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What Age Did You Know Eye/hair Color?

ok... so my DD is 3 mos, and still has her baby blue eyes. she also has a head full of hair. I am super curious to know what colors they will be! lol. I know that in white babies their eyes usually start blue, and then change color, but at what age? Her dad has blue eyes, and I have brown (Im hoping they stay blue) as for hair, when she was born it was dark brown, almost black. Now it has lightened up a bit, but is still pretty dark... in certain lights it looks like it might have some red in it... (He has brown hair, and Im a redhead... but his brother has red hair so it does run in both sides of her family) What age did your children show their "true colors"? :D (Im hoping for a redhead with blue eyes... my little brother has this combo, so there is hope! LOL)

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hee hee. it is fun to play guessing games with how she'll turn out... My uncle and I have a bet going on what colors she will have when she's 3... lol. guess I will just have to wait and see. Of course, I will love her no matter how she turns out!

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My 1st child was born with blonde hair and blue eyes and those never changed. My 2nd was born with light hair and blue eyes and her hair went from light blonde, to redish, to dirty blonde and her eyes stayed blue. She was around 3-4 months when her hair stuck to the color that it is now.

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Just wanted to share....

9 times out of 10, babies (white or white mix) are born with blue eyes and start to show signs of changing around 6 months of age. You won't really know their "true" color until they are about 1 year. (Give or take a few months) I have 3 boys and they all started out with rich, dark blue eyes and now my to older boys have light brown/hazel and blue/green hazel! (still waiting for the youngest's eyes to change) As for hair, that can go anyway and change at anytime! lol All my boys started out with really light hair and the older they get, the darker it gets. My first started out with really light blonde hair and now (age 4y) he has med. brown hair. My 2nd started with a bit darker blonde and now (age 2 1/2y) he has dark brown hair. My 3rd started out with really red hair and now (age 6m) he has light brown with red highlights! (I was sad..I wanted the red to stay) It's funny how all kids start out one way and end up another! And that they all do it differently! I guess we'll never -really- know what they'll look like till they're teens! (or maybe older! lol)

It can take awhile to change. Baby hair tends to fall out completely around 5 months, and it can grow bac and be something quite different!

My daughter had blue eyes when she was born--very blue. But both my husband and I have brown eyes. We were both able to come up with relatives that had blue eyes, so it was possible (blue eyes are recessive, not dominant as someone else posted). Her pediatrician told me if the eyes were still blue at 6 months, they weren't going to change. Well, they did change at 18 months. First, they changed to green. Around 2, her eyes were totally brown. They're still gorgeous though!


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My 1st child was born with blonde hair and blue eyes and those never changed. My 2nd was born with light hair and blue eyes and her hair went from light blonde, to redish, to dirty blonde and her eyes stayed blue. She was around 3-4 months when her hair stuck to the color that it is now.

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My son had dark brown hair and blue eyes when he was born. After his hair fell out and came back in it was blonde. It is still blonde but his dad was blonde until he was 13 or 14 years old. I have blue eyes on my side of the family and so does his dad. Some people say the eyes change by three but you never know. I would would be happy she is happy and healthy. Blue eyes are nice but most sensitive to the sun. make sure she wears sunglasses.

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ONe of my girls had blue eyes until she was just past 2, then they turned a golden brown. Her hair was jet black when she was born--she looked Mexican like her dad. People tell her there is no way she is hispanic at all.. She is pale skinned (though does not burn in the sun unless no spf) and her hairhs lightened to a dark brown with reddish and sometimes dark blond highlights. My LO had dark hair when she was born and I sometimes wonder if she will be blond she she gets older since it has really lightened.
BTW, I am blond w/blue/green eyes and my husband has black hair and dark brown eyes. You never know what you end up with.

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All 3 of my kids were born with dark brown hair and blue eyes , by 4 or 5 months their hair had changed to the colour it is now which is mousy blonde , the 2 girls still have blue eyes but my sons eyes are now green like his dad , but I do not recall when those changed (I only noticed recently they are no longer blue and he's 7 lol!!). Our kids do not have hair colour like mine or their dad , he is very dark haired almost black and I am a redhead , but my 3rd child (girl) does seem to have my fair skin.

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my son went through a period (can't remember exactly, but it was this age or later, maybe three to six months) where he lost all his hair for a little while. then his hair started growing back in, and it was curlier but still dark like when he was born. he lost that baby-fine whispiness and it came in thick and curly. his eyes were always "dark" when he was first born. people asked me what color they were (we have out of state family) and i just said "dark". they would look either super dark gray or black, or dark brown, or bluish brownish black. more blue when he was first born for sure but they stayed just very DARK. i knew he would never have blue eyes (i have blue, my husband has brown) but they are now darker than his dad's, they are almost black like his paternal grandmother who has indian in her. it could go either way, but if they are still a true blue or a gray blue, i would say there's a good chance they'll stay blue. congrats if so! lol i always wanted blue-eyed babies. but i'm pretty happy with my brown-eyed one i have to say, too :)

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i know my nieces' both showed their true hair colour and eye colour by 6 months. i can't wait to see what my son has (he's almost 3 weeks) but I'm hoping for a redhead/blue eyes like me as well :)

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I was platinum blond till I was 5. Then it turned dark brown.....and stayed that way.

My 11 month old daughter was born with red hair and it has stayed. Her eyes were blue blue but now they are grey blue. I read somewhere that by nine months eye color stays.

Hair is interesting how it changes. My first son was born very blonde and it darkened as he grew older. It actually all fell out around four months and grew back darker. His eyes are hazel.

Second child was born with dark brown hair almost black. It never fell out. His eyes are brown. Ironically, both boys now have the same color hair (brown).

Genetics are incredibly interesting.

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