure if it was the Mary Kay or genetics. Good luck!

My family uses Phisoderm for sensitive skin its great for acne and blemishes. My 14 yr old son and 11 yr old daughter and I use it. I really love phisoderm they have a baby one though its hard to find I used it on the kids when they were young. They would get small bumps on their cheeks from all the kissing from visitors and phisoderm cleaned up their cheeks well and noticibly on the first wash.

Cetaphil. You can get that at the drugstore pretty cheap and it comes in sensitive formula. It was voted the best on an allure magazine.

I'd answer with Velocity as well. It was specially developed for tweens and teens and is an oil-controlling cleanser and moisturizer. Last I remember, the set costs around $22 and is well worth it!

Cetaphil and Purpose are both very good and are sold at your local grocery, walgreens, or target. They are both really good for sensitive skin! I like clinique too if you are willing to spend a little more, however it's not necessary.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple is my favorite. It is very gentle and cleans without drying out skin, and my daughter's dermatologist recommended Cetaphil. Ulta and Sephora carry philosophy or you can buy it at www.philosophy.com and Cetaphil is available at most drug and grocery stores

Hi, L.! Velocity (Mary Kay) is very affordable for teens -and I have both boys and girls using it. Some who start this product before this stage in life never have the breakouts at all, which is great. It's very sensitive, has a light, clean citrus scent and is a cleanser, toner and mask all in one product. It absorbs excess oil during the day which is what causes these breakouts. It retails for $10 for the cleanser and $12 for the moisturizer and lasts 3 months, which is great for 4 products! 25 cents a day. I offer free shipping and 20% off your first order. Good luck and God Bless! :) PS. All products are 100% returnable for a full refund so if after two weeks you are not happy with it for any reason, just return them, get your money back and try something else - you're not out a penny and have nothing to lose...especially if it WORKS! If I can be of assistance, you can reach me via Momsource or on my 24 hr website at www.marykay.com/tpreston. (I carry the same type of 3-in-1 product with amazing anti aging ingredients for us older ladies. It's fabulous)! Have a great day!

Mary Kay - Velocity I think is what it is called, my rep is Kerrie Ribble ###-###-####

I would try Cetaphil. It's a daily facial cleanser that is gentle and will not dry out your face. It is also dermatologist recommended. I love it and you can find it almost everywhere!

Try Cetaphil. It's very gentle.

Hi L., I am a aesthetician here in Fort Worth and I would suggest either a Aveeno cleansr or possibly a Neutrogena cleanser. Some really like Cetaphyl, but any of these I would feel safe with. Good Luck!!

I highly recommend using Mary Kay, they have complete sets of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, etc. If you're going to teach her to take care of her face might as well start off with the whole nine yards and use a good, quality, tried & true product. Then, when you are both ready you can go straight into their line of make up. You can always find a Mary Kay representative somewhere!

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