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What Can I Eat Before Glucose Test?

Hi, I have a glucose test scheduled for my next prenatal visit in a few days. The appointment is not until 2 in the afternoon and the nurse specified that I am not to eat or drink any sugar that day. What can I eat/drink???? There goes my yogurt and fruit breakfast!!

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My doctor's office told me I could not eat or drink anything before my test. You should call them back and tell them you need to reschedule the test for first thing in the morning.

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I don't believe that there is any requirments to not eat before the test. My doctor told me specificly that there are no tests that I would have to take while pregnant that would require me to skip a meal. Of course that is just for the standard tests that you do during your 9 months. I can't speak for the rules on any special tests. But for the glucose test, I ate like normal before I went to have it done.

When I had my done last year my doctor told me I could eat eggs, meat, toast no jelly and drink water. I would not eat anything sweet or anything with a lot of carbs. Stick to eating just eggs and maybe ham or bacon. Eat breakfast around 10ish that way you will not be starving by 2:00. You might still be hungry, but better to be hungry for a couple of hours then have to take the second test if your results come back high.

i didnt know i wasnt supposed to eat anything before mine so i had eggs and hash browns like 2-3 hors before and my dr said that i didnt mess it up. and if it does mess it up they just have you do it over wich is a pain but not a huge deal. hope it helps

When I took mine 2 years ago, I didn't eat very well, and it messed my results up and so I had to take the 3 hour fasting test (in which I failed that and had to take it twice)!

But... this time around (I took it last month), my Dr. told me to eat eggs, bacon and ham, with a piece of hard cheese and toast. The bread helps with the absorbtion of the protein. So yes, avoid the fruits and yogurt.

I followed that advice and the results were fine, and I felt okay too. Since yours is later in the day, eat a later breakfast, and you can probably have a protein based snack (peanut butter on bread) about an hour before you drink the glucola drink. Oh, the drink is much more tolerable if it has been refridgerated.

Just be sure you drink it all within 5 minutes. And to record the time you finished it, b/c they will need draw your blood exaclty one hour after that. And, if you take anti-nausea meds, it is fine to take those in the morning as well.

Hmmmm... I seem to recall that I was also told to eat normally for the initial glucose test;however double check with the nurse. I would also ask if she just means to avoid refined sugars like sodas, candy, etc which shouldn't be a big deal. If that is the case, I would just stick to the normal healthy stuff instead.

My suggestion is to call and ask - the 3 hour test is brutal and it is MUCH better to ask and be sure than to be subjected to 3 hours of the NASTY lemon-lime (Yeah - as if the orange wasn't nasty enough, they added a worse flavor!) syrup followed by being stuck like a pin cushion! A five minute phone call will ensure that you and the lab tech/dr are on the same page about food expectations! Good luck!

I've done the same thing as the previous woman. I had one slice of whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter. It's important to not eat anything that contains simple sugars or something that breaks down into that. "Bad foods" would be white bread (or white anything), rice cakes, sugary, starchy, sweet foods or drinks, like cakes or soda. Also, don't eat too much! Just a little something will do. If you could reschedule your appointment for an earlier time so that you could fast, that would be ideal. Hope this helps!

If your test is just a glucose test, eat as you normally would. A "fasting" blood sugar should be between 70-110, and a non-fasting should not be any higher than 140, about 2 hours after you have eaten a "high carb" meal. If your numbers are higher, your doctor will probably schedule a glucose tolerance test, which can take most of the day, and they will tell you how to prepare for it. Be sure and let them know exactly what you had to eat the day you have your glucose test; whatever you eat will have an effect on your numbers. If they elect not to schedule a GTT, then they will probably just put you on a "diabetic" diet (meaning ~ LIMIT the amount of carbs you eat; they will teach you how, or schedule an appt with a dietician) and you will have to check your glucose levels a few times a day every day throughout the rest of your pregnancy. The glucose testing has gotten a whole LOT BETTER over the years, and now there is minimal pain, if any at all, involved in the testing, not to mention requiring a whole lot less blood to do the tests! I've been a Type 1 (juvenile) diabetic for the past 28 1/2 years, and I'm still here to tell my story! :)

PLEASE feel free to email me or call me if you have any questions at all. I'll be more than happy to help you out! ~J.~ ###-###-#### ____@____.com

I ate whole wheat tost with natural peanut butter (no added extras) and did fine you could even add egg whites or an egg to the meal. Good luck, A. J

I would try to move the appointment to earlier. Mine told me not to eat or drink anything but water. But she also made sure these were he first appointments of the day.

Mine was at 2pm also, and they told me to eat and drink normally until a couple of hours beforehand in which I was to fast. However... I ate a donut at about 7:30 that morning and I swear that messed me up. My levels were high so I had to go back to do the 3 hour test. Fortunately, that one turned out fine. When it comes around this time I plan on being super conservative in my food choices just to be safe. So yes, I would avoid that fruit and yogurt breakfast just to be sure. You don't want to have to go through the 3 hour test unless absolutely necessary.

My doctor's office told me I could not eat or drink anything before my test. You should call them back and tell them you need to reschedule the test for first thing in the morning.


It depends on the type of glucose test. If it is the one hour glucose test, then it should not matter what you eat or drink. The person taking your blood will not that you did not fast. However, if it is the 3 hour glucose test, you should not drink or eat anything until after the test. If you get thirsty, you can eat ice chips.

If it is the 3 hr test, it should've been scheduled first thing in the morning. 2pm is a long time not to eat or drink anything.

I hope you pass the test with flying colors!

Call and find out how many hours before the test you can not eat and reschedule if it is all day--that is crazy!

You need to call and move the appointment up. I am a diabetic and to the body "sugar" is ANY carbohydrate. That could be anything from ceral to carrots. I have to take insulin for any carbohydrate. Also they normally want you to eat normal to see if your glucose will go up - if you remove the carbohydrates your glucose will go down and won't tell them anything. I go in every 3 months for a "fasting blood work". It is alway done at 8am with no food after midnight.

If this is your first glucose test, or if you had another one with your first pregnancy, you should be fine eatting anything non sugary like string cheese, or eggs for breakfast and stick with just water to drink.

All three of my glucose test in pregnancy came out so borderline that I had to come back in to take the three hour glucose test (major bummer having to redrink the glucose drink with four blood draws included). After the first test in my first pregnancy I just automatically fasted for all the others (you have to fast for the 3 hour- not even water). Fortunily (sp) all of my 3 hour test came back normal.

Good Luck!!

I'll be #4 to agree that I was told to eat normally a little over two years ago when I was pregnant with my twins. Now, ten years ago when I was expecting my first daughter I did have to go in around 8:00 in the morning on an empty stomach to do the test, I guess things have changed since then. Honestly, the only way to survive that yummy (yeah, right) orange soda is to have something else in your stomach. Best Wishes! Use a straw to make it go down easier :-)

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