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What Do You Get a 1 Year Old for There Birthday?

My daughter is about to be one. I really don't know what to get her for her birthday. My husband wants to get her some type of bike but I told him is isn't quit old enough to figure it out. Suggestions?

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my grandson is one today, I bought him the
Fisher-Price® Rock, Roll 'n Ride Trike™ at ToysRUs for 39.99, but he loves to play with any type of ball, and anything to crawl on or thru or climb on, but each child is different

My son is 11 months old today so I've been in birthday gear for a few weeks. My husband is going to try to be Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor and build a toy box (specs from Lowes)! We also wanted to get him a nice wagon so my father-in-law is going to get that for him. We are going to go with the Radio Flyer plastic type with rubber tires. This will be useful for many years!! Push toys are good for this age too as they are just starting to walk.

Enjoy the party! I can't believe how fast a year goes by!

I got my niece a walk/ride on toy from playschool (or I think that is where it was from) she loved it because she is not quiet walking on her own so she pushes it all over the place, My sister in law says it is the best one so far because it is the one toy she got that she plays with about every day. The other idea that I can give you is any ride on toy. My son loves the ones that I had for my daughter he is 20 months old and has been riding on them as long as he could get on them (around the time he was 11 months). One of the other things that my daughter loved and now my son loves it as well is a doll stroller. They both have pushed it all over the house. My mom only paid like $5 or $10 and it has lasted 4 years so far, which is a lot longer than I would have ever thought it would last. Also any of the Laugh and Learn items from Fisher Price are good. My kids both loved them My son still plays with the house it is the older model that does not have the kitchen. It plays music and he loves anything that plays music. We also got him a Leap Frog that has farm animal magnets on it and when you put them together in it, it makes the animal sounds and if you put a sheep with a pig it will say which one you put infront and which one you put in back and the color of them and the sound each one makes so it is quiet funny when you mix them up. All the Leap Frog toys are great.

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Pushing and riding toys can help her explore the world around her. Look for sturdy push toys with handles at her waist height. Novice walkers use push toys for extra support and skilled walkers love to run and push.

Avoid riding toys with pedals since a one year old usually is not ready for them; instead, choose ride-ons that she can learn to move just by moving her feet and steering the handles or wheel. Some riding toys have handles on the back so she can either push her favorite dolls or stuffed toys around.

Toys that have parts that can be put inside, then removed or simple shape sorting toys encourage fine motor skills. Toys with buttons are attractive to one year olds.

Stacking and nesting toys are also a good choice.

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When my daughter turned 1, we got her the Fischer Price 3-in-1 bike in pink and purple. She is now going to turn 5 soon, and still uses it. It starts out able to be used as a rocker, so she can use it inside, stable enough to climb on and off herself. Then you can change it to a pushable ride-on. It has a high handle for a parent to push while the kiddo rides, even with a foot rest so the kid doesn't have to keep their feet on the pedals as they are pushed. here is a picture of it on the fisher price web site. My daughter now rides it as a big wheel type bike, but I still have the handle on the back so i can help her get over the big curbs in the neighborhood without bending (great, since I am pregnant again!).

We also got her a tunnel that folds down to the size of a hula hoop. Very fun for her to crawl through, make forts with, etc. Still uses it now, too. Useful to throw in the car and take to grandma's, hotels, etc. small enough to travel, but lots of energy expended in playing. Here is a picture of one similar.

She also got Little People sets, loved them all. Especially Noah's Ark.
Hope this helps! She will love whatever she gets!

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I think books are great for any age, especially during this age... There are so many great colorful, interactive, pop up books that a 1 yr old can just get lost in... Leap Frog also makes a Little Leaps, which is a pad where you connect a book and cartridge... You have several different settings which makes the product grow w/ your child... I am a mother of 2 yr old Ava, we have spent many hours enjoying the Little Leap Pad...

Hi C., Get her a toddler play kitchen. My daughter loved hers!

Whatever you do, try to keep it low key. Making a huge production out of small milestones sets you up for having to out do each time. It also depends on your family. If they are going to give her a bunch of toys and stuff, don't get her anything like that. I bought my daughter a small heart shaped jewelry box with the date engraved on it as a keepsake. We had a big party planned, but because of the weather and it being so close to the holidays NO ONE came.

If you don't have family near by and would like to get her some play things, I would suggest some kind of summer toys, pails and shovels, pin wheels, bubbles, floaties, and since she is one, I suggest a parent/child swim class. Have some cake and ice cream with the family, take lots of pictures and be done.

We bought our daughter a Radio Flyer Wagon for her first birthday. She LOVES it and we use it daily now that the weather is nice outside.

She will be ready for a ride on by about 18 m. So it might be a good idea to get it now.

This is wonderful!!! One is a great age. At one the love balls! A large ball that she can roll and then learn how to toss into some thing.
Also they love to dump things into something and dump the items back out. This is great for building muscles and hand eye cordination. Discovery Toys has a toy "Hide Inside" my children loves for this.
Have fun take lots of pictures and enjoy you daughter.

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